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@wintersrage - but this type of attack is not considered a touch attack for the purposes of feats and abilities such as Deadly Aim

this means that the you still get the bonuses from deadly aim when firing at a touch AC, deadly aim specifically states that it's bonuses do not apply to touch attacks. the firearms description is letting you know that even though you are hitting a touch AC it is not considered a touch attack. just thought i'd clarify that for you.

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I don't wish to upset anyone and in turn I don't wish to be upset by anyone. I just want to find a way to peacefully create another base or arch-type class. Too much to ask?

xan i make a lot of base classes, i have quite a bit of experience in this, and i can tell you 100% for certain there is no science to it, it is just art. you will never be able to break it down to x feature being worth x feature, it just doesn't balance that way. the only way to do it is to feel it out and figure out what is or isn't balanced once it's written out. People here were trying to tell you that, not insult you or be unproductive.

If you have an idea for a base class you want and feel you can't do it yourself, just put up a request here and someone will most likely be willing to build it for you or help you fix one you've attempted to build that isn't balanced, but no one here is going to have a magical answer to point values cause they just don't exist.

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you should make a google document so you can just make the changes on there, it will be easier than looking at multiple posts for the changes

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i don't think there are systems in pathfinder that can reproduce that level of epicness...

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just from a quick glance a few things.. 1 your saves are off... 2, a high bab class, with all martial proficiencies, amazing abilities, fast movement, blind sense at level 3 (through scent) rage at level 2, stat boosts... you need to figure out where you need to tone this class down, as it is there would never be a reason to play any other class in a game with one of these cause they are very very over powered.. It is a neat concept, i like the concept a lot actually, but the class really does need to be cut back alot for balance.

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I've been trying to design a creature with no luck for a while now and was hoping you could come up with something. the premise for the creature is that the nobility of the world has been taken over by a creature with a hive mind, that is worn as wigs, with tendrils of hair that pierce the skulls of the nobility to control their minds. I'm looking for somewhere around CR 12-16 for them and for them to infer abilities to the bodies they control, with strict means of killing the parasites without killing the hosts.

anything you can come up with would be greatly appreciated.