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Kenan O'Flarna's page

269 posts. Alias of French Wolf.

Full Name

Kenan O'Flarna


Half-elf (Chelaxian)


Stalker 6, AC18/14/14, F +3/R +10/W +7, Init +8, Hits 16/38









Strength 14
Dexterity 18
Constitution 10
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 18

About Kenan O'Flarna

Presently Kenan is wearing a fine chain shirt and has an elven curve blade strapped to his back. He also carries a crossbow in these troubled times.
Healers tend to be stooped and thin from their work, not so with Kenan. He is fit as a fiddle and quick as a snake. His thick black hair is often wild or tied back which only highlights the grey white wings over his ears. Dressed clean, Kenan carries a neat dagger and healers kit about the Boulevards, trying to keep the streets a bit healthier and happier with a ready smile and cheerful manner.

Initial Info


Male Human Rogue2/Cleric3/Shadowbane Stalker1
LG Medium Humanoid
Init +8, Senses Low-Light Vision, Perception +11



AC 19, touch 14, flat-footed 15
(+5 chain shirt, +4 Dex.)
hp (5d8)
Current hp 38
Fort +3, Ref +10, Will +7; +2 save vs enchantment spells and effects
Defensive Abilities trapfinding; evasion Immune sleep



Spd 30+10(travel domain)=40ft
Melee +1 elven curve blade +9 (1d10+4/18-20)
Melee mwk dagger +8 (1d4+2/19-20)
Melee sap +7 (1d6+2, non lethal)
Melee cudgel +5 (1d6+2)
Ranged mwk light crossbow +8 (1d8/19-20)
Special Attacks sneak attack (1d6)

Spells (italics indicate one already cast)
0 - detect magic, purify food and drink, guidance, light
1 - obscuring mist*, bless, liberating command (UC), protection vs evil, shield of faith
2 - blindness* (Fort DC14), protection from evil, Communal (UC), silence (Will negates DC16), summon monster II

Travel - +10ft speed
Agile Feet (Su): As a free action, he can ignore the all difficult terrain without penalties for moving through. Kenan can do this 5 times per day.
Darkness - Blind Fight feat
Touch of Darkness: melee touch attack causes a victim to treat all creatures as in shadows, suffering a 20& miss chance on all attack rolls. This effect lasts 1 round. Kenan can do this 5 times per day.



Str 14, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 18
Base Atk +3; CMB +5; CMD 19

Feats Skill Focus (Heal), Weapon Finesse (1st), Blind-Fight (Darkness Domain), Exotic Proficiency (Elven Curve Blade) (3rd), Improved Initiative (rogue talent), Self-Sufficient (5th),
Initial Bonus Skill rank in Profession (healer)
2x[8+1(Int)+1(Fav)]+3x[2 + 1(Int)+1(Fav)] = 32 skill ranks at 5th level

Appraise*: +1 (0(ranks)+1(Int))
Acrobatics: +8 (2(ranks)+4(Dex)+3-1(ACP))
Bluff: +9 (2(rank)+4(Cha)+3)
Climb: +1 (0(ranks)+2(Str)-1(ACP))
Diplomacy: +13 (6(ranks)+4(Cha)+3)
Disable Device: +9 (3(ranks)+4(Dex)+3-1(ACP))
Disguise: +3 (+3(Cha))
Escape Artist: +3 (0(ranks)+4(Dex)-1(ACP))
Heal: +15 (5(ranks)+2(Wis)+3+5(feats))
Intimidate: +4 (0(ranks)+4(Cha))
Knowledge (Local): +8 (4(ranks)+1(Int)+3)
Linguistics: +5 (1(rank)+1(Int)+3)
Perception: +11 (4(ranks)+2(Wis)+3+2(racial))
Perform (storyteller) +4 (+4(Cha))
Profession (healer) +6 (1(rank)+2(Wis)+3)
Ride: +3 (Dex +4, ACP -1)
Sense Motive: +9 (4(ranks)+2(Wis)+3)
Sleight of Hand: +7 (1(rank)+4(Dex)+3-1(ACP))
Survival: +2 (+2(Wis))
Stealth: +11 (5(ranks)+4(Dex)+3-1(ACP))
Swim: +0 (Str +2, ACP -2)
Use Magic Device: +8 (1(rank)+4(Cha)+3)

