DM_Delmoth's Strange Aeons: Table A

Game Master Delmoth



Build Rules:

  • No male characters
  • No core races (except human)
  • 1 to 1 point buy with 70 points
  • Golarion plus Forgotten Realms deities
  • Background Skills
  • Automatic Bonus Progression
  • Three Traits: 1 campaign, 1 regional, and 1 of any other type
  • Evil characters are allowed but must be a team player with the group
  • All paizo content available and WoTC 3.x content with approval.

    Max ability score possible by level (before racial adjustments)
    1: 18
    2: 18
    3: 18
    4: 19
    5: 19
    6: 20
    7: 21
    8: 22
    9: 22
    10: 22
    11: 23
    12: 24
    13: 25
    14: 25
    15: 26
    16: 27
    17: 28
    18: 28
    19: 28
    20: 29

  • House Rules:

    Auto identify magic items if a character has max spellcraft ranks and has detect magic. Cursed items may not be automatically identified.
    Treasures will appraise at full value if a character has max appraise ranks for level. Otherwise they will appraise for some lower amount.

    Drawing and Sheathing weapons and weapon-like objects: can be done as a part of any move action so long as character has +1 BAB

    Abilities like Time Flicker: continuing these abilities once active is a free action so long as the current duration increment has not already expired.

    Paralyzed: If it's not clear from context which way the victim is facing roll a 1d8 to determine the facing like a missed splash weapon. The target can then target squares in a cone for line of sight.

    Grappling and Threatened squares: Grappled condition does not prevent you from threatening, just from making AoOs.

    If a spell applies the grappled condition but doesn't specify CMB, it is caster level plus casting stat modifier for situations not specifically covered in the spell.

    Making Drunken master work with Unchained Monk
    Drunken Ki and Drunken Strength are unchanged. Drunken Courage, Drunken Resilience, and Firewater breath all have similar abilities that are selectable in ki powers and so are removed from the drunken master archetype. These abilities are, Diamond Mind, Diamond Resilience, and Elemental Burst respectively. I will convert other archetypes on request.

    Purchase Limit: Golarion is a high magic world. Purchase limit in a town is the largest gold piece value item a PC can buy or sell. The roll to see if an item is available is waived.

    Ability score modifiers: -2 str, +2 dex, +2 to either int or cha
    No light sensitivity
    Alignment: any

    Chant and cackle can only be used to extend a hex for up to 1 minute per level.

    Continual flame is replaced with the following:

    Continual Light

    School evocation [light]; Level cleric 3, sorcerer/wizard 2

    Casting Time 1 standard action

    Components V, S, M (ruby dust worth 50 gp)

    Range touch

    Target object touched

    Effect magical light

    Duration permanent

    Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no

    A light, equivalent in brightness to a torch, shines from an object that you touch. A continual light can be covered and hidden.

    Light spells counter and dispel darkness spells of an equal or lower level.

    DM_Delmoth wrote:
    How does not needing to breathe affect casting spells underwater?

    You gain a +4 circumstance bonus to the concentration check to cast the spell. You're still required to make the concentration check but it should be easier if you don't need to worry about drowning.

    DM_Delmoth wrote:
    Does the silent spell feat affect casting spells underwater?

    Yes. You do not to make a concentration check to cast a spell underwater if you are casting a silent spell and cannot breathe water.

    Delmoth's FAQ:

    Dervak wrote:
    Can Mara, while blinded, use Status to target us with her other hexes like Fortune and Heaven's Leap?

    Status lets her know your square but she still lacks line of sight, so any ability that requires line of sight will still fail. If there is a touch effect she can still try to touch you with a 50% miss chance, but will automatically know which square to target. However I feel it's in keeping with the item (Phylactery of the Shepherd) to waive line of sight when she chooses to end the status effect. So ending the status effect to use healing hex as a swift action does not require her to see her target.

    Mara bint al-Katheeri wrote:
    Related to situation above. Could Theo spend a move action to touch Mara and eliminate her miss chance if she tries to use her Healing Hex on him?

    Yes. Mara can even roll her miss chance to see if she hits him before Theo commits the move action.

    Delmoth wrote:
    How much time does it take to attune under ABP?

    1 minute

    Mara wrote:
    How long can chant and cackle be used to extend hexes?

    RAW there is no limit so long as the character can still make the required action. However this seems ridiculous, so a character can use these abilities to extend hexes for 1 minute per level. Long enough to last any combat but not long enough that it can be used in every combat in a dungeon exploration.

    Nikrir Leldro's implied question wrote:
    Does the pyrotechnics spell extinguish a flaming sphere?

    No even though a flaming sphere can be extinguished by means that would extinguish a normal flame it is still a magic flame which pyrotechnics can't extinguish.

    Answer to a question Nikrir Leldro didn't ask wrote:
    Can a magical flame be used as the source for the additional effect from pyrotechnic even though pyrotechnics can't extinguish the magical flame?

    Yes. The fire wouldn't change at all but the additional effects will still happen as described.

    Mara wrote:
    How does not needing to breathe interact with inhaled poisons and spells that create clouds, such as stinking cloud?

    You are immune to inhaled poisons even if you cast a spell or speak. Stinking cloud affects non-breathing creatures the same way it affects breathing creatures.

    Jek Tal'dor wrote:
    Does a large or larger creature count it's current space as non-threatened squares for the purpose of withdrawing?