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Hope Against Hope!
Bleak days have come to the Taldan city of Cassomir and nearby settlements, with a wave of depression and rage sparking horrific acts of violence. When retired adventurer Taergan Flinn doesn’t show up to meet with his old companions, The Golden Watch, the PCs are called upon to investigate, leading them into a swirling maelstrom of horror and tragedy. Can the PCs unmask and confront the malevolent entity behind the madness and restore hope to a tortured land?

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NPC's and such:

The Golden Watch:
Some adventuring parties rotate through members, but not the Golden Watch. They started out as five close friends who sought lives of adventure. They’re now far past their prime—with the exception of [ooc[Taergan Flinn[/ooc], who aged more slowly because of his half-elven blood. They meet up for annual adventures (on a small scale), and have done so since they all settled down and gave up the adventuring life. Rhoma Bissel, their wizard, died of old age a few months ago, but four members of the Golden Watch remain: Verus “Igneous” Crandel, Branda Tulles, Taergan Flinn, and Dern Fosimuth. The members and their current statuses are described below.

Branda Tulles
The public face of the Golden Watch, the Branda has always had a way with words and a penchant for snagging precious treasures— but only if they belong to evil people. After she stopped adventuring, she invested her gold well and has been free to do what she pleases ever since. She rents a posh penthouse in Absalom, and has made waves among higher social circles. As Igneous is far less social, the couple takes frequent trips back to Andoran.

Dern Fosimuth: MIA

Taergan Flinn: MIA

Rhoma Bissel:
The human wizard Rhoma, the oldest member of the Golden Watch, was the first of the group to die. She had settled into a comfortable life and died peacefully, surrounded by her family, inside the extensive library that was her most cherished place.

Verus “Igneous” Crandel:
Brawny and strong-willed, Verus is reliable as a rock. He owns a small ranch in southern Andoran that he bought with treasure he gained adventuring. Igneous is married to Branda Tulles, and the two split their time between the ranch and Absalom.

Gerald Inn keeper of the Sword Point.

Cris Rolst: Charming, lithe, and marked by an unruly mop of jet black hair, he is the younger sibling of Regine Holst and resident of Hope's Hollow.

Regine Rolst: The elder sister to Cris, she is stern, straightforward with her love to Filomina, so much so, that she was willing to duel her brother to the death.

Filomina: The subject of both Cris and Regine's love.

TaBM XP Tracker:

Medium Track @ 6 Players

Taergan Flinn's Wait Staff 1200XP

Sound Burst Trap 1200XP

Cacodaemons (2) 1200XP

Emphemeral Echo 1600 XP

Total for each player: 865XP