Baldwin the Merciful's Bloody Nightmare

Game Master baldwin the merciful

This my new low level PF 1 game. I will be combining aspects of a homebrew game with published material. It is set in the country of Nirmathas.

Welcome to my Bloody Nightmare.

Game Comments, Rules and Expectations::

Remember the most important rule is COMMUNICATION. If you won't be able to post let us know. If you disappear without a word, I will write you out of the game.

1. This should be a reasonably fast paced game, so it’s important to check in and post. I would like at least 2 posts per day, per player more posting is welcomed. I tend to post quite a bit. It will not be unusual to get 40-60, (sometimes more) in a day (especially if there is battle going on.). If this seems daunting and you can't keep up, please tell me now because this may not be the game for you.

2. If you have not checked in, I will DMPC your character to move the story forward. This is especially true given the pace that I like to keep with the game. If you can't post for awhile, let me know, so I can DMPC you. I understand that real life happens but communication is important. If we begin battle check in more often, we don’t wait long. I like players to take their own actions, and if possible, I will skip over the player and permit them to post when they get on, or if need be I will DMPC the action. Again, we don’t wait long.

3. GM rolls initiative.

4. I will link a map at the beginning of each round and often an updated map towards the middle of the round. Please tell me the map coordinates for your movement. Otherwise, you run the risk of me moving you and if there is a chance of an AoO, I will take it. Example: Move E17>E16>E15>F14.

5. I, generally, post mid-round updates and end of round summaries.

6. I will fill in some gaps in the story or action when need be. These tend to be for flow of the game.

7. This particular game is a combination of homebrew and published material.

8. I like to have combat, roleplay and character development. Nobody likes to read a bunch of dice rolls, so please add a bit of flavor and spice to your acitons.

9. I don't mind if you post out of turn, especially if you won't be online. I will do my best to fit the action in, or I will fill the gap in a semi-logical manner. With a large group waiting to take an action can bog down the game.

10. I do not use delay/ready actions to switch/swap initiative orders, as that becomes problematic for me, the DM, to track on the boards. I do permit you to hold your action especially if you are waiting some tactical action.

12. Even though there will be a lot of combat, try to be descriptive in your text rather than posting a bunch of dice rolls. A list of dice rolls is mundane and boring to read. Your only limitation is your imagination.

13. Put your melee and range attack and damage dice on your character sheet, this makes it easy to cut and paste into the game thread, if I need to DMPC the character. It is beneficial, if you post 1-3 typical groupings of actions, that your character would normally do, such as: which buff, which attack, power attack and so forth. This is in case it becomes necessary to DMPC your character.

14. Put your vital stats: AC, saves, Init., Perception, Current HP/Total HP, CMB/CMD next to your avatar. This, generally, makes my job easier.

15. Although the players can't use 3PP material in character creation, the GM does not have that same restriction. Be forewarned that I, liberally, use monsters from the Tome of Horrors Complete and my favorite 3PP publishers, Rite Publishing and Raging Swan Publishing. Expect some unusual monster templates.

15. Please don't rule lawyer me. I've been playing for years, mostly GMing, I know the rules but I do make mistakes especially with all the Pathfinder's tweaks and splat books. I follow the written rules but I'm not hardcore especially if it moves the story along. If I make an error made please point it out and provide a book and page reference or link to the PFSRD.

House Rules:

1. I do not retcon actions. This game is designed to move quickly. It becomes problematic for me to redo actions and consequences. Sorry.

2. A natural "1" on an attack roll is a possible fumble. The player makes a DC10 DEX check, including any ability modifier in the roll. A number below a 10 means you have either dropped your melee weapon or snapped your bow/crossbow string or your thrown weapon was dropped.

3. Roll HPs each level, reroll 1’s.

4. I will occasionally dip into the sanity/madness rules if the situation arises.

5. Just because an item appears in a book, or there is a rule set for an item, does not make it automatically available in the game setting.

I reserve the right to add or modify House rules.

Settlements and Establishments:

Fentonville - Small Town, Population 727, base value 3,000*, Purchase limit 14,000*. *Although it's a small town on the coast road, with access to Lake Encarthan. It hosts numerous caravans and has increase wealth due to it's strategic position. It sits on some rolling hills near the border of Lastwall. This is DM created settlement. **There is a probability that speciality items can be acquired or made with ample notice.

Featherton's Guides - Cartographer shop, guides and merchant. Owned by Walter Featherton, gnome (mayor)
Sly Wink tavern and Inn- Know for its Honeynut spiced mead.
The Raging Orc - a saloon.
The Owl's Place - a small magic shop.
Quint's Arms and Armory - mundane and minor magic gear.
Rocko's Stables - horses, mules, donkeys and draft animals
Areal's Elixirs
Abbot's Apiary
Varl's Edge - Blacksmith, weapons and tools.
Talberd's Books and Learning
Korg's Jail and Barracks

Orctown village

* Orctown population 75
1 Ogre
33 Orcs
11 half orcs
30 goblins

Leader: Meath'd - Ogre
Mother - Orc fortuneteller

** Foggy Lake, population 384

307 humans
24 half elves
17 elves
16 Half orcs
11 halflings
7 gnomes
2 dwarfs

Wilderness Map of Area


1. Walter Featherton, gnome. (Mayor) Expert/retired adventurer, Cartographer and merchant. Owner of Featherton's Guides.
2. Jenar Hickory, owner of the Sly Wink Tavern, ranger.
3. Abbot, expert beekeeper
4. Areal, Potions and herbs.
5. The Red Swords - the second band of cartographers/guides hired by Walter Featherton.
6. Tiny "The Tinker"
7. Turrand - dwarf - merchant between Zelcor's Ferry and Fentonville
8. Alyi'ensi Windorn - elf - enchanter. Flirts with Jenar Hickory
9. Luc “Ninefingers”Rockborn, Dwarf Cleric
10. Talbard the Grey, H Wizard
11. Xander Brim, merchant
12. Korg, sargeant of the guard, minataur
13. Meath'd - ogre - leads orctown.
14. Mother - orc - Meath'ds lover and co-leader

15. Heroes: Karnog, Desmond, Kalim, Grung (King), Nym, Duncan