Iron gods

Game Master Vagabonds.

Peeking through ruins of ancient scifi.

Map of the Caverns.

Map. Feel free to relocate your character.

Anyway, a list of reference stuff:

We are using the Hero Point system.

House rules List:

1. You may either roll 1d100 for a 40% chance to prevent death, and instead simply suffer some sort of permanent injury, or spend a hero point to cheat death and take a injury.
If you crit, you can make a skill/ability check to do something awesome, make a skill check to do something awesome, and/or make a Combat Maneuver, instead of dealing double damage.

2. Combatants can simulate having a combat feat for the sake of a single attack, but if they roll a 1-5, they fail, and takes 2 attacks of opportunity, along with missing and having a critical fumble drawn from a fumble deck.

3. You may spend 2 skill points to get a proficiency, a combat feat, or a Improved Combat Maneuver feat. For three, you may get a Extraordinary path of war maneuver/stance (Unlimited use), which you must run by me.

4. You may shatter your shield to ignore a single attack that happens to you.

5. If you roll a 1, you can either have a optional very bad thing happen to you (My choice) to gain a hero-point, or simply miss.

6. You get a bonus feat every level, but must spend a feat to cast a spell beyond level one. This is in addition to the regular feat progression.

7. Every classes default skill points are increased by 4.

8. You must spend a skill point to become proficient with a school of spells if universalist or any other spellcasting class, or, if a specialist wizard, a point to become proficient with a subschool of spells, and two for an entire school besides your focus school. If you are not proficient, then you must roll a concentration check, with a DC equal to 20 + Spell level*2. If you fail, the spell fizzles, and is unused. You cannot use that spell for the next thirty minutes. You can, however, retry the concentration check, if you allow me to dictate the resault of the failure, or spend a hero point to do so.

9. You are considered to have 2 copies of the same class features for the sake of archetypes.

10. Everyone gains 1 “Flavor” Skill point, to be put in a profession, a perform (If not bard), or a craft.[/spoiler]