Languages Common, Elven, Celestial, Thieves Cant
SQ detect evil, sacred stealth



Addicted Friend - +2 trait bonus to Knowledge (local)

Shadowbane Stalker Class Features


Weapon and Armor Proficiency:
Shadowbane Stalkers gain no proficiency with any weapon or armor.
Spells per Day/Spells Known: At each level gained in the shadowbane stalker class except for 4th and 9th, she gains new spells per day (and spells known, if applicable) as if you had also gained a level divine spellcasting class she belonged to before adding the prestige class level. She do not, however, gain any other benefit a character of that class would have gained. If she had more then one divine spellcasting class before becoming a shadowbane stalker, she must decide which class to add each level for the purpose of determining spells per day and spells known.
Detect Evil (Sp): A shadowbane stalker can use detect evil at will.
Sacred Stealth (Su): A shadowbane stalker can channel some of her divine spellpower to become stealthier. To do this, she must lose a prepared divine spell from memory (or give up a potential spell slot for the day if she casts spells as a sorcerer). She gains a +4 sacred bonus on Stealth checks for a number of minutes equal to her charisma bonus (if any) plus the level of the spell given up in this manner.
At 7th level, the bonus increases to +8. Using this ability is a swift action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity.



Consumables scroll of magic circle vs. evil/chaos, scroll of cure moderate wounds, scroll of shield of faith, scroll of bless water, scroll of sanctuary, scroll of hide from undead, potion of bless weapon, potion of enlarge person, wand of cure light wounds (10 charges)

Other Gear +1 elven curve blade, handy haversack, mwk light crossbow,+1 glamered chain shirt, mwk dagger, sap, cudgel, mwk thieves tools, everburning torch, antitoxin, 6 healers kits (1 with 5 uses left), 277 gold

