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Mazra wrote:

Somewhere, and I can't remember where, someone called this FANTASY. If you ask me the incredible artistry of Wayne Reynolds captures the FANTASY of Feiya. To expect the back story to logically fit the image is way too much REALITY for me. I really like both back story and image. But to each his own.

Eh? Why have a backstory at all, if it's not meant to "logically fit" the image?

I like the back story, and I like the image, I just didn't think they necessarily go together that well. Don't misjudge me, though: I'm not saying you cannot enjoy this depiction of Feiya, only that I personally have some cognitive dissonance with it.

Abraham spalding wrote:

Honestly go look at what abuse does to people -- her looks literally scream, "I'm been victimized brutally."

Well, I think that is your opinion (and you certainly have a right to it!) For me, when I look at Feiya, I see her smirk, and that she is looking the viewer right in the eye, and that she is wearing revealing and impractical clothing (which is not wrong or improper but not necessarily the M.O. of the abused and socially awkward.) To me that is not the look of the abused who is just now stepping into the world, but of a confident young woman who is self-assured and knows what she's doing.


Ill fitting clothing found from wherever and frayed? Check.
Long finger nails from not trimming? Check.
False Bravado stance and attitude to cover insecurities? Check.
Desperate need for attention (typically the wrong kind too) as demonstrated by same clothing? Check.

Now this doesn't go for everyone... but I'm not surprised in the slightest that she looks how she does given her background.

I can see why you feel the way that you do. However, when I look at her backstory I don't necessarily see someone who is "desperate for any attention", I see someone who would be perhaps somewhat shy and at times overwhelmed but very enthusiastic. Why would she want the "wrong kind" of attention, when she's just now escaped from years of beatings?

There is nothing wrong with Feiya's look. I simply didn't expect her to have a backstory that involves severe social ineptitude and random inflicted violence. In my experience, people who are "desperate for attention" are usually more the results of neglect than violence.

I'm not trying to attack you for your opinion, only expressing my own feelings, and I'm not pushing for Pathfinder to become Social Workers & Sadness. (If anything, I would have dropped the "kidnapped + recently abused" story and injected about 75% more "pulpy badass.") If it helps you understand where I'm coming from, I'm a psychology major. It's unfortunately difficult for me to shut my brain off and just enjoy things at face value.

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, I just want to reiterate that I'm not trying to attack others for holding "wrong opinions", or that I dislike Feiya's look or story, or that I dislike Pathfinder. I'm only expressing my own surprise, not expecting anyone else to conform to my opinions.


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This is a really interesting and well-written backstory, but I have a hard time reconciling what is presented here (kidnapped, abused young woman venturing out for the first time, socially stunted and completely unaware of to expect in the outside world) with her portrait (confident woman with a sly smirk looking the viewer in the eye, wearing somewhat revealing attire accented with strange hair pieces and a small "voodoo" doll, complete with impractically long finger nails.)

I would have said the witch presented in the portrait knowingly pursued her mysterious powers and relished in presenting herself to onlookers as a "creepy outsider", whereas I would think the witch presented in the story would want to integrate into the attire of places she visited, both to prevent unnecessary confrontations and as a way of enjoying her freedom from the hags--and would certainly not dress akin to the hags who violently kidnapped and beat her.

Still, I'm happy to see another iconic's background. Thank you for your hard work. :)