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Greetings, and welcome to my recruitment thread for my Rise of the Runelords campaign.

Firstly, about me. I'm still a novice GM; I've never run an AP or played in one beyond the first two pages due to games dying, so I'll have to beg some indulgence if I mess up. That said I think I can still run a fun and more importantly complete game for my players.

Next, the crunch:
Starting at level 1
30 point buy
Three traits, one must be campaign-specific.
Max hit dice for first level, average-rounded-up thereafter
GESTALT. Choose two classes and gain the benefits of both. Please refrain from any major cheese (monk/rogue multiple sneak attack god for example) and focus on INTERESTING combinations.
Races: Core + Aasimar/Tiefling. I'd prefer a maximum of one, at most two Aasimar/tieflings. Aasimar must take the (homebrew) 'Celestial Heritage' feat to take advantage of alternate heritages. Neither can benefit from the d100 rolled list.
Alignment: Non-Evil. As per usual, party cohesion is very important, more than playing your super-awesome sociopathic-serial-killer character, not much disrespect intended.
Knock yourself out with the multi-classing in the future; though please don't go crazy. No more than three classes. A second prestige class will require a great deal of persuasion.
Permitted material: Anything on D20PFSRD not marked as third-party.
Characters receive one extra skill point per level to be devoted to a skill chosen for RP/Background purposes. IE Davy Jones gets an extra point to spend on his 'Profession: Sailor'.
I reserve the right to roll perception or sense motive or similar checks on your behalf.
No Leadership feat.
Maximum class gold + 500gp

Now- RP and character background:
I will only be accepting four characters. This is to increase the speed the game goes at, and because I think it will lead to a party more amenable to great RP.
As some of you will know, Rise of the Runelords starts in Sandpoint. Consequently, you will all have to have some reason in your background as to why you've ended up here.
Backstory is going to be up to you, with one small restriction. I'd like all your characters to have recently taken up the adventuring trade and have travelled together for a little while. You don't have to be friends but you all work together for mutual gain and have for at least two months.
I'd like at least three paragraphs of backstory, but if you can effectively make it concise enough with two, I'll be happy.
I would also like a small section about your character's Personality. Dot points are very acceptable. Just give me a little about how your character sees the world and is seen, so I don't have to guess based on your backstory.

Will proceed until the 10th. I'd like to avoid getting a huge list of 30+ applicants.
Some attempt at a character sheet would be good; feel free to avoid getting into the nitty-gritty of skills and equipment but broad strokes would be useful.
Background and personality will be the key decider. A writing sample of your character would be useful, but is not essential.
Just to repeat this, I am only accepting four characters.
Please full out the following form for your application.
Character name:
Race and Sex:
Writing sample (optional):
Character sheet draft:
Your experience with being in long-term PBPs (at least three months-ish):
Anything extra you wish to write or questions you want to ask:

And finally- this is going to be a game about the Enduring Rise of the Runelords. The enduring comes from the fact that I have no intention of mysteriously disappearing or letting the game die and I don't believe there is anything coming up that will cause me too.

Well, that should be all. If I've forgotten anything or you have any questions, please post.