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Madame Ivanja

Alexa Grunwald's page

908 posts. Alias of Tirion Jörðhár.

Full Name

Alexa Grunwald


Human (Varisian(Ustalav))


Druid(Menhir Savant)/4 - Monk/1 HP: 33/36; AC16, T15, FF15; F+7,R+5,W+11; Per +13; Init +3




M - 5' 3", 110lbs






Green Faith




Common(Taldan), Druidic


Druid - Wanderer

Homepage URL

Experience: 15601/23000

Strength 14
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 20
Charisma 8

About Alexa Grunwald

+3 Initiative (+1 Dex, +2 Trait)
+3 BAB

+5 CMB (+3 BAB, +2 Str)
+21 CMD (+3 BAB, +2 Str, +5 Wis, +1 Dex, +10)
+2 Trip/Grapple (Improved Trip, Improved Grapple)

+5 Club [(+3 BAB, +2 Str) Damage: 1d6+2 (+2 Str)]
+4 Sling [(+3 BAB, +1 Dex) Damage: 1d4+2 (Range 50') ]
+5 Sickle[(+3 BAB, +2 Str) Damage: 1d6+2 (+2 Str)] (20x2)

+5 Unarmed Strike[(+3 BAB, +2 Str) Damage: 1d6+2 (+2 Str)] (20x2)
+4/+4 FoB [(+4 BAB, +2 Str, -2 FoB) Damage: 1d6+2 (+2 Str)] (20x2)

Current hp: 33

Max hp: 36 (+8,+5,+5,+5+5; +5 Con; +3 FC)
AC 16 [+1 Dex, +5 Wisdom, +10]
Flatfoot AC 15 [+5 Wisdom, +10]
Touch AC 16 [+1 Dex, +5 Wisdom]

+7 Fort (+6 base, +1 Con) (+4 Druid, +2 Monk)
+5 Ref (+3 base, +1 Dex, +1 Trait) (+1 Druid, +2 Monk)
+11 Will (+6 base, +5 Wis) (+4 Druid, +2 Monk)

Special Abilities:
Spirit Sense - Sense undead; fey; outsiders; and astral, ethereal, or incorporeal - similar to Detect Undead Spell

Place Magic - 8/8 --> +1 CL for 1 round, free action
Wild Shape - 1/1
Stunning Fist - 2/2
Flurry of Blows

Spells Memorized:

0th Level
Detect Magic
Purefy Food and Drink

1st Level
*1st—hunter’s howl[APG]
Cure Light Wounds
Produce Flame
-open slot-

2nd Level
Stone Call
Flaming Sphere
Bull's Strength

+8 Acrobatics (+1 Dex, Ranks 4, Class Skill +3)
+0 Appraise (+0 Int, Ranks 0)
-1 Bluff (-1 Cha, Ranks 0)
+6 Climb (+2 Str, Ranks 1, Class Skill +3)
+* Craft() (+0 Int, Ranks 0, Class Skill +3)
-1 Diplomacy (-1 Cha, Ranks 0)
+* Disable Device (+1 Dex, Ranks 0)
-1 Disguise (-1 Cha, Ranks 0)
+5 Escape Artist (+1 Dex, Ranks 1, Class Skill +3)
+* Fly (+1 Dex, Ranks 0, Class Skill +3)
+4 Handle Animal (-1 Cha, Ranks 2, Class Skill +3)
+10 Heal (+5 Wis, Ranks 2, Class Skill +3)
-1 Intimidate (-1 Cha, Ranks 0, Class Skill +3)
+* Knowledge, Arcana (Int +0, Ranks 0)
+* Knowledge, Dungeoneering (Int +0, Ranks 0)
+* Knowledge, Engineering (Int +0, Ranks 0)
+4 Knowledge, Geography (Int +0, Ranks 1, Class Skill +3)
+4 Knowledge, History (Int +0, Ranks 1, Class Skill +3)
+* Knowledge, Local (Int +0, Ranks 0)
+4 Knowledge, Nature (Int +0, Ranks 1, Class Skill +3)
+* Knowledge, Nobility (Int +0, Ranks 0)
+* Knowledge, Planes (Int +0, Ranks 0)
+4 Knowledge, Religion (Int +0, Ranks 1, Class Skill +3)
+* Linguistics (Int +0, Ranks 0)
+13 Perception (+5 Wis, Ranks 5, Class Skill +3)
-1 Perform (-1 Cha, Ranks 0, Class Skill +3)
+* Profession (+5 Wis, Ranks 0, Class Skill +3)
+5 Ride (+1 Dex, Ranks 1, Class Skill +3)
+9 Sense Motive (+5 Wis, Ranks 1, Class Skill +3)
+* Slight of Hand (+1 Dex, Ranks 0)
+5 Spellcraft (+0 Int, Ranks 2, Class Skill +3)
+7 Stealth (+1 Dex, Ranks 3, Class Skill +3)
+11 Survival (+5 Wis, Ranks 3, Class Skill +3)
+6 Swim (+2 Str, Ranks 1, Class Skill +3)
+* Use Magic Device (Cha -1, Ranks 0)

