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Full Name

Anang Shiriki


Danisil - Evil Subtype


Wildlander/1 Rogue/2








Jungle Mouth, Trader's tongue, Halfling(2), Orcish(1)

Strength 10
Dexterity 21
Constitution 13
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 12
Charisma 15

About Anang

XP: 5000

Male Danisil Rogue 2 Wildlander 1
4'9 98lbs
Fiendhearted Path
Max HP:34 Current HP:16
Fate Points:7

STR 10(+0) DEX 21(+5) CON 13(+1) INT 14(+2) WIS 12(+1) CHA 15(+2)


AC: 21 (10 +5 dex +3 armour +1 dodge +1 demon flesh)
Touch: 15
Flat footed: 14


Rough Studded Leather armor +3 max dex +5 pen –1 failure chance 15%

Speed: 40

BAB: +2

Melee: Sepi Attack +7 damage 1d6+5 18-20
Melee: Sepi (offhand) Attack +7 damage 1d6+2 18-20

Ranged: Sepi Attack +8 damage 1d6+4 18-20 20ft

CMB: +3 CMD:18

Initiative +5

Fort: +4 Reflex: +8(Evasion) Will: +3(+5 enchantment)


Acrobatics +11
+15 to jump
+17 in trees
+21 to jump in trees
Bluff +7
Climb +5(+11 in trees)
Craft(poisonmaking) +7
Disguise +6
Disable Device +11
Knowledge(spirits) +6
Perception +11 (Lowlight vision, Darkvision 30ft)
Sense Motive +7
Sleight of hand +10
Stealth +11 (+14 in natural settings)
Survival +7(+11 in Erethor, +13 in Aruun)
Swim +5
Use Magic Device +6


Weapon Focus (Sepi)
Knifethrower (Sepi)
- Quickdraw (Sepi)
Innate Channeler (racial)
Darkstalker (bonus)
Toughness (bonus)

You have learned how to stalk and surprise creatures
whose senses are very different from those of a
Benefit: When you hide, creatures with blindsense,
blindsight, scent, or tremorsense must
make a Listen check or a Spot check (whichever DC
is higher) to notice you, just as sighted creatures would make
Spot checks to detect you. You cannot hide in plain sight unless
you have that ability as a class feature. In addition, you can flank
creatures that have the all-around vision special quality.
Normal: Creatures with these senses do not need to make
Spot or Listen checks to notice other creatures within range.
Creatures with all-around vision can’t be flanked.


Weapon bond (Sepi) Dexterity to attack and damage, use as martial weapon.

Dextrous +2 dexterity (2 traits)

Powerful Enemy: Silly demons!

Path/Class Abilities:

Fiendish Aura
Fiendish gift (demon flesh)
Fiendish gift (Devil's Eyes)
Sneak Attack +1d6
Rogue Talent (Two Weapon Fighting)
Wildlander Trait (Quickstride)
Wild Empathy
Favoured enemy (Orc)


Innate Magic (Cha)
0-Level DC 12
-Cure minor wounds
-Ghost Sound

Penumbra bloodline
Benefit Your ancestry gives you a bonus spell known
at each spell level, starting at 1st, from the following list.
]1st—Obscuring mist 3 times per day
4th—Evard's black tentacles
5th—Shadow evocation
6th—Shadow walk
7th—Plane shift
8th—Greater shadow evocation


Elven racial Traits
• +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, –2 Constitution
• Medium: As Medium creatures, elves have no special
bonuses or penalties due to their size.
• Elf base land speed is 30 feet.
• Weapon Proficiency: All elves receive the Martial
Weapon Proficiency feats for the longbow and shortbow.
Favored Region: Erethor.
Natural Channelers: They gain the Innate Magic feat as a bonus feat,
and those who gain the Magecraft feat have 2 bonus spell
energy points.
• Low-light Vision: Elves can see twice as far as a
human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions
of poor illumination. They retain the ability to distinguish
color and detail under these conditions.
• +2 racial saving throw bonus against Enchantment
spells or effects.
• All elves may begin play with elven traveling
clothes, erethor tea, and hearthstones (at one-quarter normal