Early Memories



The stinging pain of ma's hand hitting. Maybe it would've bin different if she wasn't so angry with me. She only smiled afore going out to a dance or party. Da? Who was Da? Now that's a question. Wish I knew the answer. Had to be an elf and there weren't so many of them in Korvosa, were there.
Ma had already lost two babies, when Ahliss came out, all thanks to those parties. Ma loved "her frolics" as she called them.
Ahliss was me second memory, holding, and carig for that little bundle of wet, sticky joy. Gave her everything day and night. Instead of playing outside, I chose me baby sister, but it wasn't a hard choice, well not with all those street bruises. Ma, she was around some of the time but she hated the cold hovel and being hungry so she kept at her fun parties.
Fun for her but then everywhere in the alley was diseased. Sick and dying, made the place full of ghosts and quiet. The flux was no good. Ever had something in your past that you cannot change no matter how hard you imagine it different. That is how it was with the flux. The retching, coughing, those awful pale lips and the rattling gasps that meant long winter nights without sleep, just hours and hours of caring for ma and Ahliss. And all for nothing when that winter dawn came and they was gone. Remember burying them under a pile of boards and rubble and after that who knows. Can't even say where the grave is, think its near the river, least that's where I go to commune with their spirits.
Gaylore Stumpfoot may know, since he took me in, fed me a line and made me join his gang, the Nippers. What fun for a little boy! Working the streets, nicking bits and spotting for the Gangs, begging and even rolling the odd drunk. Happiest I was on the streets. But Stumpie's Pit was what stuck in me mind, anyone who fluffed it for Stumpfoot was kicked into the snake pit with a dag. Half a chance with that venom making a lad or lass jerk and twitch until it's over. Did I ever tell about the lass? Jadea, who rolled a drunk judge, which was wrong, but Gaylore didn't give her no second chance. He dropped acid in her pretty eyes and dropped her in that pit. Everyone else had to watch. And listen. Beegod she could scream. Never heard the like since but then I don't give em that chance do I?
Anyways things changed when Gaylore took a shine to me. I was always bigger and fair looking compared to most, the girls always say so. But it was me work he loved. Always brought in the chink for him and then when I was about thirteen he sold me. Sold me for a box full I reckon but then the Society had some favourites and the Stoyar Gypsies definitely had some perks. Burglars they was. And damned if they didn't teach me good and proper, how to pick a good joint, case the place, even blather me way in to get a looksee. Then do the deed.
Most of the work goes into the chat before, getting the right contacts is all. I took to drinking in the bars and inns, making friends especially among the rich and unprotected. Know what? there are some Houses who must be in the racket because we never took from them. Never. Jadea and the Pit was nothing compared to what an assassin can do to your family. Click of the fingers and it's like you never even existed, nor them. So no mistakes. My best source was Alfir Tournan, who ran high class nannies, cleaning, cooking and the like on tap. He moved into being a bit of a madam, with prossies for them that could pay when the Gypsies bought it. My fault really.
Yeah, see I could raid and fence with the best of them but our team, Naills, Sibotan of Minkai and the leader Gerrak, they always left bodies. No argument made a difference, if the young son came down in the night when we was working his Da's home then that was his last decision. Gerrak always grated on me nerves after when he laughed about sticking someone. To me it was the sign of a poor raid if you killed. He didn't agree and so I had to show him. We hit the Red Sail Coster on a dark moonnight and sure there was a guard inside with his dog. Naills shot the dog and Gerrak was all set to do for the man, when I stabbed the idiot. I'd bought some underpoison and it paralysed him. Then Naills bit the dirt floor. And I would have kilt the Minkai too but he must have heard something, he fled. That was a bad break as Sibbo could have gone back to the Stoyars. Had to act fast. The guard, Terr Maclinns became a hero overnight. We cooked up that he had taken them out and tossed me body in the river.
You know you can always rely on the Hellknights to burn out a rats nest, the right chat, a bit of chink and no more Gypsies. Most got kilt or jail. Luckily Alfir let me lay low. Me old life blew away in the wind, name and everything. Kenan O'Flarna was born.
He, or me got as far as the gates, almost outside the city for the first time when I felt the blade up me jacksie. Life changing moment them next words me another drink and I'll tell you.

