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A Case of Unsummoned Demons

The Gameplay tab is now open! Introduction post coming right up. Once you have your character alias up, just send a random message here and delete it - this is known as "dotting" and adds the campaign to your and your character's Campaigns profile tab.

A Case of Unsummoned Demons

The town of Pirma in central North Konom is little more than a sparse collection of houses throughout most of the year, serving mostly as a resting stop for travelers on their way downstream to Ducly. But shortly before the first harvest of the season, tents and stalls start appearing around the lakeside like mushrooms sprouting after the first rain; these are the telltale signs of the Derlias Festival, a local celebration marking the day St. Pirmus slew the foul beast Derlij where Pirma Temple now stands. Though the festival includes common attractions such as food stalls and carnival games, its main feature is a reenactment of Pirmus and Derlij's fateful duel, usually performed by a local rookie recruit in the Order of Saint Kon.

You are not normally one to stray too far from home, but you had a good reason to visit Pirma in North Konom for its yearly Derlias Festival. While providing healing aid for a mercenary battery protecting a village in eastern Larcania, you met a young Litaean man named Ilvan. Ilvan was very greatful for the help you provided him; he told you he's using the experience gathered as a mercenary to join the Order of Beast Slayers of Saint Kon, and invited you to his hometown of Pirma where he'll show you around the festival. Though you don't happily take a vacation from your healer's duty, you accepted the invitation and made your way to Pirma just in time for the festival, with a stay at the Grumpy Trout Inn arranged by Ilvan.

The breakaway of North Konom from Litae has created a lot of commotion and chaos, and where there's commotion and chaos you thrive. You managed to slip past the newly fortified border and start digging around Konom for rumours, one of which piqued your interest: the Derlias Festival in the little town of Pirma, where many peasants are going to be swapping coin and entertaining each other on the streets... a perfect opportunity for you to study human behaviour some more and out your skills to the test. You might even find time to enjoy the festival itself. You managed to trick a local waitress into not only giving you a free ride to town, but also free stay at the establishment she works in, the Grumpy Trout Inn.

The recent chaos Mircor has been embroiled in has been quite detrimental to you as it made wandering around the continent that much more dangerous, though it also led you to some encounters that were useful in teaching you how to control Volath better. Recently you overheard a young knight inviting a friend to a festival in Konom where he'll be staging a fight against some evil beast; after a little research, you concluded that the beast Derlij was most likely a powerful demon, perhaps even a spawn of Nakhchivan, and attending the festival could help you discover some more about the demon haunting you... or it could just be a good time. You traveled to Pirma in Konom, and for lack of a better option, decided to spend your nights at the Grumpy Trout Inn.

Though you've spent some time in Konom while it was still part of Litae and you were wandering the kingdom, you've never heard of Pirma or the Derlias Festival until a few days ago, when you heard a knock on your inn door. Ever vigilant, you carefully inspected the courier before he handed you a worn envelope - a first, as you've never received a letter before, and hadn't expected anyone to know you or your whereabouts. After making sure the letter wasn't trapped, you carefully ripped open the envelope.
Anonymous wrote:

JM, I hope this letter finds you.

Three days before the harvest moon, make your way to the Grumpy Trout Inn of Pirma in Konom. My informant is waiting for you there; look for a man in round glasses with a black tulip pin.
Show the attached note to the innkeeper.
--an ally.

Inside the envelope was also a small note with a strange drawing hastily scrabbled on it, as well as the Litaeska word for three. Wary but filled with intrigue, you resolved to follow the mysterious orders and look for the informant.

You've seen the hardship that war can cause, and you do not wish it upon anyone. That's why the independence declaration of North Konom has you worried; you fear that the diplomatic struggle with Litae could devolve into full-scale war, the victims of which would be the common people. Though you cannot do much to stop the worsening relations between the nations, you've decided to go survey the land and people of North Konom. Today you find yourself at the town of Pirma, just before the beginning of a popular occasion known as the Derlias Festival. Deciding that this could be a good opportunity to experience local culture firsthand and maybe sway some powerful people to your cause, you checked in for the night at the Grumpy Trout Inn.

