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Good Day friends.

Just wondering if there is a Virtual Module for Ruins of Azlant, like for roll20? I had started the AP before everything shut down, and I'm wondering if there is a version to play online.

Our group has been mostly just using Discord, but i think the VTT would add a lot for our group.

trying to stick with the shark theme, this build is more for the flavor than getting a ridiculous amount of attacks.

I forgot about Lesser restorations fatigue removal, that will be useful.

I am currently playing a Shark Druid, with a focus on combat, with a bite attack and spells. She is currently level 7.

I plan on cross classing into Barbarian, as a thematic choice that will hopefully boost their combat abilities.

the plan at this point is to go Druid 16-17, and Barbarian 3-4, in terms of levels.

Does anyone have any suggestions, in terms feats/spells/rage powers/equipment/when to take the Barbarian levels to give her the best shot at being the best raging shark she can be.

Awesome, I'll keep that in mind, They seem to be of the opinion that they did not know they were Aquatic elves, so it seems like they will get a chance to discover their heritage during the AP.

I'll be running my first running an Adventure Path, and my first time is with Ruins.

I was wondering if you all had any suggestions to help the game go fun and smoothly.

Currently 3 PCs, looks like all of them being Aquatic elves and siblings. Classes haven't been decided yet.

One of the players want involved with all the other homebrew games we do, but I want to minimize crossover with those games, is there a chance of having a good balance if i do that?

any advice would be helpful.

Java Man wrote:
Lunge and a reach weapon can help to offset your mobility issues.

THATS A GREAT IDEA! and if I use the Dwarven Dorn-Dergar, I won't have to switch between weapons

wow, these are all good suggestions, I like Cavall's the Dwarven Hatred line, definitely worth for the AC and melee bonuses. Slim Jim's suggestion of the save increases(against spell/spelllikes) also is good, since losing Divine Grace is a bit of a bummer. If I take most of these I'll probably be set for most if not all of the very limited Feats I'll get.

there's a game im going to be starting soon. Pretty sure im going to be a Dwarf Stonelord. just wondering what feats to take. It seems like the Goblin Cleaver feat tree is worth investing into, with it greatly improving the cleave/great cleave, but some other things will probably be needed.

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oooooooooh, my favorite core Ancestry, Gnomes. Nothing is more fun than a Gnome!

Asmodeus' Advocate wrote:
Have you seen Marshmallow's guide to the fighter? It's got good advice for any one who wants to kill monsters with cold steel.

I have not, wouldn't mind taking a look, since i feel like i'm going to focus on the fighter stuff the first bunch of levels

Ryze Kuja wrote:

Typically, in Gestalt games, mixing a Tier 1,2, or 3 class with a Tier 4, 5, or 6 class generates some of the most interesting/fun characters without overwhelming you as a Player trying to keep track of everything that a Tier 1/2/3 class can do. I like Power's Tier List in terms of accuracy. opic=11990.0

Power wrote:

You know, I figured, what the heck. I have my own perspective on the Tiers, so I may as well share it.

ACG = Advanced Class Guide Playtest

Anything in red is weak for its tier. Anything in blue is strong for its tier. Not sure if there's a point to color-coding Tier 1s or Tier 6s, but I marked the vow of poverty monk in red for Tier 6 since it's so stupid it's usually in a league of its own.

Tier 1: Capable of doing absolutely everything, often better than classes that specialize in that thing. Often capable of solving encounters with a single mechanical ability and little thought from the player. Has world changing powers at high levels. These guys, if played with skill, can easily break a campaign and can be very hard to challenge without extreme DM fiat or plenty of house rules, especially if Tier 3s and below are in the party.

Wizard, Druid, Cleric, Witch, Sorcerer (Razmiran Priest archetype, Paragon Surge spell, Mongrel Mage archetype, Mnemonic Vestment robe), Oracle (Paragon Surge spell, Mnemonic Vestment robe, Dreamed Secrets feat), Psychic (Mnemonic Esoterica discipline power, Mnemonic Vestment robe) Shaman, Arcanist

Tier 2: Has as much raw power as the Tier 1 classes, but can't pull off nearly as many tricks, and while the class itself is capable of anything, no one build can actually do nearly as much as the Tier 1 classes. Still potentially campaign smashers by using the right abilities, but at the same time are more predictable and can't always have the right tool for the job. If the Tier 1 classes are countries with 10,000 nuclear weapons in their arsenal, these guys


yeah, That was our worry when we came up with the game, was character that just had too much going on, and so far what we've come up with so far hasn't really been a problem in theory, since most of this is still in the planning stage, but this is very useful!!

I'll be sure to show the rest of the group this so that they can get a decent idea of what to do.

GM Rednal wrote:

Two things to remember about gestalt...

1) Action Economy is your most valuable resource, and gestalt generally doesn't give you more of that. If you want to buff and fight, you'll probably do best with pre-battle buffs.

2) You don't need to synergize your classes in a way that shoots your numbers up and makes you significantly 'better' in an area than a character would normally be. To put it another way, there's a point where you hit diminishing returns - it doesn't matter if you're doing 50% or 75% of a foe's health in damage, because you'll still need to do another hit of the same strength to bring them down. Lean towards versatility and being able to handle different situations with your option choices, not the same situation but better than before. ^^

Very true, I just rolled by stat block and its pretty decent and lends itself to a lot of different options:

Str: 16
Dex: 12
Int: 14
Wis: 15
Cha: 15

nothing too powerful, but nothing that will hurt me either.

VoodistMonk wrote:

For the Fighter half, you can take both Foehammer and High Guardian archetypes together. Foehammer is a Dwarf specific archetype, so it has some flavor for your chosen race. Normally I would say High Guardian sucks, but it has the benefit of giving you Combat Reflexes with your Strength modifier to determine extra AoO.

Warsighted Oracle for Martial Flexibility is a pretty obvious choice for a battle focused character.

Take all the Bull Rush feats, Merciless Rush and Spiked Destroyer with spiked armor... The usual Dwarf stuff.

ooooh, nifty, I hadn't thought of the Warsighted Archetype, definitely will have to check that out, Thanks!!!!!

Hello, first post.

My group is thinking about doing an Gestalt game, setting it in the future of our current games, with the offspring of our current characters.

I was thinking about doing a Dwarf Fighter/Battle Oracle (yeah i know Dwarves get a minus to Charisma, cleric/warpriest would be better, but i've done so many Clerics i wanted something a little different) with a combat focus, with spell to buff/cure for the most part.

How would you suggest i build this character, with out too much "just dump X stat". Our group will probably consist of this character, a Paladin/Ranger, Sorcerer/Swashbuckler and 2 as of yet to be determine.