The Healing Years

Thanks for that. See I was always the one to fix wounds. Guess it was the flux and losing people but I never trusted others much. Even though I was no expert when someone started bellyaching and such. Funny how life plays games with you, did for me.
There I was on the wrong end of a dag and sweet words, oh yes, "we want you for a chat, Kenan awld son, or maybe you is not so righteous good and then we want you dead like all the other Gypsies. Run and you'll not make ten foot.
That was Hundremos Sillacar, the elven shadow priest who made me what I am today. Tough, strict and by the Book, he never liked me much and I took some licks for upsetting that one. Just like me ma. Never happy. The Opera House Inn had its high attic and I lived there for a year. It helped everyone forget me. Hundremos was the Korvosan leader of the Order of Illumination. The Order had five of us. Had, was well I'll get to that.
Part of the training was to learn the language of Light. I got lucky here, and Celestial came right easy to me but perhaps that was down to the teacher, a woman called Cygney Greenlake, who does the odd bit of work for many and is a good soul to know. Anyhow the rest of the training was all about staying in the shadows, watching for evil and striking against it. But above all following the Code and the Book of Illumination. There is evil all around, most people have a taste of it in them but they aren't what the Illumination is all about. No, its the true evil. What lies beneath is what matters, especially when we, Shadow Knights and Squires, are so few and evil can be spread so far. Hundremos made me go out into the city and learn about people, learn what influence and information can do. The Queen knows that. She is playing the cityfolk like a fine fiddle.
So after that training in the attic, I came out about a year or so ago. New name. New life and purpose. With my background and abilities Hundremos sorted a folio for me. That's my cover as he called it. I would be a healer, a man who worked the shops and boulevard, tasked to infiltrate the local gangs and Guard to gain their trust. Then ferry useful information back to the Order. I chose Sarenrae as a cover since that will put peoples' minds at ease.
But I'm just a squire at the moment, I have to earn my Helm of Light and Honour that shows that the man is a True Knight. I'd like to one day be a knight like my friend, Dazawin Kataris, the Shadowbane Inquisitor, and a soldier of the purest stripe. That man is a shining example of how one man can step into the darkness and survive, returning in success and hidden glory.
My time in the streets has been a sore trial. I've dealt with all manner of illnesses, minor scrapes, broken bones and wounds. What amazes me is that thirteen months ago I was a callow thief with no divine purpose but now no recognises me. And that is a fact. Maybe because of the grey wings in my black hair.
I did a decent job and Hundremos said I could do a bit of freelancing for the gangs, just to get their friendship. Its hard to watch the drugs and drink and not say nothing but that's their lookout. Among the Cerulean Society there are two names who I'd say quiet since they have power. Those two owe me a favour, thanks to my healing hands.
They are the art dealer, Sebastiar of Absalom, is a top notch fence, and a fine card player too. He's a ponce but no one would ever cross that one. The second was a druggie, Brinn Senn. Used to be a broker of information and a carpenter but I saw him sink low thanks to one Gaedrenn Lamm. He was a drinking pal and is now but in between that Gaedramm nearly deep sixed for him. Took me a couple of favours to get him fit and well. That put him back on his feet and I paid for his share in the Laughing Rapier, making him an innkeeper on the main bouldevard. Now Brinn owes me big and I owe that Gaedrenn.
I mentioned the diseases, I've been seeing a lot more lately. You can tell because I never spent so much time in the Grey Graves with the Pharasmans, trying to get antidotes and the like. Seem to get a new healers kit every week these days but that could be because Kenan is a known healer these days. There are a few Pharasmans who strike me as needing a good dose of the real world but one or two have been okay. One in particular is Father Corvin.
That brings me full round to why I need some information. Hundremos let me go hunting for Gaedrenn but I came up dry. Spent several days watching his children and working out where they were going but they weren't working for that man anymore. They said that the gnome was gone to Devargo Barvasi, the King O'Spiders, and that Gaedrenn and his crocodile were killed by mercenaries. That sounded good to me, I checked the story out and headed back to our headquarters with the happy news. Serendipity isn't it? A happy accident and no mistake.
Instead of tea and medals, I got back to a house of slaughter. Gray Maidens everywhere, all around the safehouse that we were due to meet in. One less whisky and I'd have been inside too perhaps. That night I dropped in on the Order's House again, snuck past the Guard and found blood washed walls and signs of battle. Someone had found out about us and that puts me in trouble. So far I know that Hundremos is dead, the rest probably too, even Dazawin, but can't be sure since the Maidens took care of this alone.
So I'm kind of out of sorts, fallen from the tree and not sure what to do next. Truth is I have my Book and Code so that should be enough. Just need to find out what happened to the others in the Order of Illumination and make the piece of dirt responsible pay.



1) Alfir Tournan - high class whore house owner from previous life as a rogue, little used now.
2) Terr Maclinns - ex-warehouse guard now sergeant in the Korvosan Guard, one of the few who knows my true identity. Honourable man.
3) Cygney Greenlake - reader, linguist and forger
4) Sebastiar of Absalom - art dealer, probable member of the Cerulean Society and fence of quality goods.
5) Brinn Senn - ex-druggie and half-share owner in the Laughing Rapier Inn. Drinking pal and a good player of his harp.
6) Father Corvin - Pharasman Priest who has helped with diseases and healing materials.

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