GM Rednal's Wrath of the Righteous (Inactive)

Game Master Rednal

The Ruins of Drezen
Citadel Drezen
Drezen Dungeon
Battle Map
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LG Medium army of humans (paladin 4 - ACR 3)
Commander: None
Inactive Commanders:
Charisma Mod: +2; Profession (Soldier): +0; Leadership: 11; Traits None
Ascendant Rowan:
Charisma Mod: +4; Profession (Soldier): +0; Leadership: 16; Traits None
Julian Fey:
Charisma Mod: +0; Profession (Soldier): +0; Leadership: 9; Traits None
Army hp 16/16
DV BA: 19 (Base: 17); OM BA: +9 (Base: +7), Ranged
Tactics (Pick 1 At Start; Changing Requires DC 15 Morale Check)
Expert Flankers Your army is skilled at surrounding the foe and distracting them, at the cost of spreading out too much and being more vulnerable. Increase its OM by 2, and decrease its DV by 2.
Standard No Modifiers.
Withdraw Your army tries to escape from all armies attacking it. The army attempts an opposed Morale check against each army attacking it to maintain discipline (any army may voluntarily fail this check), but doesn't need to attempt the usual Morale check to change tactics when switching to withdraw. If all of these checks are successful, your army may withdraw from the battlefield or treat the phase as a Ranged phase. If only some are successful, you may withdraw or treat the phase as a Ranged phase, but enemy armies in the battle may attack you as if you were in Melee. Whether or not the checks are successful, reduce your army's OM and DV by 2 for the rest of this phase.
Healing Potions Each unit is equipped with several healing potions. At any point during a battle (but no more than twice per battle), the commander can order her units to drink their potions. The army doesn't attempt an Offense check that phase, but heals a number of hit points equal to twice its ACR. (2/3 Uses)
Improved Armor The army is armed with masterwork armor, increasing DV and Consumption by 1.
Improved Weapons (mwk cold iron) The army is armed with masterwork weapons, increasing OM and Consumption by 1.
Mounts The army is mounted on horses or other war-trained animals. Increase its OM and DV by 2, and increase its Consumption by 1.
Ranged Weapons (longbows) The army is equipped with ranged weapons (such as crossbows, slings, or bows), gaining ranged attack capability. Increase its Consumption by 1.
Aura of Courage The army is immune to fear effects and automatically succeeds at Morale checks to avoid a rout.
Battlefield Advantage (defense only) If an army is particularly familiar with a battlefield, it's OM and DV increase by 2.
Channel Positive Energy In the Melee phase, the army deals +1d4 points of damage against an undead target army. Instead of dealing extra damage to an enemy army, the army can use this ability to heal itself; if it takes an OM penalty equal to half its ACR for one Ranged or Melee phase, it heals a number of hit points equal to its ACR.
Divine Health The army is immune to disease.
Lay on Hands This ability functions as channel positive energy.
Mercy At the end of a battle, the army can cure a disease on one allied army.
Smite Evil In one Melee phase per battle, the army may increase its OM by 2 against an evil army. If the target army is undead or evil outsiders, the OM increases by 4 instead.
Spellcasting If an army's units can use magic (from either spell-like abilities or actual spellcasting), increase its OM and DV by the spell level of the highest-level spell the individual unit can cast. If any of the army's offensive spells has a range greater than touch, the army can make ranged attacks.
Speed 3; Morale +1; Consumption 3 (Base: 5) / Supplies: 50/50

[Special Modifiers]
-Horgus Gwerm's Notebook: Reduces Consumption Score by 2
-Soltengrebbe: Gives one allied army a +1 bonus to OM and DV during defensive battles if stationed in a controlled city.

| DV: +4 | OM: —4 | Damage: —6 |

| DV: +2 | OM: —2 | Damage: —3 |

| DV: +0 | OM: +0 | Damage: +0 |

| DV: —2 | OM: +2 | Damage: +3 |

| DV: —4 | OM: +4 | Damage: +6 |

1. The Dawnbringers were formed and named in Kenabres, and the Party was given command.
2. The Dawnbringers defeated a Tiefling Army (Large, ACR 2) at Vilareth Ford with Irabeth Tirablade commanding. The Loyalty Check was successful - the Dawnbringers gained +1 Morale and learned the [] tactic.
3. The Dawnbringers defeated a Tiefling Army (Large, ACR 2) and a Dretch Army (Medium, ACR 2) at Keeper's Canyon with Tarov Boulderfist commanding. The Loyalty check was unsuccessful.
4. The Dawnbringers defeated a Ghoul Army (Large, ACR 3) at the cemetery in Drezen with Irabeth Tirablade commanding.
5. The Dawnbringers defeated a Tiefling Army (Large, ACR 2) and a Cultist Army (Large, ACR 3) at Southbank in Drezen with Irabeth Tirablade commanding.
6. The Dawnbringers defeated a Tiefling Army (Large, ACR 2), a Cultist Army (Large, ACR 3), and a Dretch Army (Medium, ACR 2) at the Courtyard of Citadel Drezen with Irabeth Tirablade commanding.


