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Geek Retreat

63 Union Street
Glasgow, Scotland G1 3RB
Great Britain

0141 611 8229

Monday - Friday 11am - 9pm
Saturday 10am - 8pm
Sunday 12pm - 7pm

Geek Retreat is a combination comic book store and coffee shop, based in Glasgow, with an accompanying online shop. We stock merchandise relating to “geek culture” such as comics, graphic novels, posters, T-shirts, TCG supplies, figures and memorabilia; In store we also supply hot and cold drinks, snacks and a fun relaxed atmosphere. We also have retro arcade tables and event nights. Our goal is to create the best destination shop and hang-out space for pop-culture enthusiasts, with an extended online community, where all “geek” passions can be indulged.

“Geek Retreat is an online shop and real world ‘hang-out’ zone dedicated to geek culture. We seek to encourage comic book culture into the mainstream and onto the high street. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff aim to create an open and welcoming place for customers to come and indulge in their chosen pursuits, or discover new ones. It is a place for geeks to come in, have fun and geek out!”

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