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It's been your life's dream to be a torchbearer, and today is the first day they are accepting applications in years. Of course, nothing is ever that simple.

the torchbearers:

"Fire burn and fire cleanse, I shall keep the fire til the world does end. Every day I shall bring my light, and keep our world from endless night."

An organization that hunts down criminals and other problematic figures, headquarters. In neo-Arcadia. Well respected heroes of society, the torchbearers are almost universally loved and idolized. Surprisingly, this hasn't stopped them from hiring evil workers- they send them out on less orthodox missions, and make sure they're paid well.

the setting, planet frauia:

The planet has one large landmass, and one moderate sized one, and a few islands, but is mostly water. The planet has three moons, the largest of witch is tinted red. None of them are terribly large, and the ocean is usually calm. This searing uses galorion deities.

the nations:

Paradise for undead. Necrotic fuel is cheap, cheaper then normal food. It's rare to see a sentient being not powered by negative energy. Zombies are common members of socioty. Shadows are common among people. There are 3 permanent portals to the negative energy plane in the nation, for use in the ritual of becoming negative energy aligned. The ritual costs 50gp for native born. Non-natives usually can't use them at all- though you can immigrate, of course.
(Can be taken as a regional trait, and subtracted from your starting wealth)

The only remaining nation that fears and despises negative energy. The nation is powerful, with defenses beyond the wildest dreams of other nations. Attacking Arcadia is useless. People from Arcadia are so seeped in positive energy that they heal at twice the normal rate (regional trait).
(much like the Great Wall of China. Offensively, they aren't so well off, however.)

A branch off of Arcadia, nearby with different world views. Would have been forcibly brought back into Arcadia if Mautan hadn't helped in a small war.
Arcadia "decided" it wasn't worth the trouble. In reality, whenever someone in new-Arcadia died, Mautan would return them as undead. The battle would have lasted for ages, and gone nowhere, so a treaty was proposed, that allowed Arcadia to look powerful, and neo-Arcadia to be it's own nation. Neo Arcadia is now a small nation of diversity, undead and living alike. Shadows are quite rare. There is a single portal to the positive energy plane here- with a special ritual, a shadow can become a postive energy undead.This is more challenging, and is more expensive, but those who manage become something amazing- a creature that fades in darkness, and heals with a touch. One man converted back into a shadow, and he wasn't quite the same- he now healed undead with his touch. A few followed in his path.

Surprisingly disconnected from the outside world, Erias is mostly elves. Erias is on a continent near the main one, with about a week's worth of sailing between them. People regard most elves with curiosity and wonder, has they are rarely found outside Erias. The elves have little to no concern about negative energy creatures. There are very few living in Erias, and they are regarded with some degree of suspicion until they are well known.
Erias is well known for "gemfletching" where the locals bring out magical properties in gems and use them to tip arrows. Elf longevity has made a industry out of slowly cultivating gem creation, typically with some magic speed. Magically sped up gems tend to be less pure and, less potent then natural or non-magically cultivated gems, but are also cheaper.

Steampunk city of the dwarves. They've found out "flaming" objects can be used to create endless energy systems, and have mechanized almost everything... Quite often things they don't have to, or don't make sense to. Those who work in the steam are quite resistant to heat. (Regional trait, giving 3 fire resistance). The moisture and heat tend to upset the undead, and as such, they are rare there.

shadow class:
Shadow class-
As cleric bab.
Good will save.
D8 hit dice.

Any non-outsider or undead. Fetchlings may take this class, despite being an outsider.

Level 1-
shadow hands (Su) - at level one, you gain a unseen servant, as per the spell. This effect is constant. As an SU ability, this cannot be dispelled. When these unseen servants interact with an object, the colors of the object seem to mute until the object is released. Every level hereafter, you gain another constant unseen servant.

Negative energy affinity- you gain the negative energy affinity racial trait. If you already have it, you gain a +2 to saves vs positive energy effects.

Level 2-
Increased effective level of spellcasting. If you weren't a spellcaster before taking this class, you gain a 1st level spell from the cleric or wizard spell list as a spell-like ability 3 times a day. In addition, you get any two cantrips as at will spell like ablites. You use your highest mental stat for the casting stat of these spells.

Level 3-
Cha merging- your charisma and constitution become one and the same. If one was lower then the other, take the average of the two, and it becomes your charisma score. Your con score becomes -.

Level 4-
Raise from the dead-
When you die, you raise as an undead shade. Leaving your body an empty husk. When you die, You gain the incorporeal and undead subtypes, and you can make a draining touch attack at will, dealing 1d6 str damage. You gain a fly speed of 40 feet with good maneuverability. Unlike a normal shadow, you retain your str score, but your str score is only used against things on the ethereal plane or ghost touching objects. If you have a ghost touching weapon, you can use your str to attack with it. You add your charisma bonus to saves verses Channel effects, and you gain a +2 to cha. You gain a +4 racial bounus to stealth when in dim or lower light, and a -4 when in bright light. You lose the ability to speak normally. Many shadows have taken to using their unseen servants to hold and write on a chalkboard to speak.
Your body can still be raised, and if it is, your soul returns to it, losing the benefits and disbenifits outlined here, until you die again.

