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Mistress Kayltanya

Nik'o's page

280 posts. Alias of Dreaming Warforged.


AC 12+4 / 12 / 10+4; HP 34 / 34

About Nik'o

Female Human Umbral (Shadow) Sorcerer (5)
NG, M, Humanoid
Init +6; Senses Perception +4, Darkvision 30 ft
Current: Mage Armor (5 hours)

AC 12+4, touch 12, flat-footed 10+4 (armor (+4), nat, dex +2, defl, dodge)
HP 34 (5d6+5+10); DR --
Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +4
Spcl Def. Cloak of Shadows (Sp)(StA, you can grant one target a cloak of shadows that gives a bonus on Stealth checks made in areas of dim or no light equal to 1/2 your sorcerer level for 1 round per 2 sorcerer levels you possess (minimum +1 bonus for 1 round). Times per day: 3 + your Charisma modifier)

Speed 30
Melee X +2 (2d4+2; 19/x2)
Range Light Crossbow +4 (1d8; 19/x2 inc. 80 ft)
Spcl Att. Spellcasting 1-[] [] [] [] [] []  []; 2-[] [] [] [] []
Spells Known
-0: Detect Magic, Dancing Lights, Prestidigitation, Read Magic, Ghost Sound, Mending
-1: Color Spray, Grease, Mage Armor, Ray of Enfeeblement (Shadow), Charm Person, Magic Missile(FC), Shield (FC), Vanish (FC)
-2: Web, Mirror Image, Darkvision (Shadow)

Str 10, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 13, Wis 10, Cha 18; (20 pt-buy, +1 Cha)
BAB +2 ; CMB +2; CMD 14
Feats B-Eschew Materials, H-Toughness, 1-Spell Focus (Illusion), 3-Improved Initiative, 5-Extend Spell
Traits Suspicious (Sense Motive); Princess (Diplomacy).
Skills (Human 1, Sorcerer 4, Int 1) x 5 Favored Class +2
Appraise (Int)
Bluff (Cha) +11 (4,4,3)
Craft (Int)
Diplomacy (Cha) +12 (4,4,3,1)
Fly (Dex) +6 (1,2,3)
Intimidate (Cha)+9 (2,4,3)
Knowledge (arcana) (Int) +7 (2,2,3)
Perception (Wis) +4 (4,0,0)
Profession (shop owner)(Wis) +4 (1,0,3)
Sense Motive (Wis) +7 (3,0,3,1)
Spellcraft (Int) +10 (5,2,3)
Stealth (Dex) +10 (5,2,3)
Use Magic Device (Cha) +8 (1,4,3)
Languages Common, ?
SQ Bloodline Arcana (Whenever you cast a spell in an area of dim light or darkness, your effective caster level is increased by 1), Nighteye (Ex)(darkvision 30 feet. At 9th level, darkvision 60 feet)
Harrow Cards
Books (Int) [ ]: You can spend a books card to recall a spell; you have already cast or to gain another use of a special ability that is otherwise limited. This should only be used
on spells and abilities possessed by your character that
recharge on a daily basis.
True Neutral [ ]: You may gain a one-time insight into the future as the spell augury, using your character level as your caster level. Meditating on the particular action in question requires 10 minutes and does not expend material components.

Light Crossbow (35 gp, 4 lbs)
20 bolts (2 gp, 2 lb)
Lesser Metamagic Rod of Bouncing (3,000 gp)
Cloak of Resistance +1 (1,000 gp)
Wand of Obscuring Mist (750 gp)
Wand of Unseen Servant (750 gp)

Pouch, Belt (1 gp, 0.5 lb)
-500 gp in precious stones (lent for wand buying)
-300 gp in jewels worn
-100 gp

Adventurer's Sash (20 gp, 3 lbs)
-Waterproof Bag (0.5 gp, 0.5 lb)
-Crowbar (2 gp, 5 lbs)
-Caltrops (1 gp, 2 lbs)
-Marbles (0.1 gp, 2 lbs)
-Chalk (0.01 gp)
-Earplugs (0.03 gp)
-2 Sunrods (4 gp, 2 lbs)
-Flint and steel (1 gp)
-Signal Whistle (0.8 gp)
-Torch (0.01 gp, 1 lb)
-Grappling Hook (1 gp, 3 lbs)
-Silk Rope (50 ft) (10 gp, 5 lbs)
-Tobacco (1 sp, 0.2 lb)
-Smoking Pipe (5 sp)

Backpack (2 gp, 2 lbs)
-Bedroll (0.1 gp, 5 lbs)
-Rations (3 days) (1.5 gp, 3 lbs)
-Waterskin (1 gp, 4 lbs)

Nikalia Kaladan, nicknamed Nik'o, is gifted with a very strong presence. Her light grey eyes captivate and taunt the soul for confidences. She is generally joyful in her demeanor. Her voice and her laughter remind one of the sound of water bouncing off the leaves of a luscious green plant at the bottom of a small spring. Youth and energy pervade her movements and her stance, yet she keeps an impeccable posture at all time.

