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I thought this said The Mr. Fishy Fight Club!

i'm a little disappointed.

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Patrick Curtin wrote:
Drejk wrote:
Patrick Curtin wrote:
Drejk wrote:

Have I mention that it was around 35 degree Celsius? 95 in your funny Saxon temperatures...

Funny enough, a Saxon didn't come up with that, rather a Polish-born German physicist named Daniel Farenheit

It was not good enough for us.

EDIT: Also, completely incidentally, the Poland Commonwealth had Saxon King at that time :D

And now I know that Polish German Lithuanian many aristocrats used to indulge in a sport called "Fox Tossing"

Those savage a&~!#%! m~&*@@%%&@%*s!

What the f$%$ man! So we take an occasional hen!

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I'm a... salesman, for... laying boxes... yeah! That's the ticket...

Freehold DM wrote:
Celestial Healer wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:
Typical Sweden, get everyone drunk then loot and pillage:-)

Last time I went to Ikea, somebody stole all my livestock.

And then there was the time ABBA scuttled all my ships.


looks at ikea furniture

looks at empty space where chickens and goats were once kept


Oh jeez, awkward conversation time!

I'm sorry, they were just sitting there clucking away, if.. if you want them back it's gonna take awhile, otherwise I think I gotta beak or a foot lying around here somewhere...