Wardens of the Righteous (Inactive)

Game Master Jesse Heinig

Current map: Truestone Quarry


Linked campaign: Wrath of the Righteous

~~~ Defender's Heart ~~~
Provisions: 430
Build Points of Materials: 16
Guards: 23
Survivors: 18
Dependents: 13
Cats: 1
Dogs: 0

Map of Kenabres

Kenabres City Grid

In the wake of the disastrous fall of Kenabres, there seems to be little hope. The city is devastated and the demons of the Worldwound have poured forth unchecked. Yet life continues somehow, but survival in the face of disaster will be a challenge...

Linked campaign: Wrath of the Righteous

Important NPCs

  • Kimroth Otai - One-armed innkeeper of Defender's Heart
  • Irabeth Tirabade (female half-orc paladin) - Highest-ranking survivor of the Eagle Watch; tactician and holy warrior, helping to organize local defense
  • Anevia Tirabade (female human rogue) - Wife of Irabeth; troubleshooter and scout, currently with a broken leg
  • Aravashnial (male elf wizard) - Last Riftwarden, blinded, currently overseeing operations of the few surviving librarians at the ruins of Blackwing Library
  • Horgus Gwerm (male human aristocrat) - Short tempered and rude nobleman who secretly supports the Crusades with supplies and money from his estate