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Cleric 15










Common, Celestial

Strength 10
Dexterity 10
Constitution 18
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 26
Charisma 16

About Aerefan the Lion

HP: 131
AC: 23 (10 base + 7 armor + 3 shield +3 deflection)
AC (w/ normal buffs): 34 (10 base + 10 armor + 6 shield +5 NA + 3 deflection)
Init: +0 (+2 surprise round)
Spd: 20

F +18
R +10
W +22

Str 10 (10 base)
Dex 10 (10 base)
Con 18 (14 base +4 item)
Int 12 (12 base)
Wis 26 (16 base +2 human + 2 lvl + 6 item)
Cha 16 (13 base +1 lvl + 2 item)


1 Quicken
1 Reach
3 Spell Focus Enchant
5 Boon Companion
7 Quick Channel
9 Selective Channel
11 Craft Staff
13 Persistent Spell
15 Spell Perfection (Greater Command)


1 Detect Undead, Obscuring Mist (x2), SM 1 (x2)Endure Elements+*Entangle
2 Lesser Restoration (x3), Communal Protection from Evil, Silence (x2) +*Barkskin
3 Greater Magic Vestment (x2), Communal Resist Energy (x3), Dispel Magic+*Fly
4 Dismissal, Dimensional Anchor, FoM, GMW (x2), Restoration +*SNA 4
5 Breath of Life, Fickle Winds, Greater Command (x3) +*Wall of Thorns
6 Heal (x2) Cold Ice Strike (x2)+*Antilife Shell
7 Reach Heal (x2), SM7+ *Animal Shapes
8 Firestorm, Stormbolts+ *SNA 8

Special Abilities:

Channel Energy (9d6) 5x/day (standard, 2x to use as a move)

No Action
Spontaneous cure
Eyes of the awk +7 Perception, +2 init in surprise round
Animal Companion

Free Action
Wooden Fist +11 to hit, 1d6+7 damage 11/11 rounds
Bramble Armor, 1d6+7 damage to attacker 11/11 rounds


Diplomacy +21 (15 ranks)
Fly +8 (5 ranks)
Knowledge Religion +18 (15 ranks)
Knowledge Nature +8 (5 ranks)
Perception +30 (15 ranks)
Ride +5 (5 ranks)
Sense Motive +26 (15 ranks)


+6 wisdom/Phylactery of channeling
+4 Con Belt
Ring of FoM
+1 Determination Adamantium Bplate
+5 Cloak of Resistance
+1 heavy fort heavy steel Shield
+3 Ring of Protection
Handy Haversak
Orange Prism Ioun Stone
Rod of Lesser Extend
+2 cha Ioun Stone
Pearl of Power 2

Heal (10/10 charges)
- Reach Heal 2 Charges
- Reach Breath of Life
- Heal

Divination (10/10 charges)
-Scrying (2)
-Divination (2)
-Speak with Dead
-Blood Biography

2,200 gold


HP 126
AC 37 (10 base + 13 NA (10 lvl +1 base + 2 bump) + 9 armor + 5 Dex)
Spd 40

Str 30 (13 base +8 bump +5 lvl + 4 item)
Dex 20 (17 base -2 bump +5 lvl)
Con 22 (13 base +4 bump + 1HD +4 item)
Int 4 (2 base + 2 HD)
Wis 15 (15 base)
Cha 10 (10 base)

F +17
R +16 [improved Evasion]
W +9 [devotion]

CMB +22 (+30 grapple); CMD 37 (41 grapple)

Feats: IUS, Improve Grapple, Greater Grapple, PA, Imp BullRush, Rhino Charge

Special: Grab, pounce, rake, scent, low light

Bite +20 1d8+12
2 claws +20 1d6 +12

Survival +14

Lion's Gear:

+5 Mithril Chain Barding
+2 Amulet of Mighty Fists
Belt of Physical Might +4
Slotless saves +3 18k

As the lion is the king of the beasts, so Aerefan was meant to lead. His pedigree is well-established as he can trace a direct line of ancestry to the leader of the druidic circle who signed the Treaty of the Wildwood. As a child, he swam the rivers and climbed the trees of the Verdruan Forest making its vast wilderness his home. His father and mother raised him well. His father taught him practical skills: hunting and gathering, crafting necessities, recognizing the calls of each animal. His mother taught him the secrets of their order, to heal man and beast, and to wield magic in the aid of his people.

As a young man he was sent away from his tribe, as per their custom. His father told him not to return until his words would sway men's hearts and minds, and his mother told him not to return until he found his totem spirit. Together his parents purchased an expensive passage across the deserts of Katapesh and into the Mwangi expanse.

He found his totem animal first. A young male lion nearly crippled by a rhinoceros came upon his caravan at night, hunting the easy prey of unwary human travelers. The big cat took town a sleepy sentry before Aerefan could drive it off with his sling. The lion attacked again and again, injuring, but not killing those who went into the shadowy desert night. Each night Aerefan drove off the beast. After three days of attacks, Aefan went after the creature and tracked it for days. When he found it, it was emaciated and dehydrated, curled up in the shade of a rocky outcropping. While the animal lay dying Arefan spoke the words of power his mother had taught him and proclaimed his bond with the creature. The beast acknowledged the bond and was slowly nursed back to health.

Earning the trust of his fellow man and leading them took far longer. He did not speak the language of the Mwangi, and the tongue came to him only slowly. He was recognized as a fellow shaman by a local tribe, but their trust was hard to earn given his foreign words and rites. For years he apprenticed himself to a local druid who oversaw ancient ruins. Together the two would venture into the decrepit vaults and clear it of its eldritch horrors. Aerefan grew in power, the older man grew more and more ill as weakness entered his bones and eyes, taking his vigor and sight. Thus the old druid granted Aerefan the authority to perform rites in his name. For two years Aerfan continued this work, acting as a local priest until a replacement could be found. Aerefan brought the old druid back to his forest home, partially as proof that he had met his father's demand, but also because the old man's sickness was aggravated by the wet climate and biting insects.

Aerefan and the old druid traveled back to his boyhood home. This time the trip was far faster as magic aided their travels. His parents accepted him back into the community and the remainder of the circle invited him into formal membership. Since then his status as a leader has been recognized both by the druidic circle, but also by the local authorities. Many of them have noted that his companion lion is uncannily similar looking to the white lion on the Taldan crest. Aerefan is quick to explain that the lion's coloration is typical of desert lions, but many of the local town leaders believe the animal is a powerful symbol.

Aerefan is attending the wedding as his parents are acquainted with the bride's father and sent him to make an appearance.


Aerefan is was well brought up and has experienced much of the wide world. For both reasons, he had good manners and a gracious nature. He often answers questions with a bit of experience of a homespun example.

More than any other trait, others note his deep loyalty and honor. Aerfan's parents raised him to be a leader of men and Aerefan takes that seriously. He expects others to treat him with respect and to value his wisdom. Those who fall under his protection: the weak, allies, and friends know that his patients is nearly endless, but that his righteous anger is fierce.