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Alain smiles and shakes his head, giving a glance to the officer of his guard.

"If I may impose on you for a few moments longer, Angelo should be returning soon. If he confirms that what you have told me is true, then you are free to go," he says, his tone calm. "If you are what you claim, you will understand the need for caution. If you are lying to me, well, I will have you killed and dropped in the river. I do hope it doesn't come to that, though. I am rather short on allies here."

Alain shrugs his shoulders and looks around to see if anyone knows the answer. Nobody seems to.

"I've no idea who they arrested. Presumably whoever killed the man, wouldn't you think?"

Baton looks puzzled by the name, until one of his courtiers whispers in his ear for a moment. Then he nods.

"Oh. The merchant. Tragic, that, but I thought they'd arrested someone, hadn't they?" He looks around for confirmation, which his court provides, murmuring and nodding.

Baton laughs and looks to the officer of his guard.

"The gnome calls you a dog, my friend," he says. "Are you offended?"

"Woof," the guard replies, grinning.

"You have my permission to seek whatever satisfaction you wish from him, if there is anything left of him when my lady has finished."

Baton turns to Bliznap and shrugs. "You have insulted my loyal guards, confessed yourself a liar while continuing to lie to me, and worst of all, you have completely failed to amuse me. I'm not entirely sure what you are apologizing for, but no matter. I accept your apology, and invite you to stay and be introduced to the woman whose name you use so fraudulently."

Turning to Isabeau and Stanrick, he sighs, "You keep strange company, but you have given no offense. There is food and good, Richemuloise wine on the porch. Please help yourselves if you are hungry."

Isabeau moves swiftly, and stops Angelo before he leaves. When she speaks, Alain raises an eyebrow at the mention of Annette's name. He gives a nod, allowing Isabeau to approach him, and listens to what she has to say. He frowns, thinking for a moment, his eyes jumping from Stanrick, to Isabeau, to Bliznap.

Then he rises and walks to Angelo, undoing the pin on his collar and handing it to the boy. He whispers...

1d20 ⇒ 2
1d20 ⇒ 2
1d20 ⇒ 8
1d20 ⇒ 1

...but none of you are able to hear what he says. Angelo leaves and Alain returns to his couch.

"Perhaps the time has come for you to explain why you were at her house last night," he says to Bliznap. "Or are we still maintaining the pretense that I can't tell one gnome from another, and that you were sent by Lady Boritsi?"

I thought it time we gave him a face.

Baton listens to the gnome and sighs dramatically, sitting heavily in a very comfortable looking armchair. He turns to the youth with the drawn sword.

"Angelo, will you inform Lady Boritsi that her gnome has come and that he is upset."

The young man wears the expression of a child being sent away while the grown-ups speak, but he sheathes his sword and walks to the door. The officer of the guard opens the door to allow him to leave.

"You haven't denied that you were the gnome that was outside my lover's front door last night at the same time that three men were killed outside her back door," Baton observes when the young man has gone. "Setting that aside for the moment, you're wasting my time. You have now been invited twice to deliver your message, but instead you take offense because you were recognized. Very well. You are either an assassin, or a hired musician who won't play. Either way, your honor is of no consequence to me."

He turns towards Isabeau and Stanrick.

"Are either of you privy to substance of this supposed message, or shall I return you with Bliznap to she who sent you?"