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HP: 78/78, Arrows: 3, Arrows silver:5, Arrows cold steel 5, Heroic Surge: 2/3


add 10 Fiery Burst arrows +1

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About Athola

Athola (Watcher)

Game: Dragonlance: Heroes of a New Age
Game master: High God of Krynn
Setting: DragonLance
System: Pathfinder with homebrew rules

Levels: Rogue (acrobat) 9

Race: Kender (afflicted)

Alignment: Neutral

1: rogue: 11 = 8+2(Con)+1(FC) HP, 1 feats, 2 traits, Max GP, FC: HP
2: rogue: 11 = 8+2(Con)+1(FC) HP, FC: HP
3: rogue: 7 = 4+2(Con)+1(FC) HP, 1 feats, FC: HP
4: rogue: 10 = 7+2(Con)+1(FC) HP, FC: HP, Ability: Dex
5: rogue: 8 = 5+2(Con)+1(FC) HP, FC: HP, 1 feats
6: rogue: 8 = 5+2(Con)+1(FC) HP, FC: HP
7: rogue: 8 = 5+2(Con)+1(FC) HP, FC: HP, 1 feats
8: rogue: 7 = 4+2(Con)+1(FC) HP, FC: HP, Ability: Dex
9: rogue: 8 = 5+2(Con)+1(FC) HP, FC: HP, 1 feats


Ability Scores
STR: 11 (+0) = 13(3) -2(race)
DEX: 20 (+5) = 16(10) +2(race) +1(lvl: 4) +1(lvl: 8)
CON: 14 (+2) = 14(5)
INT: 16 (+3) = 16(10)
WIS: 11 (+0) = 13(3) -2(race)
CHA: 8 (-1) = 6(-6) +2(race)
Creation: 25 point buy

Size: Small
Speed: walk: 30' / 30'
Vision: Normal

Deity: Kender deities
Home territory: Kendermore
Association/tribe: None

Languages: kenderspeak, common(r), elven(a), ergot(a), goblin(a)

Favoured class: Rogue
Animal Companion: Not applicable
Familiar: Not applicable

Archetypes used: Afflicted (race), Acrobat (class)

Hero Points: 3 / 3

*+Acrobatics: 20 = 9(ranks) +5(Dex) +3(class) +2(race) +1(trait) no armour cheack penalties. +2 not wearing armour
*+Appraise: 3 = 0(ranks) +3(Int)
*+Bluff: -1 = 0(ranks) -1(Cha)
*+Climb: 14 = 9(ranks) +0(Str) +3(class) +2(race) no armour cheack penalties
*+Craft (Untrained): 3 = 0(ranks) +3(Int) [1sp / day]
*+Diplomacy: -1 = 0(ranks) -1(Cha)
*Disable Device: 19 = 9(ranks) +5(Dex) +3(class) +2(race)
*+Disguise: 3 = 1(ranks) -1(Cha) +3(class)
*+Escape Artist: 17 = 9(ranks) +5(Dex) +3(class)
+Fly: 5 = 0(ranks) +5(Dex) no armour cheack penalties. +2 not wearing armour
Handle Animal: --
+Heal: 0 = 0(ranks) +0(Wis)
*+Intimidate: -1 = 0(ranks) -1(Cha)
*Knowledge (dungeoneering): 15 = 9(ranks) +3(Int) +3(class)
*Knowledge (geography): 9 = 1(ranks) +3(Int) +3(class) +2(race)
*Knowledge (local): 7 = 1(ranks) +3(Int) +3(class)
*Linguistics: --
*+Perception: 14 = 9(ranks) +0(Wis) +3(class) +2(race) +1 against being surprise
*+Perform: -1 = 0(ranks) -1(Cha)
*Profession (none): --
+Ride: 6 = 1(ranks) +5(Dex) Military saddle: +2 bonus to Ride checks. 75% chance remaining in saddle if unconsous
*+Sense Motive: 4 = 1(ranks) +0(Wis) +3(class)
*Sleight of Hand: 19 = 9(ranks) +5(Dex) +3(class) +2(race) no armour cheack penalties +1 to conceal light weapons
Spellcraft: --
*+Stealth: 23 = 9(ranks) +5(Dex) +3(class) +6(race) no armour cheack penalties
+Survival: 9 = 7(ranks) +0(Wis) +2(race)
*+Swim: 12 = 9(ranks) +0(Str) +3(class)
*Use Magic Device: 8 = 6(ranks) -1(Cha) +3(class)
* = class skill
+ = untrained

