DM NomadSage's Emerald Spire

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Loot Spreadsheet

:: Current Quests ::

Missing Wizards - Find the missing Goldenfire Order wizards
[x] Meet Iliara Starcloak
[ ] Locate and rescue Tiawask and Jharun

Sage's Expedition - Map and catalog the levels of the Emerald Spire. Abernard will pay for maps and any esoteric discoveries.
[ ] Explore the ruins
[x] Level One
[x] Level Two

Friends in the Fort - Learn more about the factions of Fort Inevitable and the surrounding region.
[ ] Hellknight Orders
[ ] The Council of Prosperity
[ ] The Seven Foxes
[ ] Thornkeep

Justifiable Cruelty - Jeck the hunter told you of his enslaved cousin, Peet, indentured to a cruel master.
[ ] Locate Drurn's Tannery

The Crowned Skull - Lady Commander Audara Drovust wishes you to seek out and destroy the evil force represented by the symbol of a crowned skull.
[ ] Determine the identity of the "Crowned Skull"

Completed Quests:

Goblin Menace - End the threat of the goblin bandits harassing the Crusader Road.
[x] Discover the lair of the goblin bandits
[x] Neutralize the leader
[x] Inform High Mother Serise Dremagne

:: People & Places ::

Fort Inevitable:

Town Leadership
Lady Commander Audara Drovust - Paralictor of the Order of the Pike
High Mother Serise Dremagne - high priestess of Abadar
Corah - Citadel clerk

Sir Ullust - Armiger knight of the Order of the Pike
Signifer Oritian Hast - Ranking member of the Order of the Gate, scholar and cleric of Mephistoples
Order of the Nail - based at Mardyn Barracks

Inn and Taverns
The Juliver Arms - A large and comfortable inn; under the management of a clan of halflings, the Reedbanks.
The Red Shield Tavern - taphouse frequented by off-duty Hellknights
The Helmed Lady - taphouse run by an aged dwarf, Kagnin Alemaster

Braddon's General Store - various sundries
Sefurd's Potions & Reagents - alchemist

Abernard Royst - retired adventurer, wizard of note and local sage


Iliara Starcloak - leader of the Goldenfire Order wizard's guild, currently visiting Fort Inevitable
Torra Stoneframer - dwarf builder and mason
Great Chief Graalsk - chief of the Brambleclaw goblin tribe
Jeck - hunter

The Emerald Spire:

Klarkosh - Numerian wizard of the Technic League, rumored to have taken up residence in the spire.
Grulk - slain leader of the goblin bandits based in the tower ruins.
Gorloth - destroyed bone priest