GM Dak - Shattered Star 1

Game Master Dakcenturi

Chapter 1: Shards of Sin
Part 4: A Legacy of Wrath

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Starting Day: Oathday, 1st of Arodus 4712 AR
Current Day: Sunday, 4th of Arodus 4712 AR

History of Events:

Oathday, 1st of Arodus
-The group meets as Sapher and Drask ship in from Absalom and Mok/Vel ship in from Andoran.
-Heading to Heidmarch Manor the group is asked to solve a Paradox box while they wait for Lady Heidmarch to finish up a meeting.
-The group solves the box but quickly discover it was trapped. Dealing with the Pugwampis summoned by the trap the group explains what happened to Lady Heidmarch.
-Lady Heidmarch asks the group to assist her in location an agent of hers, Natalya Vancaskerkin.
-Following their first lead the group heads to Washer's Row in search of the Amazing Zograthy, which doesn't take long.
-After paying Zograthy for his 'secrets' he provides the group with further leads and information about Natalya.
-The group splits to follow down different leads.
-Looking into things Sapher eventually manages to get a lead that that the rumors of slavers may be true and that they operate out of an abandoned tavern called the Puffy Pelican but when they arrive during the day they don't find any signs of use.
-At the Avensoar the others find that Natalya hasn't been arrested and when speaking to the city watch they are directed to look for the tower girls for more information on Natalya, not knowing where the tower girls are the guard points them to a local named Fenster the Blight who may know more.
-The group meets up to share what they have found and head back to the Lodge for some diner. Between food and drink the group plans their next steps.
-Heading to Underbridge the group seeks out Fenster the Blight. He tells them that the tower girls stay in his warehouse and at the mention of slavers he notes he has seen blue dwarfs roaming about and thinks they are responsible. Vel threatens the man and finally gets some useful info that he has seen Natalya in a nearby building in underbridge and tells the group how to get there.
-Following the directions the group manages to locate the place. Vel stealthily checks the place out but as the others move up they are accusted by a number of thugs. Mok stops a fight before he beings casting a spell to knock two of the men out while the other flees.
-After dealing with goblins and stirge the group finally manages to capture Natalya alive. The victory is short lived though as a fight breaks out among the party between Vel and Es. Vel manages to beat Es into submission
-With the fight over and the group ready to leave they are stopped short when another group of thugs led by a woman shows up demanding the group turn over Natalya. Though after the fight Es starts acting a little strange.
-Not turning over Natalya a fight breaks out but the group manages to come out on top. They steal a cart and transport Natalya back to the lodge.
-Getting back to the lodge it is discovered that the shard Es retrieved from Natalya actually cursed her. Lady Heidmarch surprised at the discovery asks the group to eat and get some rest and they will talk in the morning.
-While half of the group stays behind at the lodge, the other half heads back to the Puffy Pelican to see if the rumor of slavers was true. Unlike before, the tavern seems to be in use now. Eventually they discover that a low-life has set a trap for them there. They capture the man and bring him back to the lodge.

Fireday, 2nd of Arodus
-The next morning another fight breaks out between Vel and Es, and Vel once again puts Es down.
-When Lady Heidmarch finds the two fighting she sets them down individually to talk to them. She issues Vel a field commision into the society and does her best to smooth things over between the two women.
-With that dealth with Lady Heidmarch gathers the group and explains what she knows about the shard the group found. She asks the group to help her in tracking down the others. Handling the shard Es recieves a vision of the location of the next shard, the Crow piling of the Irespan.
-The group purchases supplies, secures transport and makes their way out to the Crow.
-The group finds that the Crow is the new base of the Tower Girls. After making their way through the complex and dealing with the tower girls they eventually come across the Tower Girls leader, Ayala a were-rat and put her down. Before dealing with the ominous doors the group rests.

Starday, 3rd of Arodus
-Dicovering the door is similar to the paradox box they delt with days before the group manage to solve the puzzle and open the doors leading even deeper into the complex. Parts that look to have been unexplored for some time.
-The group makes their way through the complex fighting oozes, bats, giant spiders and ants, before coming across a colony of mites.
-The kind of the mites asks the groups to descend further and retrieve his spare crown from his missing pet. Agreeing to help the group descends further.
-The fight more spiders, murder a caged sinspawn, and eventually find the kings pet and kill it to retrieve the crown.
-They press on finding a secret passage where they discover lots of undead skeletons and Caroliss turns them to dust with her positive energy. The run into a swarm which they are ill-prepared for and retreat to head back to down and re-supply.
-In the time they were gone the obviously mad king has forgotten his requests and orders the group be killed by his mite legions. However, Vel kills the king with a single shot and thanks to Es's magic in creating an illusion of the king Sapher is crowned the next king of the mites.
-The group returns to Magnimar to sell their loot and resupply as everyone tends to their own affairs. While most stay at the lodge Es returns to her family estate for something.
-Caroliss helps setup a meeting between Vel and Es so they can try and smooth things over.

Sunday, 4th of Arodus
-Whatever Vel and Es discussed seemed to work as Vel and Es were on better terms than ever before. After some breakfast the group eventually sets out towards the Crow once again.
-Dealing with the swarm then more spiders, the group finishes exploring the level and descends even deeper.
-Here the group starts to face even more bizarre threats, planar beings that they fight their way through.