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I'd love to have copies too.

andyscarfe! <at> virginmedia <dot> com

Hey, that's good - it makes it different from the Temple and the Sandpoint Cathedral.. The only change I could suggest would be on closing let the player shuffle a blessing from their discards into their deck?

Now, for the Rocky Beach I was thinking along the lines of;

Mon: 4
Bar: 0
Wpb: 1
Spl: 0
Arm: 0
Itm: 2
Aly: 2
Bls: 0

Location: The difficulty to defeat monsters with the Aquatic trait is increased by 2.
Closing: Summon and defeat a Bunyip.
Perm: No effect.


I wanted the town gate to be a bit more relaxed than the city gate whilst being a 'bottleneck,' so I was thinking

Mon: 1
Bar: 2
Weap: 2
Spell: 0
Arm: 1
Item: 1
Ally: 2
Bless: 0

Location power: You must succeed at a Wisdom or Diplomacy 6 check to move to be moved to another location.

When closing: Succeed at a Dexterity or Disable check 8, or a Wisdom or Diplomacy 8 check.

I was thinking that the guards would keep you talking and stop you moving away while the closing is either Disabling the gate or talking your way intoclosing it.


Hi All,

I was thinking about creating some cards from the great templates in Magic Set Editor but realised that, as I don't sleeve most of the cards, mixing homebrews in with others would not work. That left the adventure, scenario, character and locations. So I looked through my photos and realised that I could create a set of 'generic locations' which let the scenario designers out there have more scope.

I have the photos ready for;

Rocky Beach, Cave on the Beach, Lakeside, Waterfall, Orchard, Ruined Abbey, Wooded Hillside, Country Stream, Duck Pond, Council Chamber, Quiet Graveyard, Cathedral, Cottages, City Wall, Battlements, Tower on a Hill, Hilltop Fort, Castle Tower, Secret Stairs, and Town Gate.

I can't see these clashing with the S&S locations so I'm looking for suggestions as to what I should put on the cards in the way of text, and Deck Lists?


Adam J Wells wrote:

Hey guys.

I'm currently working on character sheets for the PAC, just letting folks know they're in the works.

To that end, what information would be most useful to players to have on the sheets? Clearly information on what feats you've selected, but what other information?

Right now, i'm setting the pages up to be landscape, and have the Skills and basic Powers on the front, and then a large table on the back allowing you to record what cards are part of your deck, with an eye to a potential Organized Play program using this system.

Yes, i'm a huge fan of seeing a Pathfinder Society-style OP system for this.

I'd love to have somewheree on the sheet to record the character's history so it'll feel more like an RPG character. Even if its just a list of scenarios taken part in, success/failure, and what bonus was gained (assuming success). That way I can look at the sheet and see what they've done - not to mention talking about the character with other player's. "Do you remember when we kicked Black Fang's butt and I got that great sword? It came in handy when the goblins raided Sandpoint.".


I know that I'll want to create my own adventures, characters and cards once I get my hands on the box (patience, my boy). Just so I'm as ready as I can be, can anyone suggest what font(ould ned to create cards looking like the official ones? I'm more than happy to share my creations if that's acceptable?