You first heard of the Derlias Festival during a free-thinker debate session on the nature of traditional celebrations against religious ones, and subsequently the morality of celebrating an act of killing. Though nothing particularly sparked your interest in the festival during those debates, a friend from the circle, a half orc ornithologist by the name of Garabi, told you that a renowned if eccentric alchemist called Trabis will be attending the festival, and suggested you arrange a meeting with him. Not seeing any reason not to take this chance, you arranged to meet Trabis at the Grumpy Trout Inn in Pirma on the first day of the festival.

Welcome to the game! If it wasn't obvious, please read only the spoiler directed at your character. Now I'll let you in on a secret - by pure chance, you're all spending the evening at the Grumpy Trout Inn, so why don't you go ahead and describe what the other characters see when you enter the place?

Fulroth, an average looking half-elf with a crossbow on his back steps into the inn and a smile sneaks on his face when he realizes how much he missed having a roof over his head (although he was on the road for only a couple of days). He approaches the innkeeper and asks for a warm meal and something nice to drink, he takes his meal and goes sitting near some locals and stir up a conversation.

Male Gnome Alchemist 1 (HP: 10/10) (AC:16 {FF:14} T:13) (Fort: +4 Ref: +4 Will: +2) (Init: +6) (Perc: +7)

By a small, round table at the corner of the room sits a gnome in simple, lightly-charred clothing. By his haircut alone, one may deduce he has a history with things blowing up in his face.
His large, round eyes are fixated on the vial in his hand, with trembling hands swishing the green liquid to and fro.
He has a small burn mark on his left hand, and a noticable stitched cut on his right cheek.

You can all hear as a sudden commotion begins in one of the back tables. As two equally massive humans, cause tables and bystanders alike to fall on the ground as one of the, is thrown accross the room. The two men begin to brawl, and insults are thrown at each other as they battle. However, while the two men fight each other, a single brown haird gentelmen wearing raggedy brown robes, gets up from the table where they used to sit, holding in his hands the winnings from the game of cards he just played, and heads out to get a drink.

Male Human Unchained Rogue 1(HP: 8/8) (AC:15 {FF:12} T:13) (Fort: -1 Ref: +5 Will: +2) (Init: +3) (Perc: +2)

A hooded man walks into the inn. His black attire stands out in the crowd, as the color is as dark as a moonless night. He paces quickly towards the innkeeper and starts talking with him. After a minute or so he orders a drink and lays back in his chair. He takes his hood off and reveals his long dark hair.

There is a dwarf seating with. a human.
They seem to converse lightly between the dwarf's bites of the food.
They both seems to have their weapons with them:
The human, dressed casually with a sword and dagger!
but the dwarf, still in his armor, has a shield and a warhammer.
Those items attracts some stares from the crowd not only because those are not common weapon, but the ingraving and symbols on both are of the Larcanian army.
The dwarf seems to enjoy the food almost as much as the conversation and he is taking large chunks with each bite.
When the fight started he instantly stood and went to stop the it.

In the middle of a small group you see a slightly short man standing on the table. You can hear that he is rambling about something that has to do with politics and war. This goes on for a few minutes until suddenly the group jumps back as the speaker draws a knife and leaps at one of the listeners. "I guess that if I cut your tongue out you won't be able to taste the fruits of your villainy!" he screams as he twists his knife in the man's mouth. He then gets up, finishes his beer and goes to watch the fight as if the whole affair has never happened.

Fulroth yells stop as a Celestial viper appears in the middle of the fight. don't ruin this nice innkeeper's inn! Go outside if you wish to fight

Caradoc slowly step down from the bar chairs, raises his shield and speaks calmly but loudly: "Stop the fight, no matter the subject, the problem can be solved without violence."
Then looks at the short man and say "I will deal with you later..."

A Case of Unsummoned Demons

Good job on the posts, everyone! Just a formatting nitpick - Jenkin and Caradoc, a direct quote (your character's speech) should be in [b]bold[ /b]. Fulroth, a direct quote (your character's speech) should be "between quotation marks", while an indirect quote (Fulroth yells stop) needs neither quotation marks nor bold.

The two gamblers' brawl grows progressively louder as it is quelled by the drunken crowd, but comes to a complete halt as soon as a serpentine creature emanating a strange aura appears between them. Before onlookers can react beyond confused murmurs, a yell breaks the silence.