Skill ranks per level
Rogue: 8 + Int

Special qualities and feats:
Racial abilities
  • Ability Scores: -2 Str, +2 Dex, -2 Wis, +2 Cha
  • Afflicted Kender: +2 bonus on Climb, Jump, Stealth
  • Armour Proficiency: No armour or shield proficiency
  • Handler: +2 bonus on Disable Device and Sleight of Hand checks. Sleight of Hand always a class skill. Note: Afflicted Kender, always know exactly what they stealing and why they need it.
  • Keen Sense: +2 bonus on Perception
  • Kender Luck: +1 bonus on all saving throws
  • Languages: Start: Common and Kenderspeak; Additional: Dwarven, Ergot, Elven, Goblin, Solamnic
  • Size: Small: +1 size bonus to AC and attack rolls. -1 penalty to CMB and CMD. +4 bonus to Stealth
  • Speed: walk 30'
  • Type: Humanoid, Kender
  • Wanderlust: Kender loves travel and maps. +2 bonus on Knowledge (geography) and Survival checks.
  • Weapon Proficiency: Slings, all weapons with "kender" in name as martial

Class abilities

  • 1: Armour Profeciency: Light armour, and no shield proficiency.
  • 1: Expert Acrobat (Ex): Does not suffer any armour check penalty on Acrobatics, Climb, Fly, Sleight of Hand, or Stealth
  • 1: Finesse training (Ex): Gains Weapon Finesse as bonus feat. In addition: at 3rd, 11th and 19th level, can select any one weapon that can be used with Weapon Finesse (daggers, rapiers, etc). Once choice is made, can't be changed. Whenever successful hit occurs, for damage use Dex bonus instead of Str bonus. Note: anything that prevents Str bonus from being used, also prevents Dex bonus being used.
  • 1: Sneak attack (Ex): Deal extra damage when target is denied Dex bonus to AC (even if does not have a bonus normally), or target is flanked. Damage: 1d6 at 1st level, plus 1d6 per 2 levels thereafter. Ranged attacks must be 30' or less to count for sneak attack. Not multiplied on critical hits. Can't use lethal weapons to do nonlethal damage. Total concealment target can't be sneaked attacked.
  • 1: Weapon Proficiency: Proficient all simple weapons, hand crossbow, rapier, short sword and shortbow.
  • 2: Evasion: Condition: No or light armour. Not helpless. Successful Reflex save, that provides a reduction in damage to half; Effect: No damage is taken instead of half damage.
  • 2: Rogue talent (bleeding attack) (Ex): Condition: sneak attack on living targets; Effect: additional bleeding damage equal to number of dice used (4 for 4d6); Special: damage occurs begin of every round, until bleeding is stopped by successful DC 15 Heal check or any effect that heals hit point damage. Bleed bypasses damage reduction.
  • 3: Danger Sense: Effect: +1 bonus to AC against traps, +1 bonus to Perception to avoid being surprised; Bonus increases by 1 for every 3 level thereafter (max +6 at level 18); Special: ability is treated as trap sense, for feats that has trap sense as a prerequisite. Also stacks with other classes that has trap sense.
  • 3: Finesse training (Ex): Rapier selected
  • 3: Sneak attack (Ex): now +2d6
  • 4: Rogue talent (expert leaper) (Ex): Condition: jumping; Effect: treated as if doing running start, and add rogue levels to the check results; Special: deliberately falling, a succesful Dc 15 Acrobat check to ignore first 20 feet of the fall. Each 5 exceeding the DC 15, ignore additional 10 feet.
  • 4: Debilitating injury (Ex): Condition: Successful sneak attack; Effect: Additional penalty for 1 round select from list below: Special: conditions does not stack with each other, but extends same conditions causes from other sources by 1 round. Any healing negates one effect.
  • 4: - Bewildered: Status: bewildered; Effect: target takes -2 penalty to AC. in addition another -2 penalty from attacks by rogue. At 10th and 16th level, rogue attack penalty increases to -4 and -6 respectively.
  • 4: - Disoriented: Status: disorientated; Effect: target takes -2 penalty on attack rolls. in addition another -2 penalty for attacks made against the rogue. At 10th and 16th level, the attack rogue penalty increases to -4 and -6 respectively.
  • 4: - Hampered: Effect: target speed is reduced to half, and can't take 5' step
  • 4: Uncanny dodge (Ex): Heightened senses. Effect: can't be caught flat-footed, nor loose Dex bonus to AC from invisible attackers. Special: still loose Dex bonus if immobilized, or if attacker uses feint action successfully.
  • 5: Sneak attack (Ex): now +3d6
  • 5: Rogue's edge(Ex): Master in a single skill beyond the skill's normal boundaries. At 10th, 15th and 20th level, gain an additional skill to be master in.
  • 5: - Acrobatics: Effect: Can move at normal speed through a threatened square without provoking an attack of opportunity by increase the DC of check by 5(instead of usual 10)
  • 5: - Acrobatics: Effect: Not denied Dexterity bonus when attempting Acrobatic checks of DCs of 20 or lower.
  • 6: Rogue talent (Ninja Trick) (Ex): Take a Ninja trick, though excluding those requiring Ki pool, unless character has Ki pool.
  • 6: - Presure Points (Ex): Condition: successful sneak attack. Effect: Additional 1 point of Strength or Dexterity (decided by ninja). Special: can be healed with DC 15 Heal check. Successful check heals 1 point of damage caused by trick. Additionally ninja also gains +10 insight bonus on this Heal check.
  • 6: Danger Sense: now +2
  • 7: Sneak attack (Ex): now +4d6
  • 8: Improved Uncanny dodge (Ex): Heightened senses. Effect: No longer can be flanked. Special: Another rogue can still flank if 4 levels higher.
  • 8: Rogue talent (Slow Reactions) (Ex): Effect: Opponents damaged by your sneak attack may not make attacks of opportunity.
  • 9: Danger Sense: now +3
  • 9: Sneak attack (Ex): now +5d6