LG large town
Corruption -2; Crime -4, Economy +1; Law +3; Lore +0;
Society -1
Qualities holy site, strategic location, tenacious
Danger +5
Disadvantages ruined

Government overlord
Population 2,150 (1,860 humans, 170 dwarves, 35 half-elves,
20 elves, 20 halflings, 15 aasimars, 10 gnomes, 10 half-orcs,
10 other)
Notable NPCs
High Priest Sosiel Vaenic (NG male human cleric of Shelyn 7)
lrabeth Tirabade, Commander of Drezen (LG female half-orc paladin 7)
Riftwarden Aravashnial (CG male elf conjurer 5/riftwarden 3)
Spymaster Anevia Tirabade (NG female human rogue 7)
Treasurer Horgus Gwerm (LN male human aristocrat 4/rogue 2)
Warden Aron Kir (N male human rogue 5/low templar 2)

Base Value 2,200 gp; Purchase Limit 10,000 gp; Spellcasting 5th
Minor Items 3d4; Medium Items 2d4; Major Items 1d4

Tenacious Despite its devastation, Drezen is now a bastion for law and goodness. (Corruption -2; Crime -2)

Major Buildings:
Alchemy Lab


Meiyun's Forge
Balance: 0 GP

How To Use: You can invest GP into Meiyun's forge any time she is around and available (which is most of the time, though she may not go with you into the most hostile areas). She will use that GP, trading it with various sources and suppliers to acquire crafting materials as-needed. When enough has been invested (and, at any time, you can ask IC or OOC what the price for a specific thing will be), you can ask her to create something from the list of current options. Completed items will be delivered the next time you meet her.

Current Orders: None.

Current Options:
-Skill: Armor, Calligraphy, Siege Engines, Tattoo, Weapons
-Magic: Arms and Armor, Rings, Scrolls, Wands, Wondrous Items
-Purity Forge: Redeem evil items into righteous ones, at no cost and in 1/4th the time necessary to craft them. (In Drezen only)

In Storage:
-Oil of Life (from a Philosopher's Stone - essentially a potion capable of a True Resurrection and literally priceless)


Soul Points:

Corerue: 7
Danath Kirion: 6
Mark Thomas 66: 3

Old Players:

Nidoran Duran: 1
Seranov: 5
Xentik: 1

Soul Points Primer:

What are Soul Points?

Soul Points are kind of like PFS Boons - they’re one-use points that you can use to give yourself some sort of bonus in Pathfinder games currently being run. Soul Points are generally awarded for completing things (sections of Adventure Paths, individual modules, etc.), encouraging players to stick with the game and keep moving forward. The more points you have, the better the things you can buy - and some of the things you can get are very nice indeed. Do you want to flesh out your character with a trait, have that one added feat to perfect your build, or pocket some extra cash? Now you can.

Unless noted otherwise, each reward may only be purchased once in any given game. However, you may trade in for the rewards at any time - though some rewards may require you to visit a town or other resting area to claim.

Current Rewards

1 Soul Point = 200 Gold (Up to 5 per-game)
3 Soul Points = 1 Bonus Trait (Normal restrictions apply - no duplicates from the same category)
6 Soul Points = 1 Bonus Feat (that you qualify for)

Variable Cost Rewards

Additional Class Feature: Characters may acquire additional class features (from Archetypes they would normally qualify for) by paying 5 + half the level the ability is gained at (minimum: 1). These class abilities are in addition to what a character normally gains at that level. The character must meet the level requirement of that ability before obtaining it. This reward may be selected more than once. Note that this does not allow a character to select multiple options from their normal class features - i.e. Clerics cannot select a third Domain, Wizards can’t choose another School, and so on (unless the ability a character is getting specifically allows such things). In some cases, a specific combination of abilities may be denied due to being too powerful - check with your GM if you're unsure.

Additional Spells Per Day: Casters may prepare/cast an additional spell of a given level each day by paying a number of Soul Points equal to that level. For example, spending 4 Soul Points would allow a caster to cast an additional 4th Level spell each day. This reward may be selected more than once, but only one time for each level of spells.

Additional Spells Known: Casters may also learn new spells by spending Soul Points, with the same pricing as above - the only exception to this is for 0th Level spells, which also cost 1 Soul Point to learn. This reward may be selected more than once.

Note: Both the Additional Spells Per Day and Additional Spells Known rewards require casters to be capable of casting spells of a given level before they can gain a reward for that level - for example, a caster can’t obtain an extra 3rd Level spell each day until they can already cast 3rd Level spells.