"Don't think that your foul intentions have passed by unnoticed", cries the soldier who had until now been deep in conversation with his dwarven friend. "The Derlias Festival is a sacred tradition of this village, and I will not let you wicked cultists defile it!"

The brawlers lay down their arms, looking positively puzzled. The innkeeper helps the soldier off the table, but not before the young human can quip once more.

"Damn foreigners, coming to ruin my big day. I will destroy Derlij whether you like it or not, or my name's not... uhm... Ilvan!"

Caradoc only, Sense Motive DC 15:
This outburst seems very unlike Ilvan, especially as moments before he was having a pleasant conversation with you, and he didn't drink much at all tonight.
This means; Caradoc, please make a Sense Motive check (1d20 + your Sense Motive skill bonus). If you get over 15, you may read the above spoiler.

The inn remains relatively quiet for the rest of the evening, after a present cleric tends to the wounded, and eventually you all retire to your inn rooms. With the exception of Caradoc, none of you who came to meet a specific individual encountered that person. Though some of you might be disturbed by that fact, you are likely too tired and confused to do anything on the matter until the next day.

You may roleplay anything that might happen between the bar brawl and going to sleep. When you're done, the following happens.

Several hours later, in the dead of night, each of you one by one is startled awake by several loud bangs on your door. Before you can get up to open it, three guards burst into the room, pointing long metal spears at the occupants.

"Caradoc the Armoured Medic... Dusen Viltoski... Fulroth Trisnorin... Jack Moureix... Jenkin Attray... Maximiliano Pascal... you are arrested for suspected blasphemous activity and disturbance of peace. Follow us, and do not resist", the middle guard says, handing you a piece of parchment filled with text.

The parchment is an arrest warrant written in Litaeska and issued by the Town Marshal. The warrant includes your name as well as a detailed description of your looks and mannerisms.
This means, read the above spoiler only if your character is literate in Litaeska.

Excuse me, but I'm sure there is a misunderstanding here. The ones who disturbed the peace are those two thugs, we only tried to stop them
Rolls a diplomacy check:
Diplomacy: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (14) + 4 = 18

Male Gnome Alchemist 1 (HP: 10/10) (AC:16 {FF:14} T:13) (Fort: +4 Ref: +4 Will: +2) (Init: +6) (Perc: +7)

Maximiliano looks at the guard angrily; "Not only did I miss out on a meeting I was long waiting for, and had my peace disturbed and evening ruined by those drunken nincompoops, I'm also being accused of this nonsense? You got the wrong person - I haven't disturbed any peace myself in months, at least...
There were 2 guys fighting, and this Ilvan character who wants to 'destroy Derlij'. Try asking those fools before blaming their victim."

He looks at the scroll; "And I can't even read this gobbledygook..." sigh "Give me a minute."
He blatantly ignores the spears and attempts to walk towards the nearby cupboard & prepare a Comprehend Language extract.

A Case of Unsummoned Demons

Maximiliano, the guards thrust their spears menacingly when you approach them but do not prevent you from preparing your extract or reading the piece of parchment. "Silence", the same one speaks again, "anything you say will be used in trial against you. Save anything you have to fend for yourself for your meeting with the Marshal."

Fulroth, the two guards pointing their spears lower their weapons with visible confusion, though the third one (the one who does the talking) does not appear fazed. "I don't know what connection you might have had to that little bar brawl earlier, but we have evidence that you are a co-conspirator to the mentioned charges. If you wish to prove your innocence, do it before the Marshal." By the way, you don't need to write that you're making a Diplomacy check when I can clearly see that you're making a Diplomacy check. Just type what your character says and roll.

Very well, I will talk to the Marshal, but I will also tell him how poor his guards are at collecting evidence
Intimidate: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (14) + 8 = 22

I'm starting to like CHA base PCs lmao

Male Gnome Alchemist 1 (HP: 10/10) (AC:16 {FF:14} T:13) (Fort: +4 Ref: +4 Will: +2) (Init: +6) (Perc: +7)

"Fine, if you want to be pricks about it, I'll get dressed and meet your Marshal. Wait outside for a few minutes, I'm not stupid enough to flee."
Whether the guards stay or leave, Maximiliano gets dressed, takes his backpack (containing, among other things, the green vial from earlier) and unless stopped, prepares another extract (Adhesive Spittle).
Once ready, he steps outside. "After you."

