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Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves and Apple Pie – A Savage Worlds Adventure.


Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves and Apple Pie – A Savage Worlds Adventure

The Company Line
Welcome to the Paranormal Terrorism Response Initiative and Occult Think-tank – or PATRIOT, Inc. We are committed to America’s struggle against all paranormal threats, foreign and domestic, since our founding in 1955. We are an equal opportunity employer. Join the fight. And God Bless America.

Nathan Templar was a member of a black ops group within the United States government that dealt with paranormal threats around the United States. Noting a growing need, he entered the private sector to begin a highly successful company specializing in Paranormal Research, Threat Assessment and Extermination.

Think The Colbert Report meets Supernatural. Let’s have some fun.

You will be a squad of private contractor Consultants working as Threat Assessment Officers – read “Temps” – for PATRIOT, Inc., in the far flung future of 2014. Characters will begin play as Novice Humans.

The Doubting Tom hindrance is forbidden for this game, as it simply would not apply. And the Arcane Background (Psionics) and (Weird Science) edges are not appropriate to the theme of this game.

Additional edges will be subject to GM approval.

Characters will begin play with the standard $500 and a company smart phone. Players will also have one vehicle of their choice within reason. You’re working stiffs, after all, so you don’t have a fleet of Panzers. You better believe your vehicle will be subject to GM approval. :-)

We will use the Knowledge Occult (smarts) skill for checks on the supernatural. Arcane Backgrounds will have their own dedicated skill, e.g. Magic (smarts).

Any questions?