Danisil Racial Traits
• Weapon Familiarity: Danisil treat sepi as martial
weapons, rather than as exotic weapons. Additionally, when
wielding two sepi, Danisil suffer only half the normal penalties
for wielding a second weapon in their off hand. This benefit
stacks with that granted by Two-Weapon Fighting and
similar feats.
• Favored Region: Aruun. Jungle elves’ favored
region bonuses for Erethor increase by +2 when in the Aruun.
• Natural Channelers: Jungle elves nurture a relationship
with the benign spirits of Aryth. They may select an additional known spell for their Innate Magic bonus
• Feral Elves: Jungle elves are even more
attuned to their surroundings than other elves.
Danisil gain an additional +2 to all racial bonuses
granted by universal elven traits, for a total of a +4
racial bonus to Listen, Search, and Spot checks, a +6
racial bonus on Climb and Balance checks when
climbing trees, a +4 racial bonus on Survival and
Knowledge (nature) checks in Erethor, and a +6
racial bonus on Survival and Knowledge (nature)
checks in the Aruun.
• Spirit Foes: Jungle elves cling to survival
only by learning to evade the many malevolent spirits
that plague their homeland. They gain a +4 racial
bonus on Hide and Move Silently checks in natural
settings, and gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws
against the spells, special attacks, and spell-like and
supernatural abilities of creatures with the outsider
• Herbalists: Jungle elves may begin play
with up to 10 doses of orcbane poison (at one-quarter
normal cost).
• Automatic Languages: Jungle Mouth.
Bonus Languages: Colonial, Erenlander, Halfling,
High Elven, Sylvan, Trader’s Tongue.


Four well worn but still razor sharp sepi, kept in good repair by judicious use of Anang's mending spell and a whetstone.
Backpack containing:
1 weeks worth of trail rations
50ft of rope
Flint and Steel
Two stone pots, one containing black pigment the other white.
A roughly made brush
A single dose of Orcsbane
Winter Blanket
Regular clothes (Loose shorts and a baggy shirt with the sleeves ripped off.)
A rough leather pouch containing a canine tooth from each of the beings Anang has killed.


1 Fiendish Aura, Fiendish Gift
2 Detect Good
3 Fiendish Gift

4 +1 Str, Con or Chr
5 Call Hellfire
6 Fiendish Gift
7 Imp Companion
8 +1 Str, Con or Chr
9 Fiendish Gift
10 Infernal Mark
11 Flame Strike x1 per day
12 +1 Str, Con or Chr
13 Fiendish Gift
14 Infernal Wings
15 Touch of Damnation
16 Fiendish Gift
17 Flame Strike x2 per day
18 +1 Str, Con or Chr
19 Fiendish Gift
20 Devil Made Flesh

Fiendish Aura: Your physical self is infused with malevolent energy; your very presence inspires woe and fear. A Fiendhearted character has the evil subtype, as though he were an outsider. The character's alignment cannot be good. NPC's are naturally influenced to fear a Fiendhearted character. They gain a bonus to Intimidate checks equal to 1/2 their character level. Evil outsiders that first encounter a Fiendhearted character have their starting disposition shifted one step towards being beneficial.

Fiendish Gift: Each time this ability is gained, choose one of the following abilities-

Claws: You grow claws that deal 1d4 damage. Each time this ability is chosen, the damage the claws deal increases by one die step. (1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 2d6, 2d8, 2d10)

Fangs: You gain a bite attack that deals 1d4 damage. Each time this ability is chosen, the damage the fangs deal increases by one die step. (1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 2d6, 2d8, 2d10)

Energy Resistance: Choose one energy type (fire, acid, cold, sonic, electricity). You gain resistance 5 of that type. This increases by 5 each time this gift is chosen. When this gift it taken, your skin takes on a very slight coloration (DC 20 to notice). The color is usually dependent on the resistance gained. Common colors are red, green and black, though others are not impossible. Each time this ability is taken the DC to notice decreases by 2.

