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My Self wrote:
The Beginner's Box is a simple introduction to the rules of Pathfinder. If you're familiar with the rules, you don't need it. If you aren't, it's a good place to start.
CrystalSeas wrote:

I had the Core Rulebook and still bought the Beginner Box because it's an amazing introduction to Pathfinder rules and world.

If your players are already familiar with tabletop role-playing games, then you probably don't need the Beginner Box. But if you're introducing new players to the game, then it's a godsend.

Then I'll pick it up, thanks. Are there any pregens that's both basic and advanced classes? (Gunslinger, Samurai, etc.) or should just stick to the orginals (cleric, fighter, rogue, wizard)?

My Self wrote:
You can use the CRB to do worldbuilding, however, Ultimate Campaign expands much on that.

Plan to buy the UC eventually, is there a direct chapter in the CRB about it?

Thanks for the replies!

1. I have core rulebook, so is the Beginner's Box worth buying if only to get the basics of the rules or just start with the Corebook?

2. Could it be used to begin laying out the idea of the campaign which is more about world building then dungeon exploring?

Thanks alot.

Thanks everyone for replying!

Mysterious Stranger wrote:

Even if the Kindle support for PDF is not that good, there are third party programs that can convert a PDF to other formats. From what I understand sometimes the PDF may have some problems rendering, but are useable.

If you can access your email from the kindle simply email the document to yourself.

This seems to work some what. Not Kingmaker, I'm waiting to buy them), but the free Basic Rules of D&D 5th (can I mention that name here?) seem to at least be in a readable format so I'm assuming it will be the same for these PDFs as well, but I'm most worried about the maps since they might end up being cut in half. Does anyone know. Anyway thank you since this might have solved my problem. But I have another question, but that's going into another thread altogether.

Scythia wrote:
I have a Kindle Fire tablet, and in my case I just hook the usb cable up to a computer and drag & drop to transfer files.

Unfortunely it's only a regular Kindle, so I don't know if you have to format the pdf to even be able to read it corectly. Does anyone know?

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Hi, new poster here, if this is in the wroung place, please tell me. So on to the question.

I might buy Kingmaker, the problem is they are way out of print (seriously, on Amazon a good chunk of the books about $50 each!) so I'll get them via PDF, but I want to bring them all with me, so after I purchase each one here, how can I transfer them over to my kindle properly so I can have access to them when running my campaign? Does it depend on what kind of Kindle it is? Thanks alot. :)