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Beltias Kreun

Daveth Ashvale's page

101 posts. Alias of Zain Ashvale.

Full Name

Daveth Ashvale


Half-Human, Half-Erinyes


Burglar Lv4, Skirmisher Lv2










Pharasma / Calistria


Common, Elvish, Draconic, Infernal


Thief, Bounty Hunter, Trail Guide

Strength 19
Dexterity 20
Constitution 14
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 16
Charisma 16

About Daveth Ashvale

Favored Class: Rogue
Favored Class Option: Rogue Talent 4/6

Descriptive Alignment:
Lawful: Daveth follows his own personal 'code of honor' so so speak. He will not go out of his way to defend normal law but when ordered by those who have some level of 'command' over him he follows through with his orders to the T. To those willing to accept him Daveth is fiercely protective and will bring forth the full wrath of his devilish heritage upon those who intentionally(and sometimes unintentionally) harm those people.

Evil: Daveth's heritage and a bit of his upbringing are the major factors that have driven him into what most consider 'evil' territory. He has little patience for those who speak ill of himself or those he seeks to protect, in battle Daveth tends to show all the cruelty of the Erinyes blood that runs through his veins.

Child of the Streets
-Going with this because as his father was an adventurer when his father needed to go do his job he likely would not always be able to bring Daveth along, especially when he was young. Thus Daveth would likely have had to stay in various inns of large cities(as word spreading of a boy with possible devilish heritage would spread far faster in a small town and in a large city it could simply be dismissed as a Tiefling or simply a rumor.) Daveth would for the most part have to fend for himself in these times and as he was receiving Rogue training its not unlikely that he would 'practice' on unsuspecting civilians.

Eyes shift from black to red depending on how angry he is.

He has a bit of a clawing problem. When irritated(or bored) he tends to drag his claws across the nearest (usually non-living) thing. This is akin to how a normal person would tap there foot or fingers, it's simply something he does that he rarely realizes hes doing... until someone complains that he has damaged there property.

Special Qualities: Rogue
Weapon Proficiency's: All simple weapons, hand crossbow, rapier, sap, andshortbow.
Armor Proficiency's: Light Armor
Sneak Attack +2d6
Rogue Talent: Fast Picks
Trap Sense +1
Rogue Talent: Trap Spotter
Careful Disarm

Special Qualities: Ranger
Weapon Proficiency's: All simple weapons, all martial weapons
Armor Proficiency's: Light Armor, Medium Armor, Shields(except tower shields)
Favored Enemy: Humanoid(Human)
Wild Empathy
Combat Style Feat: Precise Shot

Special Qualities: Human
Bonus Feat: Point Blank Shot

Special Qualities: Erinyes(Half Fiend)
Type: Outsider(Native)
Natural Armor: +1
Darkvision: 60ft
Immunity: Poison
Resistance(10): Fire, Acid, Electricity, and Cold
Damage Reduction 5/Magic
Spell Resistance: 19
Flight Speed: 60ft
Attacks: 2 Claws, 1 Bite
Special Attacks: Smite Good 1/Day
Special Abilities: Darkness 3/Day, Desecrate, Unholy Blight

Magic Equipment:
Efficient Quiver: 1,800GP
+1 Composite Longbow(+4): 2,800GP
Bag of Holding Type 1: 2,500GP
Goggles of Minute Seeing: 2,500GP
+1 Glamered Mithril Chain Shirt: 4,500GP
Vest of Escape: 5,200GP

Mundane Equipment:
Bedroll: 1SP
Crowbar: 2GP
Grappling Hook: 1GP
Hemp Rope 100Ft: 2GP
Signet Ring(Ashvale Family Ring): 5GP
Tent: 10GP
Climbers Kit: 80 GP
Masterwork Thieves Tools: 100GP
Earplugs: 3CP
Periscope: 20GP
Smoke Pellet x4: 100GP
Achemist's Kindness x10: 10GP
Smelling Salts: 25GP
Compass: 10GP

20 Flight Arrows: 2Gp
40 Normal Arrows: 2GP


Remaining: 10PP 229GP 17SP 17CP

Total: 64

Acrobatics: Dex:5 Ranks:2 CS:3 = 10
Appraise: Int:3 Ranks:2 CS:3 = 8
Bluff: Cha:3 Ranks:4 CS:3 = 10
Climb: Str:4 Ranks:2 CS:3 = 9
Diplomacy: Cha:3 Ranks:4 CS:3 = 10
Disable Device: Dex:5 Ranks:6 CS:3 (Goggles:+5) {Vest: +4}= 14(19){19}
Escape Artist: Dex:5 Ranks:4 CS:3 (Vest:+6) = 12(18)
Fly: Dex:5 Ranks:4 = 9
Intimidate: Cha:3 Ranks:6 CS: 3 = 12
Knowledge(Arcana): Int:3 Ranks:1 = 4
Knowledge(Nature): Int:3 Ranks:1 CS:3 = 7
Knowledge(Planes): Int:3 Ranks:1 = 4
Linguistics: Int:3 Ranks:1 CS:3 = 7
Perception: Wis:3 Ranks:4 CS:3 = 10
Perform(Wind Instrument): Cha:3 Ranks:1 CS: 3 = 7
Sense Motive: Wis:3 Ranks:5 CS:3 = 11
Slight of Hand: Dex:5 Ranks:4 CS:3 = 12
Stealth: Dex:5 Ranks:6 CS:3 = 14
Survival: Wis:3 Ranks:4 CS:3 = 10
Use Magic Device: Cha:3 Ranks:2 CS:3 = 8

Languages: Common, Elvish, Orcish, Infernal, and Draconic

Human: Point Blank Shot
Level: Dodge
Level: Mobility
Level: Shot on the Run
Combat Style Feat: Precise Shot


Health: 45
Armor Class: 22 (Base 10 + 5 Armor + 5 Dexterity + 1 Natural +1 Dodge)
Touch Armor Class: 17
Flatfooted Armor Class: 16
Combat Maneuver Defense: 24

Immunity(s): Poison
Resistance(s)(10): Fire, Acid, Electricity, and Cold
Damage Reduction: 5/Magic
Spell Resistance: 19

Fortitude Save: 6
Reflex Save: 12
Will Save: 4

Initiative: 5(+5 Dex)
Movement: Land 30’ft, Fly 60’ft
Senses: Darkvision 60Ft
Combat Maneuver Bonus: +9
Base Attack Bonus: +5

+1 Composite Longbow (+4 Str)
To Hit: +11(+5BAB +5Dex +1Magic), +12 If within 30ft of target.

Critical: 20, x3

Normal Arrow Range: 110Ft
Flight Arrow Range: 130Ft

Normal Damage: 1d8+5(+4Str +1Magic)
Flight Damage: 1d6+5(+4Str +1Magic)

Normal Sneak Attack Damage: 1d8+2d6+5(+4Str +1Magic)
Flight Sneak Attack Damage: 3d6+5(+4Str +1Magic)

Normal Critical Damage: 3d8+15
Flight Critical Damage: 3d6+15

Normal Critical Sneak Attack Damage: 3d8+2d6+15
Flight Critical Sneak Attack Damage: 5d6+15

Claw Attack
To Hit: +9 (+5BAB +4Str)

Critical: 20, x2

Damage: 1d4+4(+4Str)

Critical Damage: 2d4+8


Bite Attack
To Hit: +9 (+5BAB +4Str)

Critical: 20, x2

Damage: 1d6+4(+4Str)

Critical Damage: 2d6+8


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