Male Human Unchained Rogue 1(HP: 8/8) (AC:15 {FF:12} T:13) (Fort: -1 Ref: +5 Will: +2) (Init: +3) (Perc: +2)

Jack stands up shakily, his eyes are still half closed. "You can lower your weapons. And if I may ask, what is it we are accused of? And just for the record, I never met any of the others before."

Dusen turns in his bed and looks towards the armored men who barged into his room. He sits upright and looks at one of the guards. "who's Dusen?"

Bluff: 1d20 + 19 ⇒ (5) + 19 = 24

A Case of Unsummoned Demons

"Do not try your luck, half-elf", the leader replies to Fulroth angrily, "or we might just add some articles to your crimes."

"You are accused of suspected blasphemous activity and disturbance of peace, just as it says here", he says to the sleepy Jack, pointing at the piece of parchment. "If you want to ask for details, ask the Marshal. For now, follow us peacefully."

In Dusen's case, he adopts an entirely different tone. "No, do not let that one speak" he barks at his subordinates as they are about to answer his question. "We've heard of your venomous tongue, scoundrel. You're coming with me, no questions."

Giving Jenkin and Caradoc some time to catch up, will probably move on later today/tomorrow.

Dusen looks puzzled momentarily, when suddenly he bursts out laughing "Ohhh! I see! This is a set up! I don't know what your superiors told you, but it seems likely that you are kept in the dark. Very well. Let us see this plan of yours, but I warn you, if I don't like this, it will not end well for you". Dusen grins, steps out of bed and puts his hands up.

Male Human Unchained Rogue 1(HP: 8/8) (AC:15 {FF:12} T:13) (Fort: -1 Ref: +5 Will: +2) (Init: +3) (Perc: +2)

Jack looks at the guards puzzled and waves his hands in disapproval. "I know it seems weird, but I think you might be dodging an answer. Either someone frames me, or the Marshal is a crooked officer of the law. Both of these options imply I am not guilty, so will you just let me go back to sleep." Jack turns and falls gracefully on the bed. "It is fine friends, you can leave now and leave me to my own."

Half asleep, Jenkin opens one eye to take a look at the guards, then closes it and mumbles " You can take a seat if you wish, I'm going to need a moment. If you would even go the distance and treat me like a decent human being I might even cooperate." He then proceeds to sit up on his bed, while letting a generous amount of insults slip under his breath.

A Case of Unsummoned Demons

Assuming Caradoc doesn't give the guards much trouble.

Dusen can barely reach the words 'set up' before he is tackled into his bed by a guard and has his mouth gagged. The leader nudges him up, shaking his head. "Any old idiot nowadays thinks they can chat themselves out of any situation. Mess with the bulls, you get the horns, criminal."

Similarly, Jack begins to drift back to sleep when he feels himself suddenly slammed into the floor, his hands being bound behind him.

"Good, might as well just confess to your crimes, scum. No innocent person has a reason not to cooperate with the law."

To Jenkin's surprise, he doesn't receive a treatment nearly as bad. Though the guards keep an eye on his every move, they give him the time and space to make necessary arrangements, so long as he surrenders himself peacefully.

You are all taken outside the now-silent inn, a few hundred metres and up a mild slope to the village's only fortified stone building, a grim place greeting visitors with a sign saying PIRMA BARRACKS in dark iron letters of Common and Litaeska. On the building's second floor, you are brought before a middle-aged human of a rather noble visage in studded leather clothes.

"Good, you're here", he says in articulated common. "I am Draușiau Golgar Upagas, Marshal of Pirma Village. In case some of your would rather pretend you don't know why you were brought here, you are accused of blasphemous activity and disturbance of the peace for demon worship and planning to sabotage the Derlias Festival. We have eye witnesses and evidence, so do not attempt to deny the allegations."

Golgar coughs as he opens a drawer and pulls out several pieces of parchment, a quill and an inkwell.

"Now, if I could get your confessions in order please; the festival is starting tomorrow morning, I do not have much time. Ah, and if any of you are illiterate, you may dictate the confession to my scribe."

