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Slayer 5 | AC18 T 14 FF 14| HP 36/50 | F +7 R +7 W +4 | Init +2 | Perc. +8



About Azalmak

Description: A half-orc man of average height and muscular build, Azalmak has rusty red hair and blue eyes. He favours dark brown and black clothing that aid him in staying out of sight when needed. He makes no efforts to hide his collection of weapons, which have been curated to ensure he’s ready to face a variety of foes.

Background: Born in Tymon and destined for the arena, Azalmak grew tried of life as a gladiator, and approach the local Pathfinder lodge for membership, as a means of exploring the world, and finding a cause worthy of fighting for.

Male half-orc slayer 5
CG Medium humanoid (orc, human)
Init +2; Senses Darkvision, Low-Light Vision; Perception +8
AC 18, touch 14, flat-footed 4 (+5 armor, +2 Dex, +1 dodge)
hp 50 (5d10+2+1)
Fort+7, Ref+7, Will+4
Speed 30ft.
Scimitar +10 (1d6+5, 18-20/x2)
[dice=Scimitar +1]1d20+10[/dice] for [dice=slashing]1d6+5[/dice]
Katar +9 (1d4+4, 20/x4)
[dice=Katar +1]1d20+10[/dice] for [dice=piercing]1d4+5[/dice]
Warhammer +9 (1d8+4, 20/x3)
[dice=Warhammer]1d20+7[/dice] for [dice=bludgeoning]1d8+4[/dice]

Sling +8 (1d4+3, 20/x2)
[dice=Sling]1d20+6[/dice] for [dice=bludgeoning]1d4+3[/dice]

Two-Weapon Fighting

Scimitar & Katar
[dice=Scimitar +1]1d20+10-2[/dice] for [dice=slashing]1d6+5[/dice]
[dice=Katar +1]1d20+10-2[/dice] for [dice=piercing]1d4+5[/dice]

Warhammer & Katar
[dice=Warhammer]1d20+9-2[/dice] for [dice=bludgeoning]1d8+4[/dice]
[dice=Katar]1d20+10-2[/dice] for [dice=piercing]1d4+5[/dice]
Str 18, Dex 15, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 8
Base Atk +5; CMB +8; CMD 22

Languages Common, Orc, Giant
Feats Dodge
Traits armor expert (APG 327), Talented -Perform(Dancer) (UC 61)


[dice=Acrobatics (T)]1d20+10[/dice]
[dice=Disable Device (t)]1d20+10[/dice]
[dice=Escape Artist]1d20+2[/dice]
[dice=Knowledge (Local)]1d20+9[/dice]
[dice=Perform (Dancer)]1d20+8[/dice]
[dice=Sense Motive]1d20[/dice]

Languages Common, Orc, Giant
Gear Scimitar +1, Katar +1, Warhammer, Sling, 20 bullets, Lamellar +1 (leather), backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, flint and steel, silk rope, 10 torches, flint and steel, 5 trail rations, traveler's outfit, thieves' tools, waterskin, mess kit, manacles, iron pot 3x lvl 1 potion of CLW, 3x Acid (flask), 3x Alchemist's Fire, Wand of CLW 1200 gp, 8 sp
Special Abilities
Darkvision Half-orcs can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
Intimidating Half-orcs receive a +2 racial bonus on Intimidate checks because of their fearsome nature.
Orc Blood Half-orcs count as both humans and orcs for any effect related to race.
Sacred Tattoos (APG 19) Many half-orcs decorate themselves with tattoos, piercings, and ritual scarification, which they consider sacred markings. Half-orcs with this racial trait gain a +1 luck bonus on all saving throws. This racial trait replaces orc ferocity.
Dusksight (BoS 4) Characters who operate below canopies or fight in dimly lit caves and shadowy planes of existence learn to use their low-light vision to deduce a foe’s position from the flickers of shadows around a target. When making ranged attacks, characters with this trait can reroll the miss chance granted by cover to any target in dim light, and take the better of the two rolls. The miss chance for total concealment applies normally. Half-orcs can take this trait in place of weapon familiarity, also gaining low-light vision.

Favoured class Slayer; gain 1/6 of a new slayer talent.
Armor expert (APG 327) When you wear an armor of any sort, reduce that suit's armor check penalty by 1, to a minimum check penalty of 0.
Talented (UC 61) You are a virtuoso musician, actor, or storyteller. You gain a +1 trait bonus on checks with a single Perform skill (your choice), and all Perform skills are always class skills for you.
Weapon and armor proficiency A slayer is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, as well as with light armor, medium armor, and shields (except tower shields).

Studied Target (EX):
A slayer can study an opponent he can see as a move action. The slayer then gains a +1 bonus on Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival checks attempted against that opponent, and a +1 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against it. The DCs of slayer class abilities against that opponent increase by 1. A slayer can only maintain these bonuses against one opponent at a time; these bonuses remain in effect until either the opponent is dead or the slayer studies a new target.

If a slayer deals sneak attack damage to a target, he can study that target as an immediate action, allowing him to apply his studied target bonuses against that target (including to the normal weapon damage roll).

At 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th levels, the bonuses on weapon attack, damage rolls, and skill checks and to slayer DCs against a studied target increase by 1. In addition, at each such interval, the slayer is able to maintain these bonuses against an additional studied target at the same time. The slayer may discard this connection to a studied target as a free action, allowing him to study another target in its place.

At 7th level, a slayer can study an opponent as a move or swift action.

Track A slayer adds 1/2 his level (minimum 1) to Survival skill checks made to follow tracks.

Slayer Talents:

Ranger Combat Style
Two-Weapon Fighting
+1d6 Sneak Attack
Trapfinding (Disable Device as class skill, Rogue abilities - Trapfinding, Trap sense)


Two-Weapon Fighting
Free From Ranger Combat Style
Iron Will

Pathfinder Society Information
Faction: Liberty’s Edge

13 XP
20 Fame
18 Prestige
01 - Gallows of Madness - A Foul Breed
02 - Gallows of Madness - What Lurks in the Woods
03 - Gallows of Madness - The Festering Blot
04 - 6-97 Siege of Serpents