OutPost I: GM Wolfspirit's Live Exploration Extreme (Inactive)

Game Master Wolfspirit

A Reality Stream brought to you by Zo!

Notable NPCs:

A few behind the curtains notes:

1. The feed is live, and you're quickly able to see the audience is eagerly following your progress. What's more, there is rampant speculation in the comments and you can twice use this information to your advantage, gaining a bonus equal to your Comptuers Skill bonus on a knowledge or Sense Motive check.

2. Part of the goal is to earn Fan Favor. There are multiple ways to gain Fan Favor, but two ways are::
* Risks: Take a -4 penalty to a risky skill check (GM discression) in order to impress viewers. Can only be used once per character.
* Drama: Be entertaining! This may reward you with Fan Favor.