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Female Half-Elf Druid 2 - Init. + 2 Senses: Low-light Vision; Perc. + 13 Def. HP 19/19 AC 16 (14) T 12 FF 14 (12) F + 5 R + 3 W + 6 (+ 2 vs. enchantment, + 2 vs. charm or compulsion)

I shall eventually switch to this alias for my character. Aviara shall begin doing her hair up in a pony tail, showing off her elf-ears, and her birthmark on her belly, at some point in the story once she feels she has redeemed herself for her past failings.

I do not expect anyone to have to RP Aviara out of her shell. She'll go through her change on her own once she feels she has faced danger and shown courage in a significant way.

Even so, I am looking forward to interaction with the other characters. This looks like a great group. I look forward to an exciting adventure! (^_^)

And btw, the two I know who are going, have plenty of fun at GenCon! Slow or fast paced, I am excited about this game. Thanks for the invite, LS! (^_^)

To the chosen, may the forest favor you, and may the winds be at your backs. Have fun enough for us all! (^_^)
To the GM, thank you for the mentions of honor. Please remember me should you require the services of a skilled priestess!

Thanks GM, for the consideration and allowing Yggdrasil as a deity! (^_^)
While awaiting your decision I shall build Aviara's stats, and maybe add one more thing or two to her story.

May the Norns smile upon all! (^_^)

Suthuri here! (^_^) Here is Aviara Mjötviðra: half-elf druid with a tatoo-like birthmark appearing as the World Tree, Ygg'drasil, on her abdomen around her navel. By this sign, she is treated with even higher expectations than most half-elves, as she struggles to come to a sense of her own identity.

I have her appearance, backstory, and personality written up in detail in the alias. I shall work on the crunch as well, and in the mean time, I hope you enjoy reading about the character!

EDIT: For Aviara's deity, I am thinking that the Ygg'drasil itself could be her somewhat aniconic god. Perhaps the wider Golarian personification of which would be Gozreh. Does that sound good for the setting? (^_^)

I offer to you the story of Amiari Sivae, if you shall weave her into your tale. Her history is in her profile.