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Hi Chemlak I'm looking over the Ultimate Rulership 5.7a sheet.
I believe there are some errors on the Trade Routes sheet.

Trade Routes sheet, Column Z (hidden), appears to exist to check if Consumption is less than 0. But it is only checking to see if the consumption value listed on the Kingdom sheet (D14) is less than the number of Hexes (D2 on Kingdom sheet) + number of districts (E27 no hidden sheet City Overview).
This is erroneous since D14 is only counting consumption from Terrain Improvements and ignores the hexes themselves which each add 1 Consumption.
Wouldn't it just make more sense to check the actual Consumption value (P50) from the Overall sheet?

Trade Routes sheet, Column AA, this appears to check if a Granary or Stockyard is present in the settlement, but with the specified VLOOKUP array - column values 11 and 12 refer to Lore and Society. It should be 13 and 14 for Granaries and Stockyards.

That being said, City Overview sheet, columns N and O. These are looking at the wrong cells on the City sheets. For example Granary is cell M22 and Stockyard is cell U40.
(I didn't check all of the rest, but some of the other cell references looked OK)

(Likewise from #2) Columns AE, AI, and AM on the Trade Routes sheet. These are looking at the wrong column values from the array specified by VLOOKUP on the City Overview sheet.

On the Trade Routes sheet under column W ("Route Allowed?") there is a part at the end of the nested IF statements that checks the number of Quarries and Sawmills on the Kingdom sheet:

Quarry/Sawmill check? wrote:

Wh at is the purpose of this as it pertains to checking if the route is allowed?

BTW, it looks like some of the erroneous values might just have gotten copied over from the Ultimate Campaign sheet.

On the Excel version it reads for:
Ruler: =Rulers!B2:B53
Second ruler: =Rulers!B4:B55
Consort: =Rulers!B6:B57
It continues to increment the cells on down the line. Weird.

And yes, if I change the data for each cell on the Overall sheet to ='Rulers'!$B$2:$B$53 then it works. It also works if I just select those cells and then it autopopulates the 'Characters' defined range

I just downloaded the Excel version of Chemlak's sheet (5.2c). Looks great so far. However, after inputting my characters on the 'Rulers' sheet I goto the 'Overall' sheet and try to assign them. The Ruler role has all the characters available on the dropdown, the second ruler has only a few of them actually appear. The Consort and Councilor fewer still. All of the rest don't show anything at all.
Anyone else experiencing this on a brand new (or current) sheet?