Knowledge (local or religion) DC 17:
A Draușiau is a rank in the Order of Beast Slayers of Saint Kon, the official holy order of the national religion of North Konom. Since Draușiau is quite a high rank, it is surprising that one would be a marshal in a small town such as this.

"I don't know about what 'disturbance of the peace' you're talking about but I'm actually a demon exorcist, so if you have any trouble with them, I'll be happy to help" Fulroth smiles

Male Human Unchained Rogue 1(HP: 8/8) (AC:15 {FF:12} T:13) (Fort: -1 Ref: +5 Will: +2) (Init: +3) (Perc: +2)

"Will you look at that? A grumpy old man thinks himself a Marshal, an officer of the law. While I cannot speak for my peers, I've gotten to this desolate area only yesterday. And I most certainly have no intentions on dating here more than I need. This stupid festival of your is only an interruption. So if you please let us go, I promise you that your corruption of the law will go unnoticed." Jack talks rapidly to the Marshal and never makes eye contact with any of the attendants.
Diplomacy: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (16) + 7 = 23

Male Gnome Alchemist 1 (HP: 10/10) (AC:16 {FF:14} T:13) (Fort: +4 Ref: +4 Will: +2) (Init: +6) (Perc: +7)

"You're willing to throw baseless accusations at me, and can't even be bothered with my full name? Is that the respect you show to your guests? I'm willing to bet you humored that armored prick Points at Caradoc with a full name, title, list of his deeds and the size of his 𝐂unt, didn'tcha?" The alchemist is visibly irritated by the perceived disrespect.

"Anyways, I'm not confessing to nothing I haven't done. Instead of grouping me with strangers and forcing a false confession out of me, give me a trial and show me a single piece of solid evidence, or any witness who's seen me do a thing beyond sit in the corner and wait for an alchemist who's never arrived."

Male Human Unchained Rogue 1(HP: 8/8) (AC:15 {FF:12} T:13) (Fort: -1 Ref: +5 Will: +2) (Init: +3) (Perc: +2)
Jack Moureix wrote:

"Will you look at that? A grumpy old man thinks himself a Marshal, an officer of the law. While I cannot speak for my peers, I've gotten to this desolate area only yesterday. And I most certainly have no intentions on staying here more than I need. This stupid festival of yours is only an interruption. So if you please let us go, I promise you that your corruption of the law will go unnoticed." Jack talks rapidly to the Marshal and never makes eye contact with any of the attendants.

[dice=Diplomacy]1d20 + 7

Edit: Some mistakes I made.

Dusen laughs as he looks to the others "Can you believe this guy?! Funny how you can stand there and throw such accusations. If you think you can use leverage that easily, you must feel very secure about your own background. Careful or we wont be the only ones signing confessions." Dusen gives him a knowing look, as if he knows about the Marshall's misdeeds.

bluff: 1d20 + 19 ⇒ (7) + 19 = 26

Knowledge (religion): 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (4) + 8 = 12

A Case of Unsummoned Demons

Jack, that's much more of an Intimidate check than a Diplomacy check, but you have the same modifiers in both so no issue. Fulroth and Max (you're Max from now on), please give me Diplomacy checks.

Golgar frowns, clenching his fist as he looks at Jack and Dusen. "Don't try to strong-arm me, boys. I've been hunting monsters and catching criminals before you were born, I think my word here outweighs yours." His expression then cools a bit as he seems to consider Fulroth and Max's words.

Waiting for those Diplomacy rolls.

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (3) + 4 = 7

Male Gnome Alchemist 1 (HP: 10/10) (AC:16 {FF:14} T:13) (Fort: +4 Ref: +4 Will: +2) (Init: +6) (Perc: +7)

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (14) + 1 = 15

"I would like to speak, to this witness of yours.
And I demand to see the evidence!
I just came to here with my friend Ilvan to see the festival.
He can vouch for me.

After a same pause and a look at the group
"I think most of us are as surprised as me about those accusations. Are you sure you trust your witness? he might have drunk one too many... "

A Case of Unsummoned Demons

"A demon exorcist, you say?", Golgar asks, almost smiling. "try to make your lies believable, at least. No exorcist that's unaffiliated with the Order of St. Kon would visit North Konom, it's our job to deal with outsiders around here. Unless...", the Marshal raises a single eyebrow, a glint in his eye, "Unless part of your scheme was that they summon the demon and you defeat it, get paid and share it with your pals."

