The Patrician Maker: Lies of the Patrician (Inactive)

Game Master Shadowtail24

Gun powder comes to the Disc World with a bang, and then a drawn out murder investigation

Player’s Guide

The second celebration in as many months was in full swing. The former manor house that was serving as the work station had food and refreshments in many of its various hosting room, though the rooms where the work had been done was cordoned off. After years of work, two celebrations in two months meant it was a great time to be doing the work.

It had started with discoveries of several weapons, firearms as some ancient texts they had found called them. The weapons were fascinating, but also completely useless. At least, useless until Reggie had started looking them over. Reggie had set up a target, laid the gun on a table, put a little metal ball inside, and summoned a wizard. “Can you direct a force that pushes the ball through the opening?” The wizard nodded and after a few tries managed to send the ball flying out of the gun and into the target.

So we have to have a wizard every time we want to use this?” one of the others had asked.

No, we have to find a way to generate that force?” Reggie, who had trained with the Guild of Alchemist’s for a time before leaving, smiled. “The Alchemists cause explosions all the time, we just need one we can concentrate and create on command.

They had dismissed the wizard then, and set to work on creating a substance that could fire the gun. Reggie was in charge, but they brought in licensed Guild Alchemists to make sure everything was official. Last month they had finally discovered gunpowder, which should meet all the criteria they needed to use the weapon. And just hours ago they had made several successful tests shots with the guns. It was time to celebrate indeed.