Mr Clint's Strange Aeons Campaign

Game Master Mr Clint

Loot Tracker

Marching Order:

Single File: Vex – The Dwarf – Twitchy – Doc – Rook – Blue – The Halfling

Double File:
Vex, The Dwarf
Twitchy, Doc
Blue, Halfling

In Search of Sanity Part 1: Prison of the Mind:

The group woke up in cells, captive to a doppelganger surgeon. After defeating her, the group makes their way up through a furnace to a “Briarstone.” There was one more way out of their prison cell room, through an unexplored chute that you needed to climb dead bodies to have access to.

Met a group of guards led by an He has threatened violence to the group if they approach their barricade. To gain access to behind their barricade they need to bring a couple dead bodies of doppelgangers to prove the group are not doppelgangers their selves.

Character Creation:

Stats: 15 Point Buy
Races: Core only, no alternate racial traits
Classes: Core & APG classes only (No Summoner)
Traits: 1 Strange Aeons campaign trait, 1 other trait, 1 drawback
Note on drawback: Use this drawback as something that is really a weakness for your character. This is a survival horror style game, your characters need weaknesses to help play into that theme.
Starting Wealth: Class Average – Spend it all, every last copper.
HP: Max HP at 1st level. Roll for HP 2nd lvl and beyond
Skills: we will not be using background skills.
Favored Class Benefit: Each level you will receive 1 HP, 1 Skill rank, and your racial favored class option.
Alignment: Any are allowed. If you go evil, keep in mind that you are in a survival horror game and being part of a group is better than being alone.
Character Image: Find an image that goes along with your character so we can see who you are. I will have visual aids for most of the characters and scenes you come across

[url=]Strange Aeons Player’s Guidie.
Paizo Sanity Rule System.