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Okay, so this is an errant tangent that spawned out of an advice post, figured it was better posted here.

the thread:

Got a player who's trying to create an anti-support. LE cleric of Abbadar, has spellfocus in necromancy and enchantment. He started out without an archetype because none of them really appealed to his imagination, But at level 5 the only spells he really feels have a use is bestow curse and Doom.

He's currently a Law/travel domain. Personality and strategy-wise he's more of a stand behind the line (with his staff) and occasionally debuff an enemy. He's mostly an advisor to the party, trying to guide them in the process of creating a bastion of order out in the wild territory of the northeast river kingdoms.

We've got a ranger guide in the party who handles the bruising/survival needs, and a dwarven stone oracle who doubles as a tank/buffer/healer.
Just got a crossbow rogue/investigator who joined the party, who's a poisoner/master alchemist (not so much a damage dealer as a mr. gadget of irritants and other nasty chemical flasks).

Basically, level 5 now, with plans to progress through level 12 or so.
I'm gonna allow him to pick up an archetype and to trade in some feats, as we're in a building stage - time's in a fast forward as the party helps to build a mining town. Any advice for me? I'm a bit less familiar with cleric archetypes and channeling feats than I am with oracles and the like, and in what books I've got I'm sort of inclined to agree with him that there aren't a whole lot of early level debuffs for the clerics/oracle.

Oh, and on a side note, he's not willing to dip/multiclass. He's currently got toughness, lightning reflexes, spellfocus: necro/enchantment. Wears a breastplate, +1 staff.

Have you all seen this?

I lol'd. No matter what you say about the low poundage on his bow, if he *were* using some magic items to boost his stats, totally feasible on a table top.

I couldn't help but start to imagine some homebrew archery feats: Offense is the Best defense: Player can sacrifice 1 ranged attack to attempt a "parry" against an incoming physical ranged attack before their next turn. roll an attack against the attack roll of the incoming arrow (no penalty for thrown items, -2 for arrows and bolts) if you hit, the object is deflected (apply damage if it's a flask, potion or bomb)

anyway, this just gave me food for thought.