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Full Name





Magus 3/ Init +2/ BAB +2/ HP 1/ AC 16/Tch 12/FF 14 , FORT +6, REFL +4, WILL +5 /Perception +4, Sense Motive +3







Special Abilities

Concentration +6 (+10), Arcane Pool 4 Points, Cantrips, Spell Combat, Spellstrike, Magus Arcana (Concentrate, Arcane Accuracy), Favored Class Bonus 1/hp level


Neutral Good


Irez, the Lady of Inscribed Wonder


Common, Elven, Gnomish, Celestial


Adventuring Scholar

Strength 15
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 12
Charisma 11

About Ardishir

At a young age, it was evident Ardishir was a precocious child. Walking, talking, and reading earlier than many children, he grew up raised by his grandfather, the chief archivist in the great library of the city of Markush. Always asking to hear stories of heroes and wizards, and playing at being the same, his grandfather relished telling him tales and letting him rummage through old books and scrolls in the archives of the library.

When Ardishir turned 16 his grandfather sent him to The Shining Academy, a military institution for the young and ambitious which also featured a school of wizardry. Showing an aptitude for both arms and the arcane, it wasn’t long before Ardishir was chosen to join the Hellbender Company, an expeditionary force that was often hired out to explore and bring back rare and sometimes magical antiquities. Ardishir acquitted himself well with the Hellbenders, loving the adventure and the discovery of ancient tomes and artifacts. At the age of 22, he is already a seasoned explorer with a drive to see and do more than ever before. Still a member of the Hellbenders, he sometimes strikes out on his own to investigate rumors of lost lore and experience life like few others ever do.

Extra Arcana, Power Attack, Cleave

Climb (+5), Craft (Weapons +5), Fly (+1), Intimidate (+5), Knowledge (arcana +9), Knowledge (dungeoneering +3), Knowledge (planes +4), Perception +4, Profession (Blacksmith +5), Ride (+4), Sense Motive +3, Spellcraft (+9), Swim (+5), and Use Magic Device (+5)

Spellbook with all 0 level spells and 7 1st level spells
1st level spells: Burning Hands, Chill touch, Feather Fall, Floating Disk, Magic Missile, Ray of Enfeeblement, Vanish

Spells Memorized:
0th/Detect Magic, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, Read Magic
1st/Burning Hands, Feather Fall, Magic Missile, Vanish

152 GP
Masterwork Morningstar
Daggers 2
Masterwork Heavy Crossbow
Chain Shirt
Blanket, Winter
Flint and Tinder
Everburning torch
10 Tindertwigs
Trail Rations
"Rosie" Light Horse
Bit, Bridle, Saddle, Saddlebags
Traveler’s outfit
Folding shovel
Mess Kit
6 potions of cure light
2 Scrolls of invisibility, 1 Bull’s Strength, 1 Color Spray, 1 scroll of Alter Self , 1 Scroll of Fireball
Cloak of Resistance +1
50' Rope

[dice=Morningstar]1d20+5[/dice], [dice=Damage]1d8+2[/dice]

[dice=Dagger, melee]1d20+4[/dice], [dice=Damage]1d4+2[/dice]

[dice=Dagger, thrown]1d20+4[/dice], [dice=Damage]1d4+2[/dice]

[dice=Heavy Crossbow, ranged]1d20+5[/dice], [dice=Damage]1d10[/dice]

[dice=Unarmed, melee]1d20+2[/dice], [dice=Damage]1d3+2[/dice]