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Trinia Sabor

NPC_Female_Recruitable's page

251 posts. Alias of Azure_Zero.


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Lina replies to Alkaid after a few moments of silence
"OK, that would have to be a risk I'd have to take."


Lina replies to Alkaid
"That's great, I'll be willing to take any risks."


Lina replies to Kira
"I think we should have everyone agree on how to break everyone into groups and who goes with who"


"I'm just going to wondering who'll park where for this storm,
Since there are few buildings to take shelter and sleep in.
And Some of use have been using tents for the past couple of weeks."


"No, That does make sense.
And it's nice to talk with another woman besides Lady Alkaid who sees my potential, and looks are me more like an equal."


"I had not completely thought of it going the other way around.
Lady Alkaid did say you have to respect others as they'd respect you, though in my case it was not completely balanced.
And she said that, if you control others that it MAY be an illusion of you in control."


Kira Lastras wrote:

While her back is still turned to Duke, Kira gives a wink to Lina. She then looks over her shoulder and smiles coyly at Duke.

"Oh, I think we're okay for now. But I will let you know if," she pauses and admires Duke's form, "When we'll need some help. Perhaps we'll see you later in the stable?" Kira winks again, this timeee directly at Duke, and then turns away from the muscular man, turning her full attention to Lina.

"I am jealous, you can rope men to help you and pay attention to you.

I am generally ignored."


"I am thankful to have meet you and lady Alkaid, in that both of you are very supportive and helping me.
And giving me hope that I will bloom into a lovely flower."


As Lina works with Kira Lina asks questions with some embarrassment in her voice, face, and overall body language
"Hmm... Kira do you think I could every get a body like Lady Alkaid's, Asta's or even yours?
As I am flat as a washboard, and don't even have any feminimity in my hips, thighs, rear, and heck even my face.
And I hate being mistaken for a boy, even though it may have saved my from trouble in the past."

"But do you think it is possible?
Lady Alkaid did say it would take time, some effort and even a few changes to my diet. And I'm willing to be patient if it's true?"


Kira Lastras wrote:


After hearing the general desire to secure the area, Kira backs away from the table. Focusing on Frank and Charlie, she says, "Well boys if you are just going to sit there talking, I guess I will go and make myself useful. I'm more of a woman who likes those who do things, rather than those who just talks a big story. Would you like to join me Lina? Maybe you could show me what we'd need to secure around here.

"I'll join you in helping secure what needs to be secured."

The render shows how androgynous Lina's body is.

though a less depressed, Lina replies
"Thank you, Alkaid, Kira and Ash for sticking up for me.
It makes me feel better."

"Hey, I'm just a late bloomer, and I'll really blossom."
looks at Alkaid then looks down at herself and pats her chest with both hands
and quietly adds with a slightly depressed face
"Well, I hope so......"

"I swear most of you guys think more with your tools than your brains.
Let's face it both of you, are not the top choice or the hot stuff."

"Though I wonder if I should join you, as I can stay here and tend to those who got a hangover."


Fort: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (19) + 4 = 23
Will: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (4) + 5 = 9

Asta Bridgette Etta:

After Gus and Andrei take a seat in local tavern at the bar, Gus hears a someone he knows
"So you finally made it here. Brennan's going to be here in a bit as he
found an old friend, who he needed to chat with."

Gus can tell that she stopped her singing for the crowd likely 5 minutes ago. As she is still wearing hear singing dress.

"Oh where are my manners."
She bows to Andrei with a kind smile.
"You can call me, Asta."
She then un-bows and puts her right hand on her the right side of her hip.
and extends her left hand palm up
"And you good sir are?"


"Those might be ship from about good time ago, like before I was born."


"I've only heard of her, and I don't know how the goblins got Tian treasure, but likely one is they found it somewhere."


Arrives and looks at the loot and map.

"The map's of Brinestump Marsh, has Megus's house on it and has a very rare goblin looking letter? in the corner.
And it looks like you found some Tian treasure."

"Curry might not go anywhere, but it'll get burned or taste awful if I don't watch it.
As soon as the dish is done, I can join you."


Ameiko's in the kitchen focusing on cooking a curry and just mow notices Parvaneh.
"Do you need something?"

