DM waz up's tale of the adventurer (Inactive)

Game Master william Nightmoon

Astril, the land of the greats. it is the year 364 in the second era. the gods have just finished the ten-thousands war, a conflict that shook the prime material plane and caused the destruction of several lesser planes.
you are a farmer, a mercenary, a student, or perhaps just an unfortunate slave. things turn to your favor, or out of it, and you are sent on a journey to discover your fate!

more about the setting:

Hollybrook is located in the capital provenance of Astril. Near the north border. Culture is very similar to England during the crusade. Farther north is the provenance of Fralcuil, a country very similar to Norway and the Viking kingdoms. To the west is the town of Nightmoon, the last stronghold against the rising kingdom of the dead. To the east is the coast of teeth, a sea said to be filled with creatures of unspeakable horror. To the south is the capital, a metropolis ruled by the high elves.

Members of Hollybrook:

Lt. Kyle- lieutenant in the imperial army, posted in Hollybrook to keep the norhtern border guarded. Is in charge of the guard while in town.

Beor- bartender of the frisky dryad. owns an apple tree that may/may not be the home of a dryad.

Srean- alchemist that specializes in exotic substances.