Demon Flesh: Your natural armor increases by 1. This ability can be chosen more than once. When this ability is gained, the character's skin becomes slightly scaly. Each time this ability is chosen, the scales become more pronounced. In addition, the skin can begin to feel noticeably different to the touch, Examples include cold resistant characters becoming noticeably warm or cold to the touch, or the skin of electrically resistant characters becoming charged with slight static.

Forked Tongue: You gain a +1 Divine bonus to Bluff and Diplomacy. This ability may be chosen more than once.

Devil's Eyes: You gain 30' dark vision. If you already have darkvision, this ability increases it's range by 30'. When this ability is gained, the characters eyes become silted, or red tinted. The more times this ability is taken, the more pronounced the inhuman eyes become.

Imp Companion: You attract the services of a loyal, yet not necessarily nice, Imp. If this creature is reduced to 0 HP, it becomes Bodiless. The Imp can create a body from a piece of your body and soul, but doing this requires your permission, and the expenditure of a number of HP equal to the Imp's max HP. This HP damage is starvation damage and cannot be healed magically. This damage can be taken in increments, as much or as little at a time as you would like, but the week long regeneration process does not begin until all the necessary hit points have been expended. If the Imp dies while bodiless, you will attract the services of another within one year.

Call Hellfire: A number of times per day equal to 1/2 your character level you may cause a spell or weapon that deals damage to deal 1d6 extra fire damage and 1d6 extra Divine damage during an attack. This ability is a swift action to activate.

Infernal Mark: Somewhere on your body a mark appears that names you as a demon. No matter what form you are in, should you be polymorphed or disguised, this mark remains in the same general location and is quite obvious. It can be covered, but never gotten rid of. It can take many forms, a glowing rune, a strange and precise birthmark, small horns, a tail, ect. Anyone that sees it will immediately recognize it for what it is, and react appropriately, usually with fear or anger. While it is exposed you gain a +5 Divine bonus on any Charisma based skill check against evil creatures. You also gain the ability to see clearly in magical darkness.

Infernal Wings: You gain a pair of wings of one of two types. Chose either a large permanent pair of bat-like wings which grants you a base fly speed of double your movement rate. or a summonable pair of wings made of shadow and smoke which grant you the Fly spell for a number of rounds per day equal to your level. Summoning these wings is a Swift action that can be maintained as a free action. Once the choice is made it cannot be changed.

Touch of Damnation: Once per day you may touch a creature and cause them to make a Will save. If they fail, they find their innermost desires bubbling to the surface of their thoughts and becoming easier and easier to justify. This ability causes most creatures to act overtly or subtly against any creature they feel has wronged them, become paranoid and obsessed with personal power, and to immediately shirk any responsibilities that are inconvenient. This generally causes a rapid breakdown of any family, organization or group this creature is a part of, and depending on the creature, can cause wide repercussions. This ability does not necessarily cause an alignment change, but often does. A shift of alignment is not necessarily towards evil, so much as it is toward extreme selfishness and vindictiveness.

Devil Made Flesh: You become a Demon. Your type changes to Outsider, you gain immunity to Fire and Poison; Cold Resistance 10, Acid Resistance 10, Spell Resistance equal to your Hit Dice plus your Charisma modifier and Damage Resistance 15/ Good or Iron. Should you reach 0 HP, you gain the Bodiless template, but do not die. You may regain a body under the usual conditions. All normal rules regarding Demons in Midnight apply.


Anang Shiriki was raised in the sweltering heat of the Aruun, the youngest of three siblings. The Shiriki line was renowned in the southern villages for producing great hunters and warriors and in particular the skill with which they dispatched the demons whom the jungle elves unwillingly share their home with. So, when on a summer afternoon in his 123rd year Anang was approached by his grandfather and solemnly handed his first Sepi and a carefully wrapped boa-bil seed he set out on his Spirit Walk supremely confident that in a few short weeks he would be a proud Shiriki hunter, ready to add more great stories to his family history.

