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Nohwear wrote:

1. Do you currently like pathfinder 1e? Yes

2. Did you once like pathfinder 1e but now find it troublesome? I still like it.

3. Do you like 4th or 5th edition D&D? I actually liked 4e. 5e is not bad, but I prefer the extra options of Pathfinder.

4. Which are you looking for class balance, smoother high level play, more options, or even all of those things? I guess more options.

5. How do you feel about making the game more accessible in general? I would prefer Pathfinder to be more of a generally popular game, then more of a niche one.

6. Are you willing to give up on accessibility if you can still gain all of the benefits listed in question 4? To a certain degree. I feel that a balance needs to be reached there.

7. Would you be willing to play an alternative rules system then what we have been presented? I guess. I would need to see the system.

To answer the over all question, I feel that Pathfinder 2e as is, is a blend of Starfinder and 13th Age. To me, this is a good thing. I see the need more for fine tuning then a complete overhall. Although to be fair, my opion i based on a first impression right now. I want to run a homebrew campaign to test it out.

1) Yes but its not perfect

2)Yes I was turned away due to how spell slots and prepared spells sre intrinsically linked. They need to be divorced from each other like in 5e.

3) 4th ed - Hate with the burning fury of 10,000 suns; 5th ed - been brought on board due to actual plays I've listened to, and the fact that they got spellcasting RIGHT and skills better than PF but not perfect.

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Hi All,

I admittedly haven't gotten super far into the book, but my interest dropped off rapidly when I realized that prepared spellcasting is handled the same. I was hoping that Pathfinder 2e would take notes from 5e and divorce spell slots from prepared spells OR go to a magic point/mana system. Preparing spells the way Pathfinder 1e or 3.5 did was one of the reasons I jumped ship years ago. I've recently been drawn back to Pathfinder 1e but have had to completely homebrew a magic system to make it playable. Please at least concider divorcing prepared spells from spell slots.