  • 1: Weapon Finesse (Ex): Light weapons (including rapier, dagger, spiked chain, whip). Effect: use Dex bonus instead of Str bonus for attack rolls. Using shield, armour check penalties still applies. Special: natural weapons are considered as light weapons.
  • 1: Point-Blank Shot: Effect: +1 attack and damage on targets within 30 feet.
  • 3: Precise shot: Effect: No penalty for shooting into melee.
  • 5: Rapid Shot: Condition: full attack. Effect: Make another ranged attack in round, at highest attack bonus, though all attacks in round suffer -2 penalty.
  • 7: Heroic Surge: Effect: Gain only an additional attack or move action in a single round. Uses: ((CL - 1) / 4 + 1) per day
  • 9: : ....


  • Trait: Hidden Hand: +1 bonus on Sleight of Hand checks to conceal light weapons, and +1 bonus on attack rolls when using light weapons on surprise rounds.
  • Trait: Acrobat: +1 bonus on Acrobatics checks, and take only -2 penalty instead of normal -5 penalty when using Climb skill to attempt accelerated climb.


  • None

Limited use abilities:
Heroic Surge: 2

HP: 78 / 78
AC: 22 = 10 +4(armour) +0(shield) +5(Dex) +1(size) +1(amulet: natural) +1(ring) +1 against attack by traps
FF: 17
Touch: 15
Initiative: +5 = +5(Dex)
CMD: 18 = 10 +3(BAB) +3(Str) +4(Dex) -1(size)

Caltrops: covers 5'x 5' area. Creatures in area are treated as being attack with BAB of 0. Shield, armour, and deflection bounses don't count. Though wearing shoes or other footwear gains +2 to AC. Successful attack: damage of 1 hp, movement is halved. Special: charging or running is halted immediately.

Fort: +6 = 3(base) + 2(Con) +1(race)
Ref: +12 = 6(base) + 5(Dex) +1(race) No damage on successful save where reduce damage is allowed
Will: +4 = 3(base) + 0(Wis) +1(race)

BAB: +6/+1
CMB: +5/+0 = +6/+1(BAB) +0(Str) -1(size)
Attacks (melee): +7/+2 = +6/+1(BAB) +0(Str) +1(size) +1 when using light weaponsin surprise round
Attacks (melee, light): +11/+6 = +6/+1(BAB) +4(Dex) +1(size) Weapon finesse +1 when using light weapons in surprise round
Attacks (range): +11/+6 = +6/+1(BAB) +4(Dex) +1(size) +1 target equal or less 30'

Unarmed Strike (small): 1d2; x2; type: B; nonlethal
Sap (small): 1d4; x2; type: B; nonlethal
Dagger (small): 1d3; 19-20/x2; type: P / S
Rapier (small): 1d4 +4(Dex); 18-20/x2; type: P Weapon finesse
Shard (Short sword) (small) 1d4; 19-20/x2; type: P; magical see below

Dagger (small): 1d3; 19-20/x2; type: P; range: 10' +1 target equal or less 30'
Shortbow (small): 1d4; x3; type: P; range: 60' +1 magic +1 target equal or less 30'