He left the village, high in the swaying canopy, with just his knife to keep him safe and alive. For the next fortnight he trekked south through the dense jungle, following one of the many rivers that flow from the Arunath Mountains. He hunted as he travelled, careful to complete the proper observances after he made each kill, so as to not attract the unwanted attention of any spirit lurking nearby. Each night he found a tree overhanging the sluggish water of the river and slept high in it's branches, safe in the knowledge that the running water would ward off any evil spirits. Eventually, on the 16th day of his spirit walk Anang reached the Arunath mountain range. From the stories told by his elder siblings and parents of their own spirit walks, the further a youth ventured into the mountains before planting their seed the more prodigious would be their accomplishments in later life. Stretching the 'logic' of this superstition to its metaphorical breaking point Anang concluded that if he planted his seed on the other side of the mountain range he would be pretty much set for life.

With that in mind he set out into the tree covered peaks. A week’s travel through the deep valleys and along the razor sharp ridges of the ancient crumbling mountains brought him to the southernmost peak. Laid out below were mist covered wetlands as far as Anang could see. So far in his journey Anang had not seen or heard any sign of the many demons that haunt the Aruun, but as he descended down the tree covered peak he felt the uncomfortable itch of eyes on the back of his neck. The further he dropped the stronger the feeling became, until he was spinning round every few yards expecting some huge predator or horrible demon to be looming behind him. Every time he spun he saw and heard nothing and eventually pushed away the feeling as paranoia and continued walking without looking back. He walked until he eventually came to a stream running down through the last foothills of the mountains and sat next to the trickle of water. Taking the carefully wrapped boa-bil seed from his shorts he dug a small hole and buried the seed next to the stream. His spirit walk now half over Anang felt a proud sense of accomplishment, he had planted his seed further from his village than any he had heard of and managed to avoid any major danger on the journey. Well satisfied with his accomplishments so far Anang lay down next to his newly planted seed and began to imagine the great things he would accomplish when he returned to his village and received the marks of a man. Less than a minute later he dozed off, the warmth of the midmorning sun and his good mood allowing him to completely forget the sense of being watched he had had all morning.

As Anang slept the noise of the jungle seemed to drop away, the buzzing of insects and the calling of birds fading until all that was left was the gentle rustle of leaves high up in the canopy. Out of the shadow of a gnarled Kapok tree a came a slight distortion in the air, the tiniest bending of the midmorning light. The anomaly drifted across the clearing and came to a stop above the oblivious sleeper. It seemed to settle above the boy’s mouth and with each inward breath diminished until it had entirely vanished.

A little later Anang awoke with a start, shocked at the realisation that he had let himself fall asleep in such an exposed position. He checked on his freshly planted seed and then set about the task of scaling the Kapok tree on the edge of the clearing and fashioning a makeshift home for the next week or so as he waited for the seed to sprout. The rough construction coupled with a search for an edible meal took him to the early evening and concluding that he could do no more today Anang climbed the tree and bedded down in his makeshift hammock suspended high above the trickle of the stream.

As he slept Anang dreamed strange dreams. He ran through the dark jungle, crashing through the undergrowth in a wild panic. Close behind he could hear great crashes and howls of anticipation as some terrible predator pursued him. However fast he ran the sound of hunter grew ever closer until Anang could feel the heat of its breath on the back of his neck. An unearthed tree root loomed out of the darkness and the elf flew through the air as it snatched his foot out from underneath him. He twisted as he fell and caught a glimpse of a terrible scaled face dropping toward him before flashing claws descended and everything went dark. As the dream faded a guttural voice whispered out of the darkness behind Anang’s eyes.

“Mine now..”

Anang awoke with a start, jerking up right in his makeshift bed, eyes wide and wild. There was a presence inside his head, and it was grinning at him. The same voice he had heard moments ago in his dream clawed its way out of his own throat.

“Mine, mine, mine. Ah, it has been so long since I had a body.”

Anang tried to scramble out of the hammock, to get away from the voice, but his body would not obey. All he could do was stare out at the world as his body seemed to move of its own volition. His head tilted to look down at himself and his arms turned this way and that, flexing and tensing the whipcord muscles that covered them.

