Call of the Wardens (Inactive)

Game Master Roshan

Reemergence of the Fabled Wardens

When the world comes crashing down there was always one force to stand as bulwark against the tide, the fabled Wardens of Northwatch. They were the protectors of Eastmarch, one of the largest civilized lands. Several hundred years ago however, after the last Great War with the southern tribesmen, they began to withdraw from current affairs. Their number seemed to shrink from the vast legions to a handful of companies and then, their Citadel of Northwatch seemed to fade into the fog of the mountain and with it, the wardens themselves. Eventually they faded from memory, tales of their heroic deeds being hailed as nothing more than tall tales from creative bards but there is a stirring afoot. Tales of men being attacked on the road. Viscous beasts seeming to be made of pure shadow with eyes of the darkest hate and teeth like thunder on the plains.

The World

Lunar Calendar

House Rules:


Regular Rest But it must be restful sleep, sleeping with a blanket on the hard ground isn't terrily restful.
Heals HD x 1.5

Full Bed Rest Full Bedrest isn't going to be a full 24 hours but it'll be most of the day, at least 16 hours, more or less depending on your condition.
Heals HD x 3

--Crafting Amendment--
When making a crafting check to determine how much progress you've made in a week that progress instead marks how much you have completed in a day. This cuts normal crafting time down by 1/7 of the normal time, while not entirely realistic it is a little more game friendly. This way you're able to finish a suit of Full Plate in 19 days instead of 19 weeks.

--Hit Dice--
Reroll HP rolls below half your hit dice.

Taking 10 & Taking 20:
Seeing as how this is always a somewhat ambigious thing I thought I'd clarify how these both work, at least for this game.

Taking 10

You can take 10 at any point when not in combat rounds, you may only take 10 on a skill in which you have ranks. Taking 10 represents something you've done so much that it's pretty much become second nature. Think of this like climbing a fence, when you were a kid, it took you a while to figure out how to find the right handholds and the right way to position your feet when hopping over but as an adult, you can scale that fence with little to no difficulty. Taking 10 is the Realization of "Practice makes Perfect"

Taking 20

Taking 20 represents not the utmost care and precision, but actually persistence. Anytime the failure of a skill would have consequences beyond time consumed you cannot take 20 (except under special circumstances).

You can take 20 on...
Perception (Search) Checks
Knowledge (Research) Checks (Requires a Library or other large source of information)
*Craft or Profession Checks

*When you take 20 while crafting an item you must pay the cost x2 to represent the failures you are unable to sell for partial cost