Due to the overwhelming demand from our amazing gaming community, our hardcover Pathfinder Core Rulebook is currently out of stock. More inventory is on the way and is expected to arrive in April. Happily, Pathfinder exists in many forms, please check out some of these other options!


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The first MegaMan Trading Card Game set provides 8 different NetNavis. You'll also find lots of resources, events, and BattleChips to use for NetBattling. Some cards are designed for use with a particular NetNavi, but most of them can be mixed and matched to make lots of different kinds of decks. Choose your own strategy! Each 10-card booster pack contains 9 common cards and 1 rare. Super rare foil cards replace the rare card in approximately 1 in 9 packs, and ultra rare foil cards appear in approximately 1 in 18 packs.

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