Each level skill points gained = 5+FC (+4 Druid/Monk, +0 Int +1 Race +1 FC

• Chance Savior (+2 Initiative)
• Deft Dodger (+1 Reflex Saves)


Spell Focus(conjuration) (Level 1)
Augment Summoning (Level 1 Human Bonus)
Power Attack (Level 3)
Improved Unarmed Attack (Monk Bonus)
Stunning Fist (Monk Bonus)
Improved Trip (Wolf Domain Bonus)
Improved Grapple (Level 1 Monk Bonus)
Natural Spell (Level 5)


+2 Wis
Speed - 30 feet

Favored Class:

Favored Class: Druid
Lvl 1 (Skill +1)
Lvl 2 (HP +1)
Lvl 3 (HP +1)
Lvl 4 (HP +1)
Lvl 4 () - Monk Level

Level 4 - +1 Wis


Spells per Day
0th level - 4
1st level - 5+1
2nd level - 3+1
3rd level - 0

Domain - Wolf Domain
Eagle Domain
Your spirit soars with the mightiest and noblest of all winged creatures.

Granted Powers:

Improved Trip: You gain Improved Trip as a bonus feat.

Pack Tactics (Ex): At 8th level, as a free action on your turn, you can designate an adjacent square; your attacks are treated as coming from that square for the purposes of determining whether or not you are flanking (this applies even if that square is occupied by an object or creature). This ends at the start of your next turn or if you move. If you are flanking a creature without using this ability, you may add your Wisdom bonus to your attack roll rather than the normal +2 flanking bonus. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

Domain Spells:
1st—hunter’s howl[APG]
3rd—aspect of the wolf [APG]
4th—strong jaw[APG]
5th—tireless pursuers[APG]
6th—find the path
7th—animal shapes (canines only)
8th—phantasmal revenge[APG]

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Druids are proficient with the following weapons: club, dagger, dart, quarterstaff, scimitar, scythe, sickle, shortspear, sling, and spear. They are also proficient with all natural attacks (claw, bite, and so forth) of any form they assume with wild shape (see below).

Druids are proficient with light and medium armor but are prohibited from wearing metal armor; thus, they may wear only padded, leather, or hide armor.

Spontaneous Casting:
A druid can channel stored spell energy into summoning spells that she hasn’t prepared ahead of time. She can “lose” a prepared spell in order to cast any summon nature’s ally spell of the same level or lower.

Bonus Languages:
A druid’s bonus language options include Sylvan, the language of woodland creatures. This choice is in addition to the bonus languages available to the character because of her race.

A druid also knows Druidic, a secret language known only to druids, which she learns upon becoming a 1st-level druid. Druidic is a free language for a druid; that is, she knows it in addition to her regular allotment of languages and it doesn’t take up a language slot. Druids are forbidden to teach this language to nondruids.

Druidic has its own alphabet.

Nature Bond (Ex):
Domain --> Wolf Domain

Spirit Sense (Sp)
At 1st level, a menhir savant can detect the presence of undead; fey; outsiders; and astral, ethereal, or incorporeal creatures. This ability functions like detect undead, and the druid detects all of these creatures rather than trying to detect one kind.
This ability replaces nature sense and wild empathy.

Place Magic (Su)
At 2nd level, a menhir savant learns to identify and tap into ley lines in different types of terrain. As a free action, she can tap into the magic of a nearby ley line and increase her caster level by +1 for 1 round. She can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + her Wisdom bonus. This ability replaces woodland stride and trackless step.

