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The gms were great again. All prize support was great except Beginner Box set would have replaced with status cards. Interactive first time needs player prep on how tables effect each other. Other than that Ihonor Brent's patience.

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Thanks for another year of Origins, I leave with the memory of Assspisss & Fearless Fraziers fingerlicking Rock with Killian spices. Remember: Natural Selection, will you make the cut?

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I would like to thank all the GM'ds for my Pathfinder experience. Me my handpainted miniatures & my Monk's awful die rolls made it through 6 games. Special shout out to Wes who makes sure that fun is the driving force of the game. After my 3 back to back sessions on Saturday I did not think I was going to make it Sunday. But Synday was worth more than worth it when 3 people came & grabbed me out of the generics line to play at thier table. You guys were great. Hope to see you all in my town next year. Allen (Chun La) Blount.

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Warforged Gardener wrote:
If I'm signed up to play this with a 1st level character, is it likely the GM will just turn me away? I don't want to be slaughtered, but I'd really like to play in Pathfinder Society and this is the only game Tampa Area Gamers has scheduled for Saturday AM.

I was at Origins 09 with my first level in this scenario and it was fantastic.