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Full Name

Avdol Kebek


Medium 11 - HP 110/110 - AC 30 - TAC 21 - FF 20 - CMD 29 - Init +5 - F +12 - R +10 - W +9 (+5 MA) - Perc +19 - Surge (Taboo) 6/6 - Inf 1/5 - GS 1/1 - Step 3/3 - 1st 4/4 - 2nd 2/2 - 3rd 2/2










Common, Sargavan, Thassalonian

Strength 11
Dexterity 20
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 20

About Avdol Kebek



A Medium and Monk from a distant land caught out of time, Avdol had traveled and seen the Akashic Record in trance and found his mind trapped there. Choosing to not suffer, he decided to take in whatever he could. During what he thought of as his short stay there he had found whispers of a lost evil and a warning of its rising.

Upon finally waking from this prolonged trance, he had found the world had changed quite a bit. Channeling the powers of his the flow of nature and the planes itself, Avdol had determined it was time to make sure that the future he had foreseen could not come to pass. Wielding the ancient arts of time and space, the wanderer found himself near Magnimar, rumours of a group of like-minded people returning to Sandpoint shortly. Not wanting to leave it to chance, he diverted his journey to Sandpoint and altering his destiny in the process.

For once he was thankful for Aroden's failures; fate was mutable.

Belief: Nothing in time is immutable.
Instinct: At the sign of danger, show one's prowess.
Virtue: Patient
Vice: Cold

"Time is the only certainty in life, and even then it is changeable if we perceive it differently."



Avdol Kebek

Male Medium (Medium of the Master) 11
N Medium Humanoid (human)

Init +5; Senses Perception +19

Favored Class: Medium (+1/4 Free Surge per level)

Human Racial Traits: Dual Talent

Traits: Guiding Spirit (Magic), Scholar of the Ancients (Campaign), Planar Savant (Faith)

Languages: Common, Sargavan, Thassalonian

Offense and Defense


AC 30, touch 21, flat-footed 20 (+6 armor, +5 Dex, +1 natural, +1 deflection, +2 buckler, +5 dodge)

Max HP 110

Fort +12, Ref +10, Will +9 (+5 Mind-Affecting)
Base Attack +8; CMB +13; CMD 29 (8 BAB, 0 Str, 5 Dex, 5 Dodge, 1 Deflection)

Speed 30 feet
Melee (1H) +1 Agile Handwraps +19/+19/+14 (1d10+13/20/x2)
Piranha Strike (1H) +1 Agile Handwraps +16/+16/+11 (1d10+19/20/x2)

Ranged (80 feet) +1 Hornbow +19/+19/+14 (2d6+8/20/x3)

Statistics, Skills


Str 11, Dex 20, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 20

Skills (44 Ranks total)

Acrobatics +19 (11 Ranks, 3 Trained, 5 Dex)
Bluff +9 (1 Rank, 3 Trained, 5 Cha)
Diplomacy +9 (1 Rank, 3 Trained, 5 Cha)
Fly +9 (1 Rank, 3 Trained, 5 Dex)
Heal +4 (1 Rank, 3 Trained, 0 Int)
Intimidate +9 (1 Rank, 3 Trained, 5 Cha)
K: Arcana +5 (1 Rank, 3 Trained, 0 Int, 1 Trait)
K: History +2 (1 Rank, 1 Trait)
K: Planes +19 (11 Ranks, 3 Trained, 5 Cha)
K: Religion +4 (1 Rank, 3 Trained, 0 Int)
Linguistics +4 (1 Rank, 3 Trained, 0 Int)
Perception +19 (11 Ranks, 3 Trained, 0 Wisdom, 5 Eyes of the Eagle)
Sense Motive +4 (1 Rank, 3 Trained, 0 Wis)
Spellcraft +4 (1 Rank, 3 Trained, 0 Int)

Gear, Magic and Other


Weapons and Armor
+1 Spirit-Bonded Mithral Kiko - 11250
+1 Agile Handwraps – 8301
+1 Mithral Buckler - 2005
+1 Orc Hornbow - 2430

Wondrous Items
Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2 - 4000
Headband of Alluring Charisma +2 - 4000
Cloak of Resistance +2 - 4000
Amulet of Natural Armor +1 - 2000
Ring of Protection +1 - 2000
Eyes of the Eagle - 2500