Resist Nature’s Lure (Ex)
Starting at 4th level, a druid gains a +4 bonus on saving throws against the spell-like and supernatural abilities of fey. This bonus also applies to spells and effects that target plants, such as blight, entangle, spike growth, and warp wood.

Wild Shape (Su):
At 4th level, a druid gains the ability to turn herself into any small or Medium animal and back again once per day. Her options for new forms include all creatures with the animal type. This ability functions like the beast shape I spell, except as noted here. The effect lasts for 1 hour per druid level, or until she changes back. Changing form (to animal or back) is a standard action and doesn’t provoke an attack of opportunity. The form chosen must be that of an animal the druid is familiar with.

A druid loses her ability to speak while in animal form because she is limited to the sounds that a normal, untrained animal can make, but she can communicate normally with other animals of the same general grouping as her new form. (The normal sound a wild parrot makes is a squawk, so changing to this form does not permit speech.)

A druid can use this ability an additional time per day at 6th level and every two levels thereafter, for a total of eight times at 18th level. At 20th level, a druid can use wild shape at will. As a druid gains in levels, this ability allows the druid to take on the form of larger and smaller animals, elementals, and plants. Each form expends one daily usage of this ability, regardless of the form taken.

At 6th level, a druid can use wild shape to change into a Large or Tiny animal or a Small elemental. When taking the form of an animal, a druid’s wild shape now functions as beast shape II. When taking the form of an elemental, the druid’s wild shape functions as elemental body I.

At 8th level, a druid can use wild shape to change into a Huge or Diminutive animal, a Medium elemental, or a Small or Medium plant creature. When taking the form of animals, a druid’s wild shape now functions as beast shape III. When taking the form of an elemental, the druid’s wild shape now functions as elemental body II. When taking the form of a plant creature, the druid’s wild shape functions as plant shape I.

At 10th level, a druid can use wild shape to change into a Large elemental or a Large plant creature. When taking the form of an elemental, the druid’s wild shape now functions as elemental body III. When taking the form of a plant, the druid’s wild shape now functions as plant shape II.

At 12th level, a druid can use wild shape to change into a Huge elemental or a Huge plant creature. When taking the form of an elemental, the druid’s wild shape now functions as elemental body IV. When taking the form of a plant, the druid’s wild shape now functions as plant shape III.

Venom Immunity (Ex)
At 9th level, a druid gains immunity to all poisons.

Walk the Lines (Su)
At 9th level, a menhir savant can use her connection to ley lines to cast transport via plants a number of times per day equal to her Wisdom bonus.

Empty Body (Su)
At 13th level, a menhir savant can become ethereal as a standard action, as if using ethereal jaunt. She can remain ethereal for a number of rounds per day equal to her druid level. These rounds do not need to be consecutive.
This ability replaces a thousand faces.

Timeless Body (Ex):
After attaining 15th level, a druid no longer takes ability score penalties for aging and cannot be magically aged. Any penalties she may have already incurred, however, remain in place. Bonuses still accrue, and the druid still dies of old age when her time is up.


AC Bonus (Ex)
When unarmored and unencumbered, the monk adds his Wisdom bonus (if any) to his AC and his CMD. In addition, a monk gains a +1 bonus to AC and CMD at 4th level. This bonus increases by 1 for every four monk levels thereafter, up to a maximum of +5 at 20th level.

These bonuses to AC apply even against touch attacks or when the monk is flat-footed. He loses these bonuses when he is immobilized or helpless, when he wears any armor, when he carries a shield, or when he carries a medium or heavy load.

Flurry of Blows (Ex)
Starting at 1st level, a monk can make a flurry of blows as a full-attack action.

When doing so, he may make one additional attack, taking a –2 penalty on all of his attack rolls, as if using the Two-Weapon Fighting feat. These attacks can be any combination of unarmed strikes and attacks with a monk special weapon (he does not need to use two weapons to utilize this ability).

For the purpose of these attacks, the monk's base attack bonus from his monk class levels is equal to his monk level. For all other purposes, such as qualifying for a feat or a prestige class, the monk uses his normal base attack bonus.

A monk applies his full Strength bonus to his damage rolls for all successful attacks made with flurry of blows, whether the attacks are made with an off-hand or with a weapon wielded in both hands. A monk may substitute disarm, sunder, and trip combat maneuvers for unarmed attacks as part of a flurry of blows. A monk cannot use any weapon other than an unarmed strike or a special monk weapon as part of a flurry of blows. A monk with natural weapons cannot use such weapons as part of a flurry of blows, nor can he make natural attacks in addition to his flurry of blows attacks.