Golgar scribbles something on one of the parchments and hands it to his scribe.

"Anyway, I agree that it would be injustice to not let you stand trial if you so staunchly deny your involvement, but we do not have the time to try you before the festival. Hmm..."

A diplomacy roll from Caradoc too, please.

"I'm truly a demon exorcist. I'm from Loon, if you know someone who know something about demon exorcising that is from Loon he will probably be familiar with my family the Trisnorins. We are known demon exorcists!" he give a smile to the golgar

Diplomacy: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (14) - 1 = 13

A Case of Unsummoned Demons

"So you truly are a demon exorcist, from Loon no less... and you do not deny my summon-then-destroy theory? I see," the Marshal nods, handing another quickly squiggled note to his scribe.

"But alas, you have made the impression upon me that you at least believe that you're innocent. Problem is, we do still have evidence against you, and evidence that there really is a diabolic plot being brewed during the Derlias Festival, so I cannot simply let you go."

Golgar leans back on his chair, taking a polished shield-shaped amulet out of his shirt and pondering as he looks at his reflection.

"I shall offer you a compromise", he finally says. "You will remain in town until the end of the Festival, and you will help me uncover and stop this demon worshiper plot. If you succeed, the Order of St. Kon will reward you for your work, and of course you will be free to go. And should you refuse", he shrugs, "you will remain here in the Barracks in custody until after the Festival, awaiting your trial. What do you say?"

Male Human Unchained Rogue 1(HP: 8/8) (AC:15 {FF:12} T:13) (Fort: -1 Ref: +5 Will: +2) (Init: +3) (Perc: +2)

"And we are supposed to believe you just because you said so?" Jack looks at the Marshal with disgust. "So far you proved to us that you left the side of law. You woke us up in the middle of the night and accused us of non sense. I am willing to play your game for now, but I know that when this stupid festival is over, you will see the real face of justice."

"So, you believe that if I could summon such powerful demons to be needed, you would have been sitting here alive? I admit that I have the gift of summoning but to summon things just so I could slay them is insultingly low".
Fulroth changes his attitude immediately and starts speaking with a visible smile on his face
"But if you say there are so stupid demon worshipers here and possibly demons I would like to start working on it right now. It was too long since I last slayed a demon, and I got a new trick to try against them" he starts giggling.

For the GM only:
None of what I said was a lie, Volath is not that strong now, anyone could kill him, they wouldn't need me. and I would like to ask you not to point out Volath in any way, I have a plan for how to present him to the PC's and the players

I am sorry, is this your way of asking for help?
Because my impression is that most of us if not all have nothing to do with demons, let alone summoning them.
I would gladly help, but try next time to be less rude to your guests in this town.

Male Gnome Alchemist 1 (HP: 10/10) (AC:16 {FF:14} T:13) (Fort: +4 Ref: +4 Will: +2) (Init: +6) (Perc: +7)

"If you think for a second that I'm gonna play along with these asinine games like a good little dog, you might as well chop my head off and get done with it."
Max takes a couple steps towards the Marshal.
"I'm not admitting guilt when there's none to be admitted, nor will I let myself be punished for something I haven't done - unlike my backboneless peers. After I dismantle your mock trial, I expect to be compensated for my injustice - for disturbing my sleep, as a start."

A Case of Unsummoned Demons

Jack's harsh tirade does not seem to evoke anger in the marshal, but a grim smile.

"The metal is white-hot, but it is still raw material. It may one day become a legendary weapon, but must first find a masterful smith to forge it."

Golgar stands up, once again pulling out his shield shaped amulet, inspecting all of you with a heavy sigh.

"The key to justice is patience, youngster. Remember that. Now, let me explain some things to you so that you may make the correct decision here. What you experienced upon being brought here is a common interrogation technique meant to quickly draw a confession out of a guilty person. I, of course, couldn't simply assume you guilty from the first moment: that would be a vicious mockery of law and justice. My suspicion notwithstanding, we do have witnesses that provided us with accurate descriptions of you as well as matching physical evidence which I cannot show you, for fear that you will destroy it. Since we do not have time for a trial right now, and we have a demonic plot in our hands, I have offered you the chance to not only prove your innocence but earn the trust of the Order as well. It may not sound pleasant to you, but such is justice and such is law. May I gain your understanding and cooperation now?"