Equipment, Tools and Gold
Traveler Any-Tool - 250
Ioun Torch - 75
Masterwork Backpack - 50
Medium's Kit – 50

Gold - 15 GP
Total Gold Spent: 42911

Class Features


Spirit - Champion Only
-> 3 Martial 1 Exotic Weapon each day (Lesser)
-> Get Monk Unarmed damage (Lesser)
-> 1 Extra Attack at highest BAB (Intermediate)
-> 1 Style Strike each day, usuable only when getting your extra attack (Intermediate)
-> Swift+Full Round to move and full round attack, does not grant extra attack from Intermediate (Greater)

Focused Surge (1d10) - 1 Influence to add 1d10 to a failed Champion roll (free action, retroactive success). Non-spell attack roll, Fortitude saves, Strength (Skill) checks

Shared Prowess - Spirit Bonus to AC as Dodge

Spirit Bonus +5 (+3 Base, +1 Spirit Focus, +1 Spirit-Bonded)

Spirit Call - As a standard action, she can allow a spirit to gain 1 point of influence over her to channel it for a number of minutes equal to her level. This influence remains for 24 hours, stacking with any influence the medium gains by using this ability multiple times or by channeling a spirit in a séance during that time.

Taboo - May accept to gain 2 additional Spirit Surge uses.
-> You are superstitious about arcane spellcasting, so you must not be the willing target of arcane spells or abilities and you must attempt a Will saving throw against even harmless arcane spells and abilities;
-> You may not make an attack with any weapon except a specific manufactured weapon (such as “my father’s +2 falchion”) that you choose when you take the taboo, and you may not choose unarmed strike for this taboo;
-> You must accept any challenge to prove your prowess in battle, including challenges to single combat—if you or an ally breaks the rules of the challenge, you break this taboo.

Haunt Channeler - He can always act on the surprise round against a haunt, and his touch funnels a portion of the haunt into himself, dealing 1d6 points of damage to the haunt per 2 medium levels he possesses as if via positive energy and allowing the medium to ask the haunt a single question. The haunt can answer the question however it chooses. Additionally, the medium can forgo his saving throw against a haunt’s effects to funnel the haunt entirely into himself. If he does so, the medium suffers the haunt’s full effect, but the haunt doesn’t affect anyone else (even if it normally would). The haunt then gains control of the medium’s body for 24 hours. Once per minute, the medium can attempt to end this possession early by succeeding at a Will save (DC = 20 + 1/2 the medium’s class level).

Location Channel - The effects are similar to the spell call spirit, except that the duration is 1 round per medium level and the spirit possesses the medium’s body instead of appearing in a wispy form. The other participants of the seance must ask the questions. Once the medium attempts to call a spirit, he cannot attempt to call the same spirit again for 24 hours. Once per round, the medium can attempt to end the seance early by succeeding at a Will save (DC = 20 + 1/2 the medium’s class level).

Connection Channel - If another participant in the seance is more familiar with the deceased than the medium, the medium can substitute that participant’s familiarity in place of his own to determine the DC of the call spirit effect.

Propitiation - A medium has learned hidden techniques and rites that allow him to mollify his channeled spirit once per day, reducing its influence over him by 1 point (to a minimum of 1 point of influence). The details of the propitiation ritual vary based on the individual spirit, but the process always takes around 10 minutes to perform and it never requires any additional cost (such as an offering of wealth or a live sacrifice).

Spellcasting (Cha, Spontaneous)



HD 1: Weapon Finesse
Med 1: Improved Unarmed Strike
HD 3: Piranha Strike
HD 5: Spirit Focus (Champion)
HD 7: Steadfast Personality
HD 9: Flickering Step (Conduit)
HD 11: Dimensional Agility

Spells (CL 11)


0th - 6 Known
-> Detect Magic, Light, Message, Open/Close, Prestidigitation, Sift

1st – 4/Day - 5 Known
-> True Stike, Heightened Awareness, Unprepared Combatant, Hermean Potential, Ally Across Time

2nd – 2/Day - 4 Known
-> Haste, Slow, Bestow Curse, Clairaudience/Clairvoyance

3rd – 2/Day - 3 Known
-> Akashic Communion, Army Across Time, Dimension Door