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I have a question related to this topic..... does this mean trolls still regenerate even via death attack? I ask as for trolls it explicitly states they do regenerate even if a single piece of their flesh is intact. And can regrow back to a full body from even a toe and that only way to prevent such is dousing -every- body part in fire or acid? Meaning they have super regeneration that is not the same as listed in the standard monster condition.

“ A troll’s appetite and its regenerative powers make it a fearless combatant, ever prepared to charge headlong at the nearest living creature and attack with all of its fury. Only fire seems to cause a troll to hesitate, but even this mortal threat is not enough to stop a troll’s advance. Those who commonly battle with trolls know to locate and burn any pieces after a fight, for even the smallest scrap of flesh can regrow a full-size troll given enough time. Fortunately, only the largest part of a troll regrows in this way.”

Galnörag wrote:

I've been digging through the Divination school and I can't find any spells that let you:

1) Remotely view a location know to you, for example, looking to see if anyone is anyone in your preferred teleport location before you teleport into it. Or more mundane spying on a cross roads waiting for an army to come marching through.

There are lesser spells like clairvoyance that lets you see what is on the other side of the door, but nothing with the range of Scry.

2) Remotely view an object, locate object is great for finding something lost, but you may want to know the context of the surrounding area before you go bounding after it.

Am I crazy or do these spells just not exist? not even at a high level?

Do they exist in third party stuff?

So I’ve been reading this thread and reading spellls and items etc.

Mostly because I’m a PC trying to protect himself from a scrying.

Anyways what I did find, as it relative to the entirety of the discussion, is that the spell everyone is thinking of, but is misleading due to its name, is discern location.

Discern location allows you to Scry people through objects they posses. Or more accurately allows you to scry locations using the item they posses as a focal point.

Which means if they are a bearer of said item the location is that’s being scried upon is always where ever said person is.

So to answer a commentators question “why does it specify in obscur object that it can prevent being scried upon?” Well now you know.

Another interesting tidbit, RAW, lead doesn't even prevent scrying from detect location. Even though lore wise in d&d, it was the traditional method to stop scrying period, even that of objects.

Oracles in no stretch or inagination are Ur-priests. Ur-priests didn’t have spontaneous casting.

In reality Oracles are PF’a equivalent of the 3.5 version of Mystics. Which have spontaneous spell casting. They also only have a single domain, and could chose Mystic only domains.

I think the writers followed the philosophy, that many d&d writers followed in setting specific factions and npc’s. Which is that the Black Lotus is LN with LE tendencies. Many npc’s could have tendencies, of an alignment one step away from their actual alignment.