Male Gnome Alchemist 1 (HP: 10/10) (AC:16 {FF:14} T:13) (Fort: +4 Ref: +4 Will: +2) (Init: +6) (Perc: +7)

Maximiliano calms down a bit, his skin fading back from pink to white.
"I... I suppose I could make do with that.
Maximiliano's eyes glance at each of the party members.
"And if my peers are as skilled as they are resolute, they'll need my help."
Maximiliano's head turns back to the Marshal.
"Lucky for you, there's a new invention I've been itching to test in live combat.
If you'd spare some resources, I could make potions for our group as well."

"Can you please elaborate on this demonic plot? What information did you gather until now? Is there a demon or are there only people trying to summon one?"

"I may disagree with your interigation methods, but I will help preventing a plot that might result in casualties."

Male Human Unchained Rogue 1(HP: 8/8) (AC:15 {FF:12} T:13) (Fort: -1 Ref: +5 Will: +2) (Init: +3) (Perc: +2)

"Hush now, my friends." Jack moves forwards and blocks the group from advancing. "Before we start making plans for such a dangerous mission, we need to agree on a suitable reward. I mean... If we risk our lives to eradicate the evil from this land, especially after being treated so badly by law enforcers, I think it is only fair to ask for compensation. Is it not, Marshal?"

A Case of Unsummoned Demons

Golgar takes a heavy breath and sits back down, sighing with relief that he's managed to convince you to take up his offer.

"Of course there will be compensation if you complete your task successfully, for the mission itself and for the time taken from you. Now, if you'll give me just a moment...", the Marshal says as he pulls out a thick tome from one of his drawers and starts flipping through it.

"Yes, the budget is a big tight because of the festival, but... 50 platinum pieces per person. And of course, earning a good reputation with the Order can get you places here in Konom.

Now that we have that sorted out, I should brief you about the case at hand. The last few days, people have started reporting strange sounds at night and shadows sneaking about. Our first lead was what seemed to be a summoning circle drawn in a loading area by the Docks, but it appeared to have been abandoned before being used. Then a young couple sneaking out at night claimed to have been attacked by a strange person demanding their blood, but who disappeared as soon as they screamed for help. Finally this evening we got an anonymous letter saying that the cultists planning on summoning this demon are convening in town today, and that letter gave us detailed descriptions - of you six. This matches up with some evidence we collected at the circle and from the couple: soil infused with a strange green substance giving off an alchemical stench; a discarded, empty potion of healing labeled in Mesterran, produced in Larcania; and a broken dagger's hilt with the word Vileblood etched in it.

Though this evidence seems incriminating, you've convinced me that someone might be trying to frame you, so I'm giving you this chance. You can stay at your inn tonight, though I'll be posting guards there, so do not even think about escaping. Tomorrow I expect you to start investigating. Any questions?"

"50 platinum pieces, that's should be enough. I also would like you to pay for our staying during the festival, just cover our inn fees and food spending. We will start investigating first thing tomorrow"

A Case of Unsummoned Demons

Seeing as there are no more questions, the Marshal dismisses you with a satisfied yet tired yawn.

"The innkeeper will be informed that you are staying there under custodianship of the guards. You will not be charged."

The night passes uneventfully, though should you check you find that at the end of the hallway and beneath your windows, two guards are vigilantly standing watch. The next day you wake up, receiving a modestly rationed breakfast, and are left to your own devices. You were given two leads to follow up on, though you have the entire town open for you to investigate.

What do you do?

Dusen knocks on the door of Fulroth's Room in the early morning hours "Hey, you mentioned you're an exrocist, right? Do you mind comming with? I would like to investigate the summoning circle he mentioned in the docks and I belive an exrocist such as yourself would be able to easily figure out what was going on there".

While doing so, dusen will attempt to remember if he read or heard anything about the Trisnorin Exrocists from Loon.

Knowledge (History): 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (9) + 8 = 17

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