Trained from her infancy in the arts of entertainment, influence and seduction, Nikalia shows a devout care to her appearance, for she understands the subtle power such things have on people's hearts.

She wears her black hair somewhat short and straight, keeping them lustrous and dense. She paints her lips and often lightens her skin with makeup. Other times, she'll use make up to accentuate her features in a matter appropriate to the circumstances.
She usually mixes Varisian jewelry of silver with Chelish dresses of black, white and red tones that underline the very fine bone structure of her silhouette. She favors clothes that follow the latest fashion in Westcrown and that are likely to have a symbolic meaning. She often makes small modifications to make them more comfortable and to add Varisian influences.


About a hundred years ago, Lady Ashaz Dermekis of Westcrown, after loosing her husband, decided to put some space between herself and the Dermekis family. Somehow, her husband's side of the family had a feeling she might be responsible for his death... With her only daughter, she stepped on a boat to the colonies, casting her fate to the winds and the seas.

Upon landing in Korvosa, she set upon growing a network of connections and influence by holding fast and exciting soirées for Korvosa's social elite. For Lady Ashaz, the time of the Empire was a Golden Age, and her goal was to maintain the social fabric of its declining polite society through those meetings of nobles, scholars, artists and aristocrats. Her power of influence thus grew considerably and her daughter, Lady Danaeth Dermekis, took over and continued the tradition upon her death.
But things didn't go as well for Lady Danaeth. She did not have her mother's savvy for intrigue and soon found herself embroiled in clique powerplays that threw off most of her patrons and therefore her revenues. Lady Danaeth was eventually forced to marry and took on the name of Kaladan. Marriage brought resources but also sorrows, for her husband was an ill mannered and brutal lover who did not share the same views on Chelish nobility.

Lord Galeus Kaladan was the twelfth descendant of Donius Kaladan, one of the founding settlers. The Kaladans have always been merchants and importers and well aware of the situation in Cheliax. They see the colony as a beacon of hope for Cheliax and have always worked against the powers in Cheliax. The Kaladan family was wealthy, but had seen better days. Rumours of strange curses or nefarious deals, as well as bad investments in Cheliax crippled the family's business and Galeus thought it best to try and change its luck by finding a wife.

Marriage, money and a new name brought back some patrons to Lady Danaeth's soirées, and the salon found a second wind, but soon after the wedding, Lady Danaeth was with child. As it turned out, the fates had a plan of their own, for she gave birth to quadruplets: three boys and a girl. The rare event catapulted the Kaladans' social status, as people became fond of Taleus, Finelon, Daltus and the girl Nikalia. Yet, Lady Danaeth still hadn't mastered the intricacies involved in the deadly art of polite society entertainment and manipulation. This time, Korvosan elite simply abandoned her.
This blow crushed her soul, and she soon became very ill. Galeus used their last contacts to secure a loan and buy a small shop near the center. They opened a coffee shop, hoping that the trend that was appearing in Cheliax would spread to Korvosa. Galeus also made deals with coffee growers in Sargaban’s Kalabuto. Slowly, the lady recovered, and the Lady Ashax became quite popular among the middle upper class.
Meanwhile, her children were growing older. The three boys were of the meanest stock and picked especially on their sister. The best way she found to keep them at bay was to help at the coffee shop. She learned a lot from her mother, but also saw the simple mistakes she made. Somehow, Nikalia had inherited Lady Ashax's acumen for polite society.

Nikalia was sent to a boarding school, escaping her brothers, but also being refused to help at the Lady Ashax. Still, she loved school, had great masters that saw and nurtured her potential for the social and the arcane arts. She graduated and came back, a young woman, only to find her home in shreds.

Times had been hard and the Lady Ashax stood on the verge of bankruptcy. Furthermore, her brothers had turned the heart of her home upside down and chosen a path leading to loss and sorrow. Finally, uprisings in Kalabuto had strangled the coffee trade. The final blow had been the death of the King and the uprising in Korvosa. Nikalia, through a request from a former tutor, had been helping the Guard during these troubled time, hoping to make a name for herself and bring fame to her mother’s cafe.

Nikalia is an open-minded scholar with a knack for business and social influence. Her mother's heritage speaks of a strong upholding of Cheliax's customs and ways, while her father's brings a more pragmatic aspect and a more open outlook on things.

She wishes to help her mother and father through those dark times and perhaps even get enough money to put the Lady Ashax back on track.

Ultimately, she hopes for a renewal in Korvosa, where the best aspects of Varisia and Cheliax are brought together, under the auspices of hope, respect and tolerance. She is ready to get involved.

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