Light: 28.5 (32.5 backpack masterworks)
Medium: 57 (64.5 backpack masterworks)
Heavy/Overhead: 86.25 (97.5 backpack masterworks)
Max lift: 172.5
Push/Pull: 431.25

Weight calculations done in spreadsheet

Outfit: Traveler's Outfit
Armour (over outfit): Kender Studded Leather Armour +1
Hooded cape over armour
Back: Backpack
Neck: Amulet of Natural Armour +1 (from Patrick Wistlewalk)
Ring: Ring of Feather Fall (from Patrick Wistlewalk)
Ring: Ring of Protection +1

Potion, Cure Light Wounds
Potion, Fire Resistance
Potion, Protection from Energy (fire)
Potion, Resist Energy (fire) 3

Rapier (left side)
Sap (right side)
Caltrops (right side)

Chalk 10
Mirror, small steel
Rations, trail per day 4
Fishhook 2
Flint and Steel
Sack (small)
Short bow +1
Arrows, normal 35
Arrows, silver 5
Arrows, cold steel 5

Bundled together tied on top of backpack
Kender Short Sword +1
Kender Buckler Shield +1

Coin, copper pieces 5
Coin, gold pieces 0
Coin, silver pieces 5
Coin, iron/bronze pieces 0
Coin, steel pieces 82
Coin, platinum pieces 6

Total weight carried: 40.575 lbs
Current load: Medium

Storage (camp, room, wagon, etc)

Mount Pony, combat trained
Feed (per day) 5
Saddle, military
Bit and bridle
Saddlebags each side carries 20 lb

Weight calculations done in spreadsheet
Current weight: 89 (without rider)

Special items

  • Shard of Light (short sword): In game terms the Shard of Light is a +2 Short Sword. It is also a weapon of Glory so has a +4 to hit as well as an additional +1 damage (So +4 to hit, +3 to damage). Against evil foes it counts as a +4 weapon (+4 to hit, +5 to damage). Against undead this sword is even more effective. Every blow does double damage, its critical multiplier is increased to x3 and can inflict critical hits/precision damage on undead even if normally immune and ignores all Damage Reduction (but not Incorporeal). When drawn it has the effect of a light spell but can be muted if sheathed. Twice per day it can cast Daylight as the spell as an 18th level caster. Once per day it can activate a Brilliant Energy effect as a free action. This lasts for only one turn however. Its ultimate power can be used once per week. This creates a 60 foot cone for 1 minute. Everything in the cone is under the effect of a True Seeing spell. The weapon is considered Good for overcoming damage reduction and causes 1 negative level to any evil creature that holds the weapon. As I house rule I can say the weapon can shrink or grow itself to the wielder so a small sized character can wield the sword as well if they wish.
    A brilliant energy weapon has its significant portion transformed into light, although this does not modify the item's weight. It always gives off light as a torch (20-foot radius). A brilliant energy weapon ignores nonliving matter. Armor and shield bonuses to AC (including any enhancement bonuses to that armor) do not count against it because the weapon passes through armor. (Dexterity, deflection, dodge, natural armor, and other such bonuses still apply.) A brilliant energy weapon cannot harm undead, constructs, or objects.


  • None

Group equipment

Height: 3'6"
Weight: 80 lbs
Gender: Female
Eyes: Bright blue
Ears: Sharply pointed upwards and backwards
Nose: Normal
Hair: Long dark brown hair
Skin: Fair skin
Dominant Hand: Right
Age: 20

Dark grey hooded cape.

base on afflicted kender

Hail from Kendermore, after it was destroyed by dragon Malystryx. been roaming the world ever since.

Adventure history:
Experience: Not used
  • Travelling through the desert to port city

  • Future possible feats: ....
  • Future items: ....

Animal Companion/Familiar/Mount:
Pony, combat trained
Type: animal
Size: medium
Alignment: N
Init: +1
Sense: low-light, scent

AC: 11
Touch: 11
Flat-footed: 10
HP: 13 (2d8+4)
Fortitude: +5
Reflex: +4
Will: +0

Speed: 40
Melee: 2 hooves; attack: -3; Damage: 1d3

Str13, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 2, Wis 11, Cha 4
BAB: +1
CMB: +2
CMD: 13 (17 vs trip)
Feets: Endurance, Run(B)
Skills: Perception: +5
SQ: Docile (if not combat trained)

Weight: 900

Light: 100
Medium: 200
Heavy/Overhead: 300
Max lift: 300
Push/Pull: 1500