Wand Breakers

Game Master DragonBlood472

In the southern stretch of the Vilhon Reach, we find our heroes united by a single good deed, now hired on behalf of a local hamlet to investigate strange goings on...

1372 Dale Reckoning, Year of Wild Magic

14th Eleint

  • Unable to overcome the ogres around and within the mysterious tower known as Valen's Wand, the Wand Breakers return to the Sunrise Cafe in the hamlet of Dawnscry.
  • Malcer and Audrina decide to seek the magical aid of her uncle, Malchor Harpell, and head West.
  • Vivi, Kolu, and Thunder opt to stay in town seeking the aid of any other travelers staying in the tavern.
  • The mood of the townsfolk grows bleak as their hope for finding the kidnapped youths dwindle.

2nd Eleint

  • Shocked into action by his father, Vivi seeks to learn the spell shocking grasp.
  • Vivi tricks, intimidates, and blows up several goblins trafficking fireworks.
  • Taking care of a few pesky shocker lizards, Vivi adds the new spell to his spellbook, and gains a new pet in the process.


  • Vivi Garonfries ~ Ghostwise Halfling Wizard (m)
  • Kolu ~ Uthgardt Half-orc Barbarian (f)
  • Thunder ~ Half-ogre (m)

Notable NPCs

  • Homburgg Garonfries ~ Chondathan Human Wizard (m)
  • Peter Bellbook ~ Chondathan Human Expert (m)

Reference Calendar

1 week = ten days tenday
365 days/year, 12 months/year, 30 days/month

Hammer - Deepwinter
Alturiak - The Claw of Winter
Ches - The Claw of Sunsets
Tarsakh - The Claw of Storms
Mirtul - The Melting
Kythorn - The Time of Flowers
Flamerule - Summertide
Shieldmeet 1372
Eleasis - Highsun
Eleint - The Fading
Marpenoth - Leaffall
Uktar - The Rotting
The Feast of the Moon
Nightal - The Drawing Down

Spring Equinox 19th Ches
Summer Solstice 20th Kythorn
Autumnal Equinox 21st Eleint
Winter Solstice 20th Nightal