Unarmed Strike
At 1st level, a monk gains Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat. A monk's attacks may be with fist, elbows, knees, and feet. This means that a monk may make unarmed strikes with his hands full. There is no such thing as an off-hand attack for a monk striking unarmed. A monk may thus apply his full Strength bonus on damage rolls for all his unarmed strikes.

Bonus Feat
At 1st level, 2nd level, and every 4 levels thereafter, a monk may select a bonus feat. These feats must be taken from the following list:
Catch Off-Guard, Combat Reflexes, Deflect Arrows, Dodge, Improved Grapple, Scorpion Style, and Throw Anything.

Stunning Fist (Ex)
At 1st level, the monk gains Stunning Fist as a bonus feat, even if he does not meet the prerequisites. The monk may attempt a stunning attack a number of times per day equal to his monk level, plus one more time per day for every four levels he has in classes other than monk.

At 4th level, and every 4 levels thereafter, the monk gains the ability to apply a new condition to the target of his Stunning Fist. This condition replaces stunning the target for 1 round, and a successful saving throw still negates the effect.

Evasion (Ex)
--> at level 2 if I take it

Former Familiar - Spark --> now a pet and friend:

Spark - Snowy Owl

Starting Statistics
N Tiny animal
Init +3; Senses low-light vision; Perception +10

AC 16, touch 15, flat-footed 13 (+3 Dex, +2 size, +1 Natural Armor[familiar bonus])
hp 4 (1d8)(half master's hp rounded down)
Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +2

Speed 10 ft., fly 60 ft. (average)
Melee 2 talons +5 (1d4–2)
Space 2-1/2 ft.; Reach 0 ft.

Str 6, Dex 17, Con 11, Int 6, Wis 15, Cha 6
Base Atk +0; CMB +1; CMD 9
Feats Weapon Finesse
Skills Fly +7, Perception +10, Stealth +15; Racial Modifiers +4 Perception, +4 Stealth

Familiar Abilities:
Alertness (Ex): While a familiar is within arm's reach, the master gains the Alertness feat.

Improved Evasion (Ex): When subjected to an attack that normally allows a Reflex saving throw for half damage, a familiar takes no damage if it makes a successful saving throw and half damage even if the saving throw fails.

Share Spells: The wizard may cast a spell with a target of “You” on his familiar (as a touch spell) instead of on himself. A wizard may cast spells on his familiar even if the spells do not normally affect creatures of the familiar's type (magical beast).

Empathic Link (Su): The master has an empathic link with his familiar to a 1 mile distance. The master can communicate empathically with the familiar, but cannot see through its eyes. Because of the link's limited nature, only general emotions can be shared. The master has the same connection to an item or place that his familiar does.


Arms, Armor, and Clothing
Explorer's Outfit, 2 lbs.
Club, 3lbs
Sling - 0 lbs.
80 Bullets - 8 lbs. (1lb/10)

Slippers of Feather Step

Potion of CLW x2 (CL1)
Potion of CMW x2
Potion of Lessor Restoration
Vial of Holy Water x1

11 lbs

In Backpack

Backpack, 2 lbs
Oil, Flask x4, 1 lbs.
Rope, Silk 50 feet, 5 lbs.
Flint and Steel
Lantern, Bulleseye 3 lbs.
Waterskin x3, 12 lbs
Sunrod x3
Torch x5

23 lbs

Belt Pouch

Chalk, 3 pieces
100 p.p.
1751 g.p.
5 s.p.
7 c.p.

Carrying Capacity

Current Weight: 11 + 11(Backpack) + 12(waterskins) lbs = 34 lbs.

Light Load: x < 58 lbs.
Medium Load: 59 < x < 116 lbs.
Heavy Load: 117 < x < 175 lbs


Personal Motivations: Born but a few days walk from Ravengro, Alexa grew up knowing the fear of the undead. When her power to sense the undead appeared, she all but fled in fear. After several years learning of her druidic abilities, she came to Ravengro to honor the man she had saved many years before, but who had also saved her with his kindness and knowledge. Alexa is now driven to cleanse the land of the taint of undeath. Both as revenge for the murder of the Professor as well as the hope that she will not have to ever sense undead again. Undeath is unnatural and must be eliminated is Alexa’s motto.

Interpersonal Group Motivations: While she has been a loner for years and would not fit with any but the most rustic of social situations, even Ravengro is more cultured than Alexa, she understands that her more travelled and learned companions must take the lead when dealing with others. Alexa uses her almost preternatural ability to see that which would be hidden to most, and to read the facial expressions and reactions of others while her companions lead any discussions. When out, she is the scout both in human and animal form. Although not the stealthiest, she is able to generally remain unseen in nature and keep her companions from stumbling into danger.

Alexa will stay in front of her less martial companions and attempt to assure that those who attack the party are unable to harm her friends. Whether it is using enchanted weapons, her fists, or the claws and teeth of her various animal forms, she will hold the line and give her companions as much time as possible to use their abilities to defeat enemies, or escape, as the need may be.

Campaign Motivations: Alexa’s goal is not to be the Grand Druid of Ustalav, but she intends to work to protect nature by destroying that which is unnatural, particularly undeath. Although not being comfortable in civilization, she intends to follow the trail of those who created the undead in Ravengro, wherever it may lead.


Always - seeks to use her ability to detect undead to determine where the unnatural spawn of dark energy and magic are hidden.

Always - scouts ahead of her companions to find traps or hidden enemies.

Always - allows her companions to lead discussions. She will speak when needed, but rarely if ever will initiate discussions.

Always - seems to be covered in dirt and twigs. It is as though the parts of plants are literally growing from her hair and clothes.

Always - watches those being spoken to by her companions to assure that they are honest and not showing ulterior motives.


To say that Alexa is a little unkept is an understatement. While she grew up in a village and does bathe from time to time. However, when one lives in the woods, one finds that the need for cleanliness is less than overwhelming. What you first notice about her is the large snowy owl perched upon her shoulder, its eyes always scanning and watching. As for Alexa, she is short and wiry with curly brown hair. Her clothing is principally made from the hides of animals and she carries a staff and sling.


Being born in Ustalav is never easy. And this is even more difficult when one is born into a small farming community not much more than a stones throw north of the horrific Gallowspire. While Canterwall has a much more progressive government than most of the southern and eastern counties of Ustalav, the fact that the resting place of the Whispering Tyrant is but a few leagues to the south causes continuous unease and concern.
This is the world into which Alexa Waldgrun was born. Born in the small village of Scheidweiler, Alexa learned about farming at an early age, and if she had been like most other young village girls, she would have married one of the boys from her village or a neighboring village and already had a family by now. But, this was not to be the fortune for Alexa. Instead, at the age of 14, she, rather than beginning to see boys, instead began to see spirits and evil. First it was simply detecting the presence of a mischievous gremlin. Then later, it was a feeling of being watched by something unseen.

While Alexa was uncomfortable about these feelings, she did not think much of them and continued to help her family on its farm, raising animals and tending the crops. However, about a year later, she awoke one night and felt an overwhelming presence of something evil, something undead. Now, undead are not unheard of or uncommon in southern Canterwall due to its close proximity to the resting place of the Whispering Tyrant, and the county always has a small garrison of five or six soldiers stationed in Scheidweiler in case some undead crosses the border and makes to attack the town. Sensing this presence, she ran to her parents room and awoke her father. He quickly grabbed his leather armor and sword and left the home with Alexa close behind, sling in hand.

Outside, the animals were making noises of fear and pain. Rushing to the barn, they found a ghoul which had killed and was in the process of consuming a sheep. She could see the fear in her father’s eyes as he raised his sword. So, as she had done in the past to scare off wolves and other living predators, She grabbed a stone, placed it into her sling and began to swing it about her head. As she did so, she whispered a prayer to the Green Spirits to guide her shot and protect her herd and family. As she did so, she felt a power flow from her to the stone which she launched striking the ghoul between the eyes. In what she and her father could only describe as a miracle, the small stone not only hit the ghoul, but crushed its skull so that it fell to the ground truly dead before it had a chance to even step toward her father.

Upon examining the corpse of the ghoul, it was apparent that some magical power had assisted her. What this power was, neither she nor her father had any idea. With the help of the guardsman who had heard an initial yell when the ghoul was spotted, they moved the ghoul and dead sheep out of the pen and then immediately burned both as was common when undead attacked. One never knows when the monster might rise again and there are more than a few stories of undead sheep, cattle and pigs attacking their owners after being killed by a ghoul.

The next day, Alexa and her father went to the local priest of Pharasma regarding the incident. While the priest had no idea what had occurred, he felt that the stone had possibly been imbued with some type of druidic magic. However, when Alexa told him that she had sensed the ghoul outside before she ever saw it, the priest became very concerned. Living in the shadow of the crypt of the most powerful undead lord in history causes many strange powers to affect people, and few of these are good. The priest told her that he would send word to the temple in Tamrivena.

Alexa never found out whether the priest sent word to Tamrivena or whether the temple responded. For two days later, when she awoke the majority of the village, most of whom she had known her whole life, were standing outside speaking with her father. Some held pitchforks, others old swords or other weapons. In a small village, word spreads fast, even if it is only told to a priest in confidence. However they learned, the xenophobic population of Scheidweiler had reached the conclusion that she was somehow connected or cursed with some undead powers. After a few more minutes, her father convinced the group to disburse, but Alexa knew that her life was about to change. That she would no longer be able to call Scheidweiler home.

The next day, after gathering her few belongings, she said goodbye to her parents and a few friends, and bid the village farewell. First she travelled north to Tamrivena, not knowing where to go in the dangerous and uncertain Ustalav wilds. She found a job as a barmaid and for two years until the age of seventeen, she remained in Tamrivena serving drinks and food to the few who passed through. But always she felt a longing, a need to return to the wild, to the plains and the forests where she had grown up. A need to spread her wings so to speak.

As her 18th birthday approached, Alexa realized that she needed to move on. Her father and mother visited her on her 18th birthday, having made the trip north to Tamrivena to sell the young lambs and to trade for necessary goods for the upcoming winter. After celebrating her birthday, Alexa told them that she needed to leave. She told them that she had been reading and studying and had found that an elderly druid lived several miles to the southeast in the forest. As her powers had continued to grow so that she could perform several magical tricks such as making her sling bullets much more powerful and being able to heal minor wounds, she was certain that she was infused with some type of druidic magic. So, she gave her parents a big hug and kiss and watched as they took to the road back south to Scheidweiler.

Alexa thanked the owner of the tavern for giving her a job and a place to sleep for the past several years, and then left Tamrivena heading southeast in search of the druid. After searching for a day, she finally found his home in a group of gnarly pine trees which twisted around one another to form a waterproof roof. To say that the druid was surprised to see her is an understatement as few other than skilled rangers and hunters wander the wilds of Ustalav alone. With a warm smile, she introduced herself and told him that she believed she had been touched by the Green Faith and wished to learn more about nature, the wild and the druidic way. The elderly druid gruffly welcomed her. He said that he rarely had any contact with humans or any other civilized people any more, preferring to live out his years carefully tending the forest to keep out the evil that continuously sought to infest the land from Belkzen and undead still abounding from the curse that was the Whispering Tyrant. He said that he would help her, but that being a druid was about learning the land, not reading books like wizards and other adventurous professions. Finally, he told her that she could spend a few days with him, but she would have to make her own home if she wished to stay as he was not interested in having a roommate.

Over the next two years, Alexa wandered the woods and plains of Canterwall. She learned about the animals and plants that existed there as well as many others from other places. She also learned that while she was a druid, her powers were rather unusual, likely from growing up close to the evil of Virlych and the Gallowspire. Whereas most druids such as her mentor could move about the forest without leaving a trail and could speak and communicate with the animals, she could sense and see things that did not appear. She could sense fey and undead and other creatures not entirely of this world. While undead were not common in the woods, her ability to sense these creatures allowed her on many occasions while wandering the lands to hide and avoid even having to face the monsters. Or, to be prepared with her powerful sling bullets to surprise the creature if she felt she could defeat it.

During her 20th year, she was traveling on the main road heading south from Tamrivena toward Ustalav’s main city, Caliphas. As she began to pass through a small copse of trees, she sensed some undead ahead. Quickly she slid into the woods and hid from them. However, unlike most undead which move about without any care other than the destruction of life, these undead remained in the same spot for a number of minutes. Then, as she was about to further investigate, she heard the sounds of horses coming up the road behind her. She quickly moved back down the road away from the undead and then stepped out of the trees to warn the riders of what was ahead. The riders thanked her for her warning, but said that they were more than capable of withstanding a few zombies or skeletons which was the most common type of undead encountered in the area.

Although concerned, Alexa said ok, but warned them to be careful, especially since one was an elderly man. Alexa then watched as the group carefully rode forward. About 100 yards down the road, three ghouls led by a ghast suddenly leapt out of the trees and attacked the group. While two of the ghouls were quickly dispatched, one ghoul and the ghast managed to paralyze three of the four guards. Alexa watched as the last guard battled the final ghoul and the ghast approached the old man, tongue flicking in and out while its evil dead eyes and long claws opened and closed as though in anticipation of feeding on these kills.

Alexa had never faced undead of this power before, but she quickly pulled out her sling and spoke a prayer to the Green Faith asking for the power to defeat these monsters. She then swung the sling about her head and released the stone. As had happened many years earlier, the stone struck home hitting the ghast in the side of the head. However, unlike her first encounter many years earlier, the ghast did not die instantly, but rather turned its black eyes upon her, a look of undead hatred on its evil face. As the ghast approached, she loaded a second stone and once again spoke a prayer as she released the missile. As before, the stone struck home, this time felling the monster. Then, as she watched, the old man moved his hands and several missiles of light sprung out striking the lone remaining ghoul and bringing it to the ground.

As soon as the battle was over, she ran to the fallen guards and used her healing powers to revive them. As she was doing this, the elderly man dismounted from his horse with much more grace than would be expected from one of his age. He then bowed to her and said that he was indebted to her for life for the help she had given. He told her that his name was Professor Lorrimor and then he asked her to join them for dinner as they would be making camp but a few miles down the road. Alexa was hesitant, but accepted his offer. As they had dinner, he asked her how she knew these undead were there. She told him that she could sense undead, fey and many other creatures, some of which she could not even see. After listening for a period, he asked if there was anything else she could do, mentioning that he had seen the power her sling stones brought in killing the ghast. She told him that for several years she had been living as a druid slowly learning their ways, although she never felt like a true druid as she was unable to connect with the creatures of the wild as could her mentor and the few other druids she had met in her travels.

The Professor listened patiently and then sat back thinking, slowly stroking his chin while sipping on a cup of tea. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity he spoke and told her that he thought she might be a rather rare type of druid known as a Menhir Savant. That she was just as much a druid as any other druid, just with slightly different powers.

After spending the evening speaking with the learned Professor, Alexa awoke the next morning with a new prospective on life as a druid. She returned to her mentor, the old druid who still had not told her his name. In fact he claimed to have forgotten his name after so many years on the wild. She told him of her meeting with the Professor. When the old druid heard who she had met, his eyes lit up. He told her that he to had met the professor in the past when the professor came inquiring about several unusual plants and insects that only lived in the area. He told her that the Professor was one of the most educated men in Ustalav, if not the entire Inner Sea region, and that if he said she was a druid with slightly unusual powers, then it was likely so.

With her newfound energy, Alexa returned to living under the stars and learning about nature. A few days later, while she was cleaning the small dwelling she had built near the old druid’s home, she heard a pained hooting from nearby. After listening, she found an injured owl with one wing partially clipped. She quickly picked up the owl which simply looked at her with its big eyes. She brought it back to the old druid and he quickly showed her how to heal the majestic bird. Once the owl was healed, she released it and then headed home. However, when she got home, the owl was sitting above her door watching her with its big eyes. She scratched its neck and smiled as she thought, perhaps I am becoming a real druid and being able to communicate with the animals. When she awoke the next morning, the owl was still there, as it was the next day, and the day after than. Finally, she went and talked to the old druid and he told her that many druids gained animal companions, bears, eagles, hawks, panthers and more unusual animals depending on where the druid was from. He thought that this owl had adopted her and was her animal companion.

After meeting the Professor and gaining her companion which she named Spark because of the way the light sparkled off his large eyes, Alexa often thought about the Professor and what other knowledge he might have for her, but sadly never again met him so that slowly she thought of him less and less while her druidic abilities grew. Thus, it was with great amazement that she received a tattered letter requesting her presence at his funeral and for the reading of his will. Unfortunately the messenger had errantly been sent to find her in the Shutterwood to the north, and did not arrive until well after the funeral. This greatly saddened her as she did not even realize that the Professor lived but a few leagues to the west in the hamlet of Ravengro. Thus, she assembled a few belongings and together with her companion Spark headed west to pay her last respects to one of the kindest men she had ever met.

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