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Full Name

Areniel, the Avenger


HP 70/70 | AC 20 (t12, ff18) | CMD 21 | F +4; R +8; W +10 |


sense Motive +17; perception (darkvision 60') +15, initiative +2 | active effects: --


Neutral Good




Common, Skald; Celestial; Shoanti, Varisian


spirit of vengeance

Strength 18
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 17
Charisma 14

About Areniel

racial abilities:
Aasimar [angelkin]
celestial resistance- resist 5 vs acid, cold, and electricity
spell-like ability- alter self 1/day
truespeaker- +2 racial bonus to linguistics and sense motive; gain 2 languages for every rank in linguistics
senses- darkvision 60'

class abilities:
Vigilante [zealot] 7
aura of good
inquisition- anger
- hateful retort: 1/day when hit can counter attack as immediate action, at full BAB
- divine anger: rage as barbarian, rounds/day equal to Wis mod plus level-4 (plus 6 from extra rage)
zealot smite- 2/day, swift action; add Cha to attack rolls and level to damage rolls against target; penertate DR as +5 weapon
channel energy- as cleric of level -4 (3 +Cha mod/day)
unshakable- add vigilante level to DC to intimidate
startling appearance- when attack unaware foe, target flat footed for whole turn and takes -4 to hit me until my next turn
quick change- change identities as full-round action; must make disguise check if encounter anyone who knows both identities (can spend 1 extra round to avoid checks)

traits, feats, and skills:
missing child [campaign]
weapon training [race]

1- alertness
3- weapon focus [heavy blades]
5- furious focus
7- extra rage

bluff +12 (7 ranks +3 class +2 Cha)
diplomacy +12 (7 ranks +3 class +2 Cha)
disguise +22 (7 ranks +3 class +2 Cha +10 hat)*
perception +15 (7 ranks +3 class +3 Wis +2 feat)
sense motive +17 (7 ranks +3 class +3 Wis +2 race +2 feat)
* +20 to avoid being recognized as social identity

background skills:
knowledge [nobility] +7 (6 ranks +1 Int)
linguistics +4 (1 rank +1 Int +2 race)
profession [courtier] +13 (7 ranks +3 class +3 Wis)

0th level: acid splash, brand, create water, guidance, light, stabilize
1st level (5/day): cure light wounds, divine favor, keep watch, protection from evil, shield of faith
2nd level (4/day): aid, confess, cure moderate wounds, lesser restoration
3rd level (2/day): invisibility purge, righteous vigor

cleric's vestments (0), silver holy symbol (25)
+1 mithril breastplate (5,200); amulet of natural armor +1 (2,000)
+1 resist cloak (1,000)
+1 greyflame bastard sword (8,335), cold iron longsword (30)
masterwork composite longbow [+4] (800), 40 arrows (2)
+2 Wis headband (4,000)
Handy Haversack (2,000): courtier's outfits (120), jewelry (100)
1,200 gold worth of wands/scrolls/potions

188 gold

combat stats:
HP: 70 (7d8 +7 Con +7 FCB)
AC: 20 (10 +7 armor +2 Dex +1 natural)

Fort +4 (+2 base +1 Con +1 resist)
Ref +8 (+5 base +2 Dex +1 resist)
Will +10 (+5 base +3 Wis +1 resist +1 trait)

Bastard sword (1hand) +11, 1d10+10; 19-20/x2
- smite +13, 1d10+17
- rage +13, 1d10+12
- rage/smite +15, 1d10+19
Bastard sword (2hand) +11, 1d10+14; 19-20/x2
- smite +13, 1d10+21
- rage +13, 1d10+17
- rage/smite +15, 1d10+24
Longbow +8, 1d8+4
- smite +10, 1d8+11

appearance and personality:
Areniel stands over six feet tall with broad, well muscled shoulders. His hair is like molten gold and his eyes are like glowing topaz. His features are shaped and proportioned nicely, and he probably seems rather handsome to the right sort of being. He wears the vestments of a cleric, in crimson and gold, along with a gleaming breastplate and a holy symbol of the Empyreal Lord Ragathiel.

Areniel is chivalrous in all he does: refraining from slandering men of status; treating women with respect; and protecting the weak and defenseless. His zeal for good, however, makes him somewhat harsh in doling out justice on evil-doers. Those he knows to be guilty are likely to receive swift and merciless vengeance.

Virtually nothing is known of Areniel before his arrival in Korvosa two years ago. The most widely spread and persistent rumor is that he began life as an imp--the familiar of an arcane trickster--but when his master turned to righteousness he was stranded on this plane with nothing to do but contemplate his own morality... he decided to call out to the Empyreal Lord Ragathiel (himself a converted fiend) and his prayers were answered: he was given this new form and a chance to prove his commitment to the celestial forces, if he can slay enough evil doers to be counted worthy.