The negative energy has a tendency to prevent the mind to some degree. Often, the personality of the individual will change while a shade. Work out with your GM what effect, if any, this will have on your character.
If you want to stay true to the rather unpredictable nature of negative energy and decide randomly, roll a 1d4. On a 1, your alignment takes a step towards lawful while a shade. On a 2, your alignment takes a step towards good while a shade. On a 3, your alignment takes a step towards chaotic while a shade. On a 1, your alignment takes a step towards evil while a shade. If you are true neutral, roll an additional 1d4. If the number on the additional d4 is the same as the number on the other d4, you remain true neutral.
Whatever you get is the same effect becoming a shade will always have on you- this is not rerolled if you are raised and become a shade again.

A rather peaceful race, they usually keep to themselves, save people who live on the shore, who may see and socialize with them every so often. Occasionally, some merfolk will come on shore, but rarely stay out of the water for long. Unlike normal merfolk, merfolk in this campain have long, serpentine tails.

The merfolk are playable, with different stats from the normal merfolk-
Swim speed is increased to 60, land speed is increased to 15. By default, merfolk have the sea singer and darkvision racial traits. Merfolk are large sized due to thier massive tails, and have the undersized weapons quality. In addition, merfolk can grapple using only thier tails. When a merfolk grapples, and is the primary grappler, they may take actions that require two hands, spell-cast freely, and do not take a -4 to dex.

Much like usual, the aboleths live in the sea, and create horrible new forms of life... But instead of enslaving humans, in a world with not much land, they descovered that the promise of "land" and food was good enough for some humans, and got easy, willing work out of many. They have underwater colonies, and quite a few of the humans are happy working there, to some degree. The effects of the aboleth's mucus become permanent after enough exposure. The aboleths keep up a decent facade of fairness, having discovered that being "fair" attracts more servants then they can dominate.

new traits:
Regional traits

One with the dead (Mautan)- born and raised in the nation most attuned to undead, you underwent a special ritual to attune yourself with negative energy, becoming more like your brethren. You turn pale as snow, and your eyes glow faintly.

The 50 gp is subtracted from your starting wealth, to pay for the ritual. You heal from negative energy and are harmed by positive energy. You treat squares within 5 feet of you as if they were one light category brighter, to a maximum of normal light.

Fast healer (Arcadia)-
The residents of Arcadia have always healed fast, the life force spread through the nation in your blood.
When you regain health by resting, you heal twice the normal amount. When healed by postive energy, you heal one more point then Normal.

Budding gemfletcher (Erias)
You have a talent for gemfletching, and you actually made your pleased tutor some money. You gain a +1 trait bounus to gemfletching, and start the game with 5 flawed opal (worth 10 gp each), 1 normal opal (worth 25 gp), and 1 flawed pearl worth 50 gp.

Steam resistances (amanur)
You've spent your life in temperatures that would make others sick within seconds, working on and around steam contraptions.

Gain 3 fire resistance.

pantheon changes:

Creating intelligent undead is acceptable. They'll die eventually, and are still in the proper cycle- the positive energy the soul used to use is sent back to the positive energy plane, like a dead outsider. The personality is recycled, but that doesn't matter to phransma.

Undead-slaying good dieties-
Focus on ending the imprisonment of souls and ghosts.
All clerics may choose to channel positive or negative energy.

undead changes:
sentient undead aren't always evil. Undead are treated as their previous creature type with respect to mind effecting spells, unless they are mindless. Mindless undead are seen as slaves. Most sentient undead live off necrotic fuel instead of normal food. The cost is about the same.

gemfletcher rouge archtype:

Gemfletcher rouge-

A gemfletcher rouge adds half thier class level to gemfletching checks.
This replaces trap sense.

Luck of Opel-
At 2nd level, so long as a Opel worth at least 50 gp is displayed on his person, the rouge gains a +1 luck bonus to hit and damage. This does not take up any magic item slots. The luck bounus increases to +2 at 6th level, and every 4 levels their after.
This replaces the rouge's second level rouge talent.

Power of jade-
At 4th level, so long as the rouge displays a jade circlet worth at least 250gp (bracelet or headwear, the circlet does not take up a magic item slot) on his person, he gains a +1 to damage per sneak attack dice.
This replaces 4th level rouge talent

Shadow of onyx-
At 8th level, By embedding a piece of onyx in a silver medallion (300 gp) whenever the rouge fires a crossbow bolt as an attack action, while wearing the onyx medallion, they deal sneak attack damage with the blow, regardless of weather or not they were flat-footed.
This replaces 8th level rouge talent

Disrupting red topaz-
At 12th level, you can make a chain out of red topaz (500gp) that while worn by the gemfletcher, makes his sneak attacks disruptive to spellcasters. When you do sneak attack damage to a spell-caster of any sort, they must make caster level check with a dc equal to the damage you dealt if they try to cast next round. If they fail, the spell is lost.
This replaces 12th level rouge talent

Piercing diamond-
At 14th level, if the Gemcrafter displays any type of jewelry with an embedded diamond worth at least 4000 gp, all sneak attacks made by the rouge ignore all forms of dr, and hardness when he sneak attacks. In addition, when you take the attack action with a crossbow, you ignore the targets armor bonus and natural armor bonus to ac.
This replaces 14th level rouge talent

steam knight fighter archtype:
Steam knight-

A steam knight is a knight trained in the use of a unique weapon from amunar, the steam rifle.

