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So I'm a Tengu and I have this bite attack. can I use it after I hit with my sword as part of a full attack? I assume the bite would take -5 would the sword take any penalties?

I am thinking of playing a magus in a campaign and was wondering about some specific rules.
1. Can I add +'s to an already magic weapon from arcane pool?
2. Can I take a 5 foot step between casting a spell and attacking when using spellcombat and or spellstrike

I like a lot of what the ranger offers, a mix of spell casting, fighting, and skills, plus the idea of a ranger is appealing to me.
However I have kept from playing one because I really hate the favored enemy class feature the thought that some of my most potent abilities would only work on a small number of enemies sends shivers down my spine. I like the ranger for being good in almost any situation and favored enemy seems exactly counter to that.
So I'd like to twist the rules a bit and remove the favored enemy thing and replace it with something else, however several other ranger abilities rely on favored enemy and thus I think doing this well is beyond my ability. I would like some help, or at least someone to tell me that it's a fools errand.

Are all the traits in the "Pathfinder RPG Character Traits" legal for pathfinder society? I think so but I want to check because some (Rich Parents) seem a bit op.