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"Ragnarök is the doom of the gods, and the end of the world.
It begins with three winters of wars in Miðgarð. Then Fimbulvetr follows, the winter of winters, with bitter frosts and biting winds. Three such winters will follow with no summer between them.
Then the end will begin...."

Basic Moves

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Followers Rules
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Read Omen
When you recognize an omen or portent, explain what it is that caught your attention and what impression you initially receive from it. Then roll+WIS. On a hit, the GM will embellish on your initial impression sharing something new and interesting about the current situation or coming events. He/she may also ask you a question or two; answer them. *On a 10+ the GM will give you good detail. *On a 7-9, the GM will give you only an impression or vague direction.