At level one, a steam knight has a large generator they wear on thier backs to power thier steambolt rifle. The portable steam generator costs 500gp to replace, and includes ever-flaming coal. Wearing the generator counts as wearing heavy armor for the purpose of encumbrance (armor can still be worn). It has a -7 armor check penalty, and the hot tubes deal 1 fire damage to the wearer every minute they wear it. If sundered or broken, everything within 5 feet takes 2d6 fire damage. The generator weighs 50 pounds.

At level one, the steam knight gets (exotic weapon proficiency) steambolt rifle, and starts the game with a steambolt rifle.
This replaces tower shield proficiency.

Steambolt rifle 2d6 (*3), range 120 (250gp)-
A dwarven contraption using a steam generator and a long tube attached to a loading mechanism. The steambolt rifle takes a move action to load with a metal bullet (worth 1 sp). Rapid reload can be taken to allow reloading as a free action.
Steambolt rifles can be made more powerful, but only those strong enough to deal with the recoil can use more powerful steambolt rifles effectively.
All steambolt rifles are made with a particular strength rating (that is, each requires a minimum Strength modifier to use with proficiency). If your Strength bonus is less than the strength rating of the steambolt rifle, you can't effectively use it, so you take a –2 penalty on attacks with it. The default steambolt rifle requires a Strength modifier of +0 or higher to use with proficiency. A steambolt can be made with a high strength rating to take advantage of an above-average Strength score; this feature allows you to add your Strength bonus to damage, up to the maximum bonus indicated for the bow. Each point of Strength bonus granted by the rifle adds 100 gp to its cost. If you have a penalty for low Strength, apply it to accuracy rolls when you use a steambolt rifle.

Steambolt rifle 1d6 (*2) (club)
The steambolt rifle can be used as a club, dealing 1d6 damage. On a natural 1, the steambolt rifle becomes broken and unable to fire.

At level 2, a steam knight gains 4 fire resistance.
This fire resistance stacks with racial resistances, or resistances gained by traits or feats. At level 4 and every 2 levels thereafter, the fire resistance increases by 2.
This replaces bravery.

Stubborn steel-
At level 2, the steam knight becomes a stubborn exemplar of the steam city. He gains a +1 to saves vs spells and supernatural abilities. At 5th level, and every 3 levels thereafter, the bonus increases by +1
This replaces the bounus feat gained at 2nd level.

At 3rd level, the steam knight reduces the armor check penalty for his generator by 3. At 7th level, and every 4 levels thereafter, the armor check penalty decreases by another point.
This replaces armor training 1.

Steambolt practice-
At 5th level, and every four levels thereafter, the steam knight gains a +1 to hit and damage with steambolt rifles.
This replaces weapon training 1 and 3.

Steam shield-
At 7th level, the steam knight may vent extra steam off as a swift action, dealing 1d6 fire damage to everything within 5 feet, and covers your square in steam, giving you partial (20%) concealment from attacks for 1 round. This can be used every 1d6 rounds.
This replaces armor training 2

Enhanced pressure-
At level 9, The pressure of the steam is turned up, giving all shots from the steambolt rifle the distance property. If the steam generator is sundered, the damage to everything around it increases to 5d6 fire.
This replaces weapon training 2.

Heated armor-
At level 11 By making the steam from your generator run though tubes near your armor, you manage to heat your armor up enough that it glows red hot. Anyone striking you in melee with a non-reach weapon takes 2d4 fire damage from your hot armor, and the hot air around you. This only functions if you are wearing metal armor of some sort. If you take cold damage, heated armor stops functioning for one round.
This replaces armor training 3.

Heated resistance-
At level 15, as long as heated armor is active, you gain cold resistance 10.
This replaces armor training 4

Higher pressure-
At level 17, the steam knight's generator hits insane amounts of pressure. Whenever you attack someone within 20 feet with the steambolt rifle's bullets, you hit the opponent at touch ac. If the steam generator is sundered, everyone within 10 feet takes 10d6 fire damage, and must make a dc 30 reflex save or be blinded for 1 round.
This replaces weapon training 4.

Steam cloak-
At 19th level, the steam knight constantly exudes steam, giving him 30% concealment (this stacks with steam shield) and allowing him to see though any steam without hindering his vision.
This replaces armor mastery.

Steambolt mastery-
As per weapon mastery, but must be taken with steambolt rifle.

Alchemist is banned.
Gunslinger is banned.
Psionics exist.
bestiary levels, except vampires and astral devas, are allowed.
Ask about 3rd party not mentioned here.