“Hmm, very nice, very nice. Not my flesh, but will do for now.”

Finally it dawned on him. He had been possessed; a demon had taken over his body as he slept. He felt himself grin nastily as the realisation hit him.

“Yes yes little elfkin. Your body is mine now. Mine it is and soon it will grow and change and you will be gone.”

Anang screamed silently then, flooded with terror. Images flashed before his eyes of his family and home, hundreds of miles away and powerless to help him.

“My my, what a tasty looking family you has. We might have to pay them a visit, helpful thoughts you are having, oh yes.”

With that the demon levered Anang’s body out of his bed and scrambled it down to ground level. He spun for a few seconds sniffing the breeze before nodding his head a few times and galloping off back the way Anang had come, straight back toward his home.
The next few days were a blur. The demon ran without respite, not stopping to sleep or hunt, pausing only briefly to gulp water from the streams it passed. The mountains around it were silent, as if the wildlife could sense the taint in Anang’s body, the evil hidden beneath his skin. The demon had no regard for the body he rode, by the end of the second day Anang’s feet were a mass of excruciating blisters and suppurating wounds. Eventually on the fourth day without sleep or food, Anang’s body collapsed panting and shivering into a heap on the dirt. He felt the anger and frustration of the demon and his despair lessened when he realised that it did not remember a need for food or rest. Maybe it had been without a body for too long, maybe it would weaken as his body weakened; maybe he could somehow get free.

Finally the demon gave up trying to keep Anang’s body going. Eventually his flesh drifted to sleep and Anang was left in the darkness behind his eyes. The roiling cloud of malevolence that was the demon also seemed to settle. It did not react to Anang’s thoughts as it had over the last few days and eventually after an hour of subtle probing Anang concluded that the demon too had fallen asleep. With no real attachment to his body Anang felt no urge to sleep and spent the hours of darkness trying in vain to force the demon from his body. But all his attempts were in vain, he relied too much on the feel of limbs and a physical body, had no experience of using his being without its physical form. In the end the sun rose and with it the demon awoke. It sat up and began closely examining its/Anang’s arms. With a crow of delight it began rubbing frantically at the skin of the forearm. When its hand moved away Anang could see tiny patches of his skin had turned reflective and shiny. He realised in horror that the transformation of his physical body had already begun, that he was growing scales.

The demon spent the day walking and by the time the sun set had reached the other side of the Arunath Mountains. At this pace it was now less than a week’s travel from Anang’s home, and from the evil malicious glee Anang could feel emanating from it, it knew how close it was. As night fell Anang’s body grew tired again and the demon much more readily let it sleep this time, looking forward to the progress the transformation would have made when it awoke. As it slept Anang listened to the noises of the Jungle at night, enjoying this small reprieve in the hell his life had become. Far off in the darkness a high pitched, hideous call sounded and Anang instinctively flinched, well as much as a bodiless spirit can flinch. All young Danisil had been taught to recognise the call of a crawler and to flee with all haste to the safety of a village if they heard one. As Anang lay trapped and helpless in his hijacked body he listened as the creak of branches and rustling of undergrowth heralded the approach of the pack. A particularly loud crash shook the demon from its slumber and it looked around drowsily for whatever had made the noise. Stood mere feet away from it was a huge monster, something like a gorilla if a gorilla had 3 inch razor sharp claws and a mouth full of vicious fangs. As Anang/the demon locked eyes with the demonic creature both felt a flush of fear run through them. Anang’s body, with his one small Sepi was no match for this hulking monstrosity.

