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Nomad |

| Labels- Danger:-1 Freak:+1 Savior:0 Superior:+3 Mundane:+1


Horizon, Frostbite

About Andressa De'Liano Aka Triplight

Triplight, The Nomad


Choose a new move from your playbook 1/3
The littlest space bandit: When you directly engage a threat that underestimates you, roll + Superior instead of + Danger

Unlock your Moment of Truth

Rearrange your Labels as you choose, and add +1 to a label 1/2

Horizon, Frostbite

Who took you from the Earth when you were younger?
- A weird group of aliens called, Krol'kraza they were awesome once i got to know them, i'm not exactly sure why they came to get me though.

What farscapes did you explore?
- I've been to the end of my own stretch of the universe and back, the Krol'kraza homeworld being one of the first, beautiful for a dying planet. After all the stuff they taught me i got caught up in a raider gang for a bit, saw a lot more systems, and then when we stole from Grognakar I started sliding through the multi-verse, cool stuff i tell ya.

Who was your favorite traveling companion?
- Before Lahuxti? Has to be Voltesh, dude seems crazy at first but that's just his extreme lack of people skills, hands down the strongest of the Galaxy Guard, which is a group me and Lahuxti trained with, ya know after being given the tour by the Krol'kraza.

What brought you back to stay(for now)?
- Ah ya know, even multi-galactic heroes need a vacation, and what better place than good ol' boring Earth, yep totally not lying low in a different verse for any reason.

Why do you care about the team?
- What team, oh the new crew, Sentinels or whatever? They're cool, kind of ragtag like the Galaxy Guard which i guess i like never really quite fit in with them though so my hopes aren't super up.

Isaiah knows plenty that I don't about this world, its people, and how to deal with them; I should follow their lead while I'm here.

Praetoria is...well...boring. But that's Okay! I'm going to make them more interesting.

Pft yeah ain't nobody got influence over this Galaxy Guardian!

Nomad Moves
Out of this World- When you plug into the cosmisc aether and tune out of this world, roll +Freak. On a hit, you come to a new, interesting insight about your current problems and situation; the GM will tell you what. On a 10+ you can also shift your own Labels according to match your new understanding. On a miss, you realize something dangerous or terrible' the GM will tell you what, and shift your Labels accordingly.


Vorhesh(Bruiser)- A Nil-Traxin(giant lizard man) brute with an attitude to match, though naturally strong, he wears a powered suit that further enhances his natural strength and durability. Complex emotions are not in his species dictionary.
Melwyb(Lancer)- A Terran from Universe-B866 born into the ongoing struggle against a hostile invading alien menace, Melwyb is a skilled mecha pilot and engineer who's got a soft spot for Andressa.

Sharpened eyes- When you assess the situation, you may always ask one of the following questions, even on a miss.
- What's my best way out/way in/way past?
- What here would be handy to grab?
- Who here is susceptible to my words?

The littlest space bandit: When you directly engage a threat that underestimates you, roll + Superior instead of + Danger

Answers for GM's questions:
History: Andressa Santagilo Morensah De'Liano, known as De'Liano in dimension XC2185 was born a simple Earthling.
Her parents were working on a device that would unlock the secrets of Faster than light travel to humanity, but as it turns out there device wasn't up to snuff and blew up almost ripping a hole in the fabric of reality. That's where the Krol'Kraza came in and short term memory wiped everything in the nearby area and stole away with Andressa, one of the few beings that may have known anything about the device. She was 5 so it was unlikely that she actually knew anything.

The Krol'Kraza took young Andressa as their own and raised her as a spacefarer, augmenting her and gifting her with all that was neccessary to survive on her own in the multi-verse. She however skipped off and joined with some space pirates to learn her own way, got involved with some shady business and eventually teamed up with La'Hux'Ti. Andressa jury-rigged and slowly improved a device that allows her to pry open and slide through the gaps in the cosmos and pass into other dimensions. Thus began the pair's journey through the multi-verse, hopelessly lost from their own due to the slight oversight of being able to accurately navigate the space-between-space.
Together they've saved, or more accurately stumbled into foiling the nefarious plans of dastardly evil-doers and would be tyrants earning them a tentative place in the Inter-dimensional Defense Agency. With the recent meeting with the Sentinels Andressa has the chance to return to where it all began. Will Andressa find a permanent home, skip onto the next world after they've kicked up the place a bit, or finally settle down until things get boring again?

Personality: Bubbly, sure of themselves, tricky, and willing to strike up some interesting happenstance, wants to prove that even a weak human can be strong.

Powers: Rift Generator, Modular blaster

Look: Androgynous, gene-sculpted body, loose alien clothing, with strange tattoos, and light cyber/bio-ware. Hero costume is flashy.

Villain: High Lord Void Admiral Grognakar-, he's got alot more titles but there's only so many that translate.

Putting Down Roots:

You’re here, but not, and it shows. Over time, you may be able to commit to this place, and find out why it is that some people choose to invest in others. Adults do not have Influence over you by default. No one does.

You can only give out a total of 6 Influence. During play, you can only give out Influence by revealing a vulnerability or weakness to someone. You can still give out Influence through the end of session move. You cannot give Influence to somebody who already has Influence over you.

Others cannot take Influence over you; if they would, instead they can mark potential or inflict a condition on you, their choice. You reject Influence at -2 by default, instead of +0. When someone takes advantage of their Influence over you, they can choose two options from the list.

At the end of every session, you can take back 1 Influence from someone of your choice. If you have given out 0-Influence, you cannot comfort or support anyone. If you would trigger that move, instead mark a condition as you say exactly the wrong thing. If you have given out 0-Influence and someone tries to comfort or support you, you cannot open up to them.

You gain benefits based on how much Influence you have given out. These benefits stack.

❑ 1-2 Influence: When you defend someone who has Influence over you, you can ignore the Insecure condition.
When you directly engage someone who has Influence over you, you can ignore the Afraid condition.

❑ 3 Influence: When you take a powerful blow from someone with Influence over you, take -2 to the roll.

❑ 4 Influence: When you pierce the mask of someone who has Influence over you, you can always ask them
one question, even on a miss.

❑ 5 Influence: When you spend a Team to help someone who has Influence over you, it gives them +2.

❑ 6 Influence: When you accept the words of someone who has Influence over you, mark potential, clear a
condition, or take +1 forward.