Evangline Valeria Astrid:

I have Fast Healing 1, so before 41 rounds are over I'll be back at full HP, ready for the next encounter.


"Wow That's well done"


"He said Oh big oaf and group back."


Sucks that I can't join in on the fun, but watching the events can be it's own fun.

This is one of my little GMing tools for NPCs

Kiley Sherrow:

I Channel Channel(Harm): 1d6 ⇒ 5

Kiley Sherrow:

cast CLW on Sir Alfric

Kiley Sherrow:

I move into L6 and cast CLW on Mai

Kiley Sherrow:

I Channel again

Channel: 1d6 ⇒ 5

Kiley Sherrow:

I move in L5 and Channel Energy

Channel: 1d6 ⇒ 6


a woman enters the room from the back

You see what looks like a Human(Ulfen) woman of about 6 foot 3. She has an athletic and slim human build with comely features and white skin. Her face looks attractive for a human. She has Emerald green eyes and lose Golden Blond Hair that ends at her mid back.

"Hey Mia, where do you want the old crates to be stored while the room is being cleaned."

"WOW, They are in sync."

"WOW, Mai and Alfric were in near perfect sync."

she interrupts Mai
"I'm sure he did not mean it in a bad way Mai"

"Why do those two antagonize each other so much."

"The fireworks and the undead keeping themselves here are both priorities."


"Though 23 bottles for me is still darn high, and Alkaids right about regretting it."

After a few moments she returns from the kitchen

"Here's the Potatoes and beef, the two soups, and a bottle of Black Jack."

"I'll be back with your orders."

she walks to the kitchen.

"One Mashed Potatoes with some beef and BlackJack, Two Soup, anything else?"

"One Mashed Potatoes with some beef, One Soup, anything else?"


"you want the strongest, So one Bottle of Black Jack."

What did you drink, as if it's an alcohol, I'll need a fort save.

"One Mashed Potatoes with some beef, anything else?"

"How can I serve you today?
we have Chicken Soup, Mashed Potatoes with some beef, and salad."


a barmaid approaches the table with Nummil, Maqli and Vero.

"You see what look like a Human(Ulfen) woman of about 6 foot 0. She has a muscular yet buxom and curvy human build with comely features and pale skin. Her face looks attractive for a human. She has Golden eyes and braided Copper Red Hair that ends at her mid back."

Evangline Venus Van Aurora:

1) Where is Evangline from? How did she get to northern Taldor and where did she hear about the issues here.

"I was born and raised in Mendev, and when I got old enough I went out seeking to do good and to see the world and not just Mendev's country side.
I ended up overheard the issues from traveling merchants that came from northern Taldor.
And thus set out for Northern Taldor by various means, from horseback to walking. "

2) What did Heather do to cause the destruction of your family’s estate?
"Rumour has it that she sold her soul to a devil to get revenge.
But since the devil followed it to the letter, it only effected the estate."

3) With Aasimar blood, what is her tie with dragons which would give rise to a draconic bloodline? Especially an evil Red?

"I think the blood of dragons came from my Father, Duke Elric Van Aurora.
I believe my father's line does go into Brevoy at one point during Choral the Conqueror's rain.
I get the feeling that blood was dormant for some generations and needed a genetic catalyst to awaken it."


with a scared look on her face.
"All I can say is that they are a member of the judicial system."

Evangline Venus Van Aurora:

Each drink in 3.5 had it's own DC, hence why the -1 Fort save.

Evangline Venus Van Aurora:

"I know a priestess who would drink you under the table with ease, and with no magical aid, and she holds the record for 24 bottles of Black Jack before passing out drunk.
I bet you'll get drunk or pass out with a bottle of Black Jack."

as per 3.5 drinking rules, you'll have a -1 on Fort save for this drink since you had 2 drinks already.


"Oh this, it was a gift."

Evangline Venus Van Aurora:

Arindale wrote:
It's the rules lass...that there are no rules other than finishing your drink. If he wants he can pull out his Bastard Sword and have it help him with a drink? doesn't drink..., he looks at the man across from him and chuckles...

"It's still a cheap move sir,

and I still find it amusing that you boasted about your fortitude and use a spell to give you a leg up,
I take it then that you have no self-confidence or have shallow pride."

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