Okay this is getting ridiculous now. I can’t seem to finish the damn backstory. So in summary, Crawler attacks, Anang/Demon get massively wounded and the first taste of real pain loosens the demon’s grip on Anang’s body. Anang manages to push it out but is now pretty much fatally injured and still facing a huge ‘oribble crawler. Oh and the whole struggle between the demon and Anang turns his hair white (cliché I know but whatever). Deus ex machina and all that and a party of demon hunters appear and kill the crawler and as he is the dominant male the rest of the pack flee. The demon hunters stabilise Anang and take him back to his home village. He wakes in his own bed and has to tell the story of his possession and then eventual rescue to the village elders. They conclude that he has completed his spirit walk (seeing as pretty much no one goes through all that and survives it.) So the next day he is going to receive his ritual scars and become a man. He has terrible dreams that night, dreams in which he slaughters his whole family and then feeds on their flesh, the worst bit being that the dreams feel horribly satisfying. He goes to the adulthood ritual the next day and when it comes to the scarring the knife will not cut his skin. The elder wielding the knife carefully examines said skin and realises that it is now made up of tiny scales. He concludes (correctly) that some of the taint of the demon still remains in Anang and that the transformation will continue until eventually he becomes a fully fledged demon. The demon hunters who rescued him are given the task of taking him into the jungle and ending his life, for the safety of the rest of the village. They take him deep into the jungle but don’t kill him. Instead they tell him about demon hunters in the past that had undergone the same transformation that Anang was now undergoing. They said that if they managed to keep hold of their own mind and not succumb to the urging of their demonic taint they were some of the finest demon slayers in Danisil history. They gave him an ancestral item White bone item maybe? A Sepi would be the obvious choice but whatever you decide. And told him he could not return to his village but could help in the fight against the darkness and the demons in other ways. With their help Anang gives himself a set of rules to follow, a code to attempt to stop himself succumbing to the will of his demonic taint.

I can define the rules if you want but I kind of imagine it to be like a cross between the paladin code and the code of harry from the Dexter books and TV show. Kind of paladin code minus the no use of poison and deceit. No evil acts, help the innocent etc. Of course this doesn’t always go as planned due to his evil Aura and generally unnatural appearance.

So Anang travels north out of the jungle, avoiding villages on the way. Lives as a wildlander mostly, trying to keep himself away from the Legates and shadow as they’d either try and kill him as an elf or turn him to their side as a demon. The transformation slowly continues, his eyes change and the urge to kill grows stronger so he has to hunt and kill legates and orcs where he can, tainted animals when he can’t. The white bone item starts calling to him and so he heads further north, interpreting the call as an antithesis to the urgings of his taint and hoping whatever does the calling can help him control the increasing impulse to destroy.


Anang stands a few inches shy of five feet in height and makes up the deficit with the bundle of short white dreadlocks tied up on top of his head. The parts of his anatomy visible underneath the dirty studded leather he wears are wiry in the extreme, ropes of whipcord muscle layered over a delicate looking bone structure. His skin is the natural dark tone of his people but has an unpleasant gleam and anyone looking closely notices the minute scales which cover his hide. Like most Danisil Anang's eyes are almost entirely black like most Danisil but they reflect light like a cat's glowing in reflected light. This, coupled with his unnaturally bleached hair and the decidedly predatory caste to his features make Anang's appearance unsettling at best. The final major difference between Anang and his kin are his ears, which have grown wider and developed many cartiliginous ridges. They are also much more under Anang's control twitching and twisting like the ears of a cat to best catch snippets of sound and flattening back when he is angry or scared. Because of these peculirities he wears a hooded vest underneath his armour and keeps the hood firmly in place if he has to venture anywhere near civilisation. Anang uses thick black and white paint to hide the scales that cover his skin, painting a pattern approximating the scars of an adult that he never recieved.


The last three years have hardened Anang. As a child he was cheerful and prone to boisterousness. Now, as he mostly avoids other people he has taken to speaking only as much as needed and displays little to no emotion when he speaks. He is loath to get close to anyone for fear of what he might do to them if his control over his urges slips. To those few that he believes he can trust himself around he is hugely protective and loyal and around them he might actually come out his shell a little and show some of his old personality.

He uses combat to curb his dark urges, carving flesh with his Sepi and feeling a terribly delicious excitement as he ends some creatures life with a slash to the throat or thigh and feels their lifeblood running still warm across his hands.