The Diplomatic Mission (Inactive)

Game Master Wofguy

War is imminent, a war that will rock the nation. The Kingdom of Amular has always had poor relations with the Talfor Regime but recent events have only magnified the problems. A tipped lance at the last multi-national tournament. The son of the king of Amular missing. A break-in at the Talfor treasury. Both kingdoms are blaming each other, and it’s about to break out in full scale conflict. The king of Amular has one last hope. He doesn’t want war, no one does, so he is sending a diplomatic mission to Talfor to see if things can be resolved peacefully. However, he doesn’t have much hope. You each represent a part of the Kingdom, the military, the church, and the mages college. The King has also asked for the help of one body guard, and an… “Insurance Policy”, if it is needed. Prepare yourselves, because the fate of Amular rests on your shoulders.