Ringtail's Rise of the Runelords

Game Master Ringtail

Ringtail's Rise of the Runelords - Chapter 1: Burnt Offerings

The party, along with their newest ally, brave the perils of the Nettlewood in order to face the goblin threat at Thistletop and put an end to the menace once and for all.

Dehrisan wrote:

Basically, here's the story so far...

We came to Sandpoint for a butterfly fair, then goblins attacked and one of them stole a salmon. We killed the goblins and now we're like rock stars. We continued to have goblin trouble for a few more days. One of them ate a guy's face, but we killed him, then a few more stole some fireworks and we blew them up. Then Flitter got drunk.

We met this noble who kept hitting on our sorceress, then we killed a pig with him, and I think he left. Then Flitter got drunk.

After that, Ameiko, the local inkeeper (inkeepress?) went missing so we went to check things out at her family's glass-factory, led by a weirdly amicable note from her problem-child half-brother. Guess what we find inside? That's right, goblins. Goblins and her problem-child half-brother. Also her dad, but he was dead, killed by her problem-child half-brother. We trounced them mightily, saved Ameiko (we all got hugs), and took her bro prisoner. We got all palsy with him and he told us that his girlfriend is controlling the goblins in the region and is planning to destroy Sandpoint, because she has a grudge against it. Also, she's turning into a succubus or something. He also explained that goblins will be attacking Sandpoint via the tunnels in his family's glassworks, and they had a quasit down there stirring up trouble. Then Flitter got drunk.

Well, we arrived at the conclusion that we didn't really want goblins in our tunnels, so we headed down there to clear them out. We fought a few creepy things with untwinkable minds, then we found the quasit. She was using a magic pool of water to make the creepy things, so we killed them, ran her off (with flour. It was awesome), then destroyed her magic basin and chased her. We just found her on a beach, then killed her with metal. Flitter will begin drinking shortly.

Am I leaving out anything important?

Ansruath wrote:
The firepelt that almost ate Tardek.
Dehrisan wrote